Home Kobe shoes “Michael Jordan’s Game Worn Jersey Is Worth $150,000!” : When the stars of reality TV show Pawn had a chance to get the real GOAT jersey

“Michael Jordan’s Game Worn Jersey Is Worth $150,000!” : When the stars of reality TV show Pawn had a chance to get the real GOAT jersey


Everything associated with Michael Jordan sells – signed game-worn jerseys are worth as much as a Bentley now.

No one has captivated fans more than Michael Jordan in the past 50 years. People flock to own everything he touched – anything. From gaming heels to his line of sneakers, fans are going crazy for MJ. Not even LeBron James or Kobe Bryant could come close to that level of popularity.

A fan hit the jackpot by buying a 1996 NBA Finals jersey worn at a charity auction. This particular item had the trifecta of Holy Grail status – MJ’s signature, 50th anniversary, and authenticity. If anything could be better, it would be the Bible signed by Jesus himself.

Pawn Stars, a reality show about buying and selling historical artifacts, also sells pop culture memorabilia and memorabilia. When something like this fell into their hands, Rick wouldn’t let him go without a fight. The jersey was in pristine condition, with an estimated value of $150,000.

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Michael Jordan will always be marketable – with the Last Dance documentary, even his used tissue paper could cost hundreds

Rick couldn’t make a deal, because the price wasn’t good for both parties. They are known for their low-ball deals, and this was one of them. Even though they were in Chicago, it couldn’t get them to a deal.

With the premiere of the “Last Dance” documentary, Jordan’s popularity has never been higher. Kids who only saw him in highlights and as a meme now got to see him as the basketball god he was. His shoes, autographs and everything else skyrocketed.

Serious basketball collectors would have paid top dollar for the jersey – but because it’s a pawn shop, the famous gold and silver shop didn’t pull out the checkbook. Perhaps Harvey Specter would have liked the shirt better – he already had all the game balls displayed in his office.

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