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Lakers: Jamal Crawford reveals his favorite memory of Kobe Bryant


Everyone knows the drive and intensity that the legendary Kobe Bryant brought with him, no matter where he’s been or what he’s done. His work ethic was on another level and inspired millions of people around the world.

However, since his sudden departure from this world, unheard of stories of his greatness have been revealed by anyone and everyone who has one. Here we are over a year later and the stories continue to surface. Jamal Crawford, who has had the opportunity to face Kobe 28 times in his career, dropped another incredible story.

By making a Questions and answers on Twitter, Crawford recalled a memory of the two that didn’t even involve them both on the pitch, but instead Kobe backed him up on the sidelines. At a celebrity softball game in Seattle, Crawford took a photo and invited the Bryant to watch him play in his Pro-Am game that night. Kobe being who he was, he accepted this offer.

“So we were at the softball game, and it was my pro-am game later on and I finally built up enough courage. I’m like ‘Kobe man, will you come watch me play tonight. Everyone thinks you’re coming anyway. Will you come? ‘ He said, ‘You’re playing.’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘I’m coming.’ And someone from Nike said to me, ‘No, we have to go back to LA, we have to go.’ He said: ‘No, I’m going to watch Jamal play.’ He backed up his plane. He brought him, his wife, his daughters, the whole family to watch me play and I scored 63 points.

The fact that Crawford got to play Kobe Bryant like that knowing he erased his schedule to watch him at the last minute must be special.

“And it wasn’t because of me. I tell you. I remember driving like, ‘Damn, Kobe is behind me in the car right now.’ I’m calling everyone like, “Go to Pro-Am, Kobe is coming!” And so he had that aura around him and it was the craziest moment for me because he had every reason in the world to say, “No, I’m not coming” or “I’ll do it another time,” it’s at the last minute, ‘and I would have totally understood, but the fact that he moved everything ahead was amazing to me.

Jamal’s story only adds to the person Kobe became during and after his career. When the Black Mamba retired from the league, he spent a lot of time coaching and mentoring league players as well as promising youngsters. If only he was still here to continue spreading this wisdom and motivation that touched so many people.

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