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Michael Jordan praised a forgotten Lakers star Jerry Krause once wanted to replace MJ


There was much that Michael Jordan and former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause disagreed with. Krause made his first-organization mentality known right from the jump, which soured his relationship with MJ and ultimately led His Airness to demean the longtime Bulls cadre.

When it comes to talent scoring, however, the two had some things in common.

Towards the end of his career, Jordan praised Los Angeles Lakers goalie Eddie Jones. The commendation is notable as Krause, in turn, was hoping to bring Eddie Jones to Windy City to replace Mike.

Michael Jordan has called former Lakers star Eddie Jones one of the best defensemen in the NBA

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Before Kobe Bryant changed the history of Purple and Gold, Eddie Jones became a celebrity for the Lakers.

Drafted in 1994, Jones quickly proved his quality as an athletic swingman capable of filling him beyond the arc. He also left an impression on a number of his peers with huge defensive efforts. This includes Michael Jordan.

Money commented on Jones’ gifts during the 1996-97 season, pointing to the Lakers goalie’s ability to make things difficult with his length. He greeted (h / t Youtube) Jones as one of the best defensemen in the NBA.

“He’s a very savvy defensive player. So I mean you basically have to watch out for him. You have to be careful with the ball and make sure you don’t put it where it can come out and steal the ball. I should rate him as one of the good defensemen in the league.

–Michael Jordan on Eddie Jones

Jones formed three All-Defensive teams and led the NBA in interceptions during the 1999-00 season, this time as a member of the Charlotte Hornets.

Steady Eddie never became a huge star in the league. But fans who remember the Lakers from the late ’90s probably understand his level of talent. Jordan did, and so did Jerry Krause.

Jerry Krause has tried to acquire Jones on several occasions

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Jerry Krause had a legitimate interest in acquiring Eddie Jones to try and replace Michael Jordan with the Bulls.

Krause made a few different openings in an attempt to get Jones. He failed to maneuver for him in the 1994 NBA Draft when MJ first retired to play baseball, and might have struck out again when Scottie Pippen called for a trade. during the 1997-98 campaign.

However, Krause saw another opportunity to form a new super team after Jordan retired. He and the Bulls believed they were successful in convincing Jones to sign with Chicago in the summer of 2000. But, according to the Chicago Tribune, the triple All-Star to go back at the last moment.

It is unlikely that Krause legitimately believed Jones could be MJ’s Chicago equivalent. Still, his long-standing interest in making Jones a member of the Bulls, coupled with Jordan’s past accolades, is a testament to the former Temple product’s immense talent.

Eddie Jones and Tracy McGrady as the new Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen?

Michael Jordan (left) and Eddie Jones (right) | From left to right: Brian Bahr / Allsport and Jed Jacobsohn / Allsport

Perhaps Krause was hoping to sign Jones to copy the original championship plan.

Aside from Jones, the Bulls also attempted to sign a contract with Tracy McGrady in the summer of 2000 after MJ previously canceled a Pippen-for-McGrady deal. If the Bulls had gotten both, they would have a new star-studded tandem with parallels with Jordan and Pippen.

Jones’ length and harassing defensive play make him look a lot like Pippen. Likewise, T-Mac’s explosive scoring ability compares him to Jordan. Krause could have imagined this duo leading Chicago into the post-Jordanian future. Instead, the Bulls failed to make a splash and quickly declined after Jordan retired.

Either way, Jones’s gifts are worth remembering, especially since he essentially ended up on the outskirts of the Bulls Dynasty.

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