Loan repayment | Rescheduling of loans

If you want to reschedule a loan, you have to pay attention. Conversion of loans with the DSGmbH The mortgage lending experts are there for you – whether in a one-to-one interview, by phone call, form or e-mail. To do this, choose the one that works best for you from the contact options below. Therefore, we always treat them strictly in accordance with the legal requirements and based on existing and future business relationships between you and us.

Credit cheap – without prepayment fee – reschedule debts! 

Credit cheap - without prepayment fee - reschedule debts! 

Many consumers therefore wonder whether and under which conditions they terminate an existing credit agreement with a higher interest burden early. Early Termination: For example, a borrower may terminate a mortgage loan with a notice period of three calendar months if he has a reasonable conflict of interest and the loan has been disbursed more than six months previously.

This legitimate right exists above all if the borrower wishes to realize the security provided for the loan elsewhere. This usually occurs when the borrower wants to sell his property as a security for the loan contract. In these cases, Lite lender company can demand a prepayment penalty.

What is the prepayment penalty (VFE)? In the case of a prepayment penalty, Lite lender company, as the lender, requires the debtor to compensate for the (interest) loss resulting from the early repayment of the loan. Defense against the right to compensation for early arrears :: However, the debtor is not always forced to pay a prepayment penalty. For example, there is no prepayment amount if the prepayment of the loan takes place via a residual debt insurance because the debtor has become unemployed or unable to work or has died.

Credit agreement provides insufficient information about its duration

Credit agreement provides insufficient information about its duration

In addition, damage can not be taken into account if the credit agreement provides insufficient information about its duration, the right of the borrower to terminate the contract or the calculation of the early repayment. Special constellation: Resignation in the case of faulty cancellation policy: If the borrower is a consumer in the sense of 13 BGB, he is generally entitled to a right of objection – even if it concerns a real estate loan.

Such a right of withdrawal, which results directly from 495 BGB for consumer credit agreements or could also arise in the case of a so-called door step situation (312 BGB), must be applied to the bank client from the house bank fully and correctly. Otherwise, the opposition period does not expire and the borrower can recall it almost indefinitely.

As a result, the customer has the opportunity to terminate his remaining loan agreement without the house bank being able to demand early repayment from him. In addition, the borrower may also be able to claim the reimbursement of overpaid interest payments if the contractual interest rate was higher than the market interest rate at that time.

Incorrect calculation of prepayment penalty: Although there is a case in which the borrower has to pay a prepayment penalty, the practice shows that the bank customer should check the – often wrong – calculation. Legal consequence of an unduly paid early repayment penalty: If, at the request of Lite lender company, the borrower has already paid a prepayment penalty upon termination of the loan without Lite lender company being entitled to demand it, the borrower may, under certain circumstances, still be in a position to: to demand repayment of this claim at a later date.