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LA Lakers News Roundup: Kobe Bryant’s Sneaker Line Continues To Dominate NBA More Than After His Untimely Death; LeBron James invests in Neutral Foods, joining other NBA stars as stakeholders and more


The spirit of LA Lakers icon Kobe Bryant lives on strong in the NBA. Nearly 300 players wore at least one model from the “Black Mamba’s” signature line. The unwavering popularity of Bryant’s sneakers is just proof of the impact and influence he left on the basketball world.

LeBron James’ portfolio of activities continues to grow even as he enjoys the sun and the beach in the Maldives. The LA Lakers franchise player recently joined Tobias Harris and Kevin Love as investors in Neutral Foods, the nation’s first carbon-neutral food company.

Rob Pelinka and the LA Lakers front office will take a different approach in the search for Frank Vogel’s replacement. The innovative idea is supposed to provide them with a faster and more comprehensive process than how the NBA conducts practice interviews.

Kobe Bryant’s legacy is going nowhere

KB24's basketball shoe lines are the best draws in the NBA. [Photo: Complex]
KB24’s basketball shoe lines are the best in the NBA. [Photo: Complex]

The fate of his signature shoes simmered under the gloom of Kobe Bryant‘s death. Basketball plans and players alike were rightly afraid that they would no longer be able to enjoy one of the most iconic and sought after sneaker lines.

It wasn’t until Nike and the Bryant estate managed to resolve their differences that the sneaker world breathed a sigh of relief. Long before the deal was done, Kobe Bryant’s shoes were an NBA staple.

Over the past year, amid contract renegotiations with his estate, @KobeBryantThe Nikes have dominated the NBA – 7,097 total pairs worn – 274 players have worn the pair at least once – The most worn sneaker in the league (Kobe 6)@NickDePaula & I on the beloved line: undf.td/38tZNCh https://t.co/9OuKv1M1Sl

Nike recently released the Nike Kobe 6 Protro ‘Mambacita’. A year ago, the shoe was released by Swoosh without approval from the Bryant estate. It is one of the most anticipated models to arrive this year.

Jayson Tatum added some glamor to Game 4 of the Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets game by wearing a custom Kobe Bryant sneaker. It had gold-colored script reminiscent of Bryant’s words to Tatum:

“How much does this mean to you?

“One of the many things I learned from [Kobe] who has always marked me, he just asked me one day: ‘What does this mean to you?’ And that puts things into perspective. You know, what does it mean to be awesome or to be a champion or whatever, what does that mean? https://t.co/CHHbhT5Kfb

LeBron James expands business by investing in Neutral Foods

LeBron James is one of the biggest names investing in neutral foods. [Photo: Lake Show Life]
LeBron James is one of the biggest names investing in neutral foods. [Photo: Lake Show Life]

Neutral Foods is endorsed by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and famed businessman Bill Gates. The company is supposed to be the first in the United States to use carbon-neutral food production. Helping farmers and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are two of the company’s biggest goals.

The LA Lakers superstar joins a long list of famous actors in the business. Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Grammy winner John Legend and model Emily Ratajkowski.

LeBron James may be out of the playoffs, but he’s not stopping his efforts off the court. Prior to the Neutral Foods investment, he also worked with Crypto.com to provide better education for the people of Akron, Ohio.

If the successful business ventures of “King James” reflect on the upcoming LA Lakers campaign, the NBA better watch out.

LA Lakers management will try a different approach to determining their next head coaching hire

Hiring the right head coach will be crucial for the LA Lakers'  success next season. [Photo: Fadeaway World]
Hiring the right head coach will be crucial to the LA Lakers’ success next season. [Photo: Fadeaway World]

Former head coach Frank Vogel was most blamed along with Russell Westbrook for the Lakers’ epic failure this season.

Choosing his replacement to lead the Hollywood team next year will be crucial. Rob Pelinka and his team will use a different approach to successfully complete this very important process.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported on what the LA Lakers will do with their coaching search:

“Typically, teams will ask permission on maybe up to a dozen candidates – a large number, will start interviewing them one after another, sometimes do two or three a day on Zoom, bring them in person . The Lakers, what I’ve been told they’re going to do is basically ask permission from a few guys at a time, talk to these coaches, think about it and then move on to a next twosome, maybe be three. ”

Team manager Rob Pelinka has previously pointed out that a coach with the “voice” the Lakers respect will be a big part of the search. It remains to be seen how this approach will benefit the LA Lakers.

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