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‘Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban turned $44 million into $8 billion!’: How the Bulls legend and Mavs owner joined forces and earned each other a huge payday


Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban both invested in a sports data company called Sportradar in 2015. Fast forward a few years, the investment could earn the duo a whopping sum. .

Michael Jordan was the greatest to do so on the court. However, for much of his career he went unrewarded for his excellence. To put it into perspective, only 2 of his 15 years in the NBA have been the highest paid player in the league.

While he may have a problem with the Bulls seriously underpaying him, His Airness certainly can’t complain about his current net worth as he has made a fortune outside of basketball. While the majority of his money comes from his Nike contract and Jordan brand, His Airness has also made a ton of investments that have paid huge dividends.

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One such investment by Jordan dates back to 2015, in Sportradar, a sports data company, alongside Mavs owner Mark Cuban, when the duo invested the vast majority of the $44 million in funding. Fast forward a few years, both NBA team owners are eyeing a huge payday.

Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban are teaming up to invest $44 million in Sportradar.

Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire who made the majority of his money from the sale of broadcast.com. He profited even more after selling the stock short – he acquired Yahoo! for $5.7 billion. sale inventory. He acquired a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks in early 2000, for $285 million.

Given that Cuban is a tech-savvy entrepreneur, it only made sense for him to be part of a data company like Sportradar. However, with this investment, Jordan appears to be expanding his portfolio. Anyway, MJ joined Cuban in a $44 million funding round for Sportradar in 2015. At the time, the company had already entered into partnerships with the NFL and NHL, as well as various tech companies. fantasy sports.

To the delight of the duo, the investment has aged like fine wine. At one point, the company was even valued at $4 billion. However, it nearly doubled when the company went public in 2021. Following its IPO, Sportsradar is now worth $8 billion!

With two of the wealthiest personalities in sports backing the organization, Sportsradar has great untapped potential as sports betting grows bigger by the day. While exact numbers haven’t been released on how much MJ and Cuban are getting from the investment, it’s safe to say that they earned a huge payday.

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