Home Kobe shoes NBA fans react to a rare photo of Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman playing together on the Lakers: “No one has seen this photo before, not even Cap.”

NBA fans react to a rare photo of Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman playing together on the Lakers: “No one has seen this photo before, not even Cap.”


Dennis Rodman has had quite the career in the NBA. Rodman is considered one of the greatest defensemen in NBA history, and one of the greatest rebounders of all time as well. There’s no denying that Rodman had his two most successful and popular stints in the NBA with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls.

But fans will be shocked to learn that he had a brief stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. After his former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson, Rodman joined the Los Angeles Lakers midway through the lockout-shortened 1998-99 NBA season. He only played about 23 games for them, but was blessed to share the court with a player who would change the NBA forever. Kobe Bryant.

In the photo shared below by the Timeless Sports Instagram page, Dennis Rodman can be seen setting up a screen (which some consider illegal by today’s standards) for a young Kobe Bryant during a Los Angeles Lakers game.

NBA fans reacted to this in amazement. Rodman’s stint with the Lakers was so brief that most fans don’t even remember it. Rodman was only there briefly and didn’t really impact the win for them. But he got to share the field with two of the all-time greats in Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

No one has seen this picture before not even cap lol

Rodman with Chicken Wing Screen

This screen looks illegal

This picture is really difficult

One of the last games of #Forum

I didn’t know they played together. Interesting

I must be familiar with him putting on baby Jordan screens

Wait. Rodman played for the Lakers?

to like! #team work

definitely finna get a rodman lakers jersey now wtf ‍

The screen would be a glaring 2 these days – no

Rodman sold himself so much for the Lakers…showed up to practice 1 day without his shoes on Lakers said, “You’re done here sir”

Remember to watch this duet on K-Cal 9 as an adult kid

has he ever explained how similar Kobe was to Jordan?

Worm created a million screens for a million guys! He did it all! Guy was a WINNER on the basketball court! FACTS


He had no remorse, he was known to lean on the screens…probably why they followed that rule in forreal

Rodman’s tenure in Los Angeles was brief and did next to nothing for his legacy. Rodman was very old by this time and had already achieved things most players could only dream of. A former Defensive Player of the Year and five-time NBA champion had the chance to add to his list of legendary teammates, a list that already included Michael Jordan.

Rodman would only play for one more team in his NBA career after the Lakers when he signed with the Dallas Mavericks. In reality, Rodman was banned by the NBA from wearing a number 69 jerseybut Mavs owner Mark Cuban still keeps it in his office to this day.