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Murders, Mysteries, Misadventures, Diseases and Mayhem in Fort Ontario


April 22, 2022

OSWEGO – Oswego funded by Friends of Fort Ontario County AmeriCorps member Jonathan Kobelia presents a free public walking tour of the Fort Ontario Military Reserve National Registry District. The 1.5-hour tour begins at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday April 30 with a short PowerPoint presentation inside the old stone fort of the Enlisted Men’s Barracks.

The event, “Murder, Mysteries, Mishaps, Maladies and Mayhem at Fort Ontario 1755-Yesterday”, features various locations at the historic site where unusual, bizarre, disturbing, horrifying, macabre – sometimes amusing and often sad – incidents have occurred. products.

Highlights of the tour will include stories about a plot to blow up the fort, friendly fire incidents, accidents, crimes, murders, shootings and attempted murder resulting from a “smelly” pig’s head “boiling on the stove in the barracks kitchen.

The site of five battles and four forts, a U.S. Army infantry training post, a U.S. Army general hospital, a New York National Guard training camp, a Special unit training, an emergency refugee shelter, and a veterans housing project, Fort Ontario has also seen many unpleasant and unusual incidents over its 267-year history.

Participants are requested to wear shoes suitable for walking over rough terrain and dress appropriately for the weather – it is always cooler and windier by the lake. Fort Ontario State Historic Site is located at 1 E. Fourth St., Oswego, NY.

For more information on “Murder, Mysteries, Mishaps, Maladies and Mayhem at Fort Ontario, 1755-Yesterday,” contact AmeriCorps member Jonathan Kobelia at 315-343-4711 or [email protected] .gov.

LOVE AND DUTY – Private James King of Fort Ontario fell in love with Rose Anne Welch of Oswego and married her in 1850 and deserted the army. A few years later, he surrendered and joined the army. James, portrayed here by Michael Kelso, and Rose, portrayed by Christina Goettel, continued to live happily together in Oswego until their deaths in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, some Fort Ontario romances did not have happy endings . Learn more on “Murder, Mysteries, Mishaps, Maladies and Mayhem, 1755–Yesterday” event at Fort Ontario on Saturday, April 30 at 3 p.m.