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Michael Jordan gave Isiah Thomas 49 reasons to never ‘freeze’ him from an All-Star Game


After Isiah Thomas and the big stars decided to freeze Jordan in the 1985 All-Star Game, the rookie got revenge the following game by scoring 49 points over Isiah Thomas.

During his rookie season, Michael Jordan established himself as one of the best players in the NBA, showing incredible maturity and dominance on both sides of the court.

His phenomenal rookie season earned him his first All-Star appearance in the 1984/85 season. This occasion was meant to promote his new partnership with Nike and Air Jordan shoes.

According to Dr. Charles Tucker, the other NBA stars wanted to “freeze” Jordan in the main event. Tucker, who advised against Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas, said they wanted to teach him a lesson.

“The guys weren’t happy with his behavior here. They made the decision to teach him a lesson. In defense, Magic and George were tough on him, and in attack, they just didn’t give him the ball. That’s why they laugh. said Charles Tucker.

Jordan, on the other hand, never wanted to impose his popularity. He didn’t want to overshadow the other players. Michael looked up to many of them as a child, especially Julius Erving.

“When I went there I was very calm. I didn’t want to go there acting like a top rookie, and you have to respect me. Jordan said later.

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Michael Jordan dropped 49 points to Isiah Thomas and the Pistons after the 1985 All-Star Game freeze

The rivalry between Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas has long been attributed to a well-documented theory. This is the Detroit Pistons point guard who allegedly froze Jordan in the 1985 NBA All-Star Game. Players kept the ball from reaching his hands.

Going into the All-Star Game, Jordan was very popular. But several stars, including Johnson, Thomas and George Gervin, decided to give him his money’s worth. Magic and Gervin brilliantly defended MJ, while Thomas refused to pass the ball to Jordan.

All the actors involved refused to recognize a deadlock.

Jordan was furious and resolved to exact his revenge. He had 49 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals against Thomas’ Detroit Pistons just two days after the All-Star Game. Larry Jordan, his father, was not surprised and said he knew his son was mentally strong.

“A few other things happened in his career that I was aware of,” Larry said. “Like after the NBA All-Star Game in 1985, when Isaiah and Michael were eliminated. Guess who will face him in the next match? He had 49 points against the Thomas Pistons in the Bulls’ first game after the All-Star Break, which the Bulls won in overtime. He has an unfathomable killer instinct and a will to win like I’ve never seen before.

Jordan may have taken this personally, as he often does, and it may have played a role in his storied career.

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