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NBA Style Rankings: Timberlands, Running Jackets & More; cousins ​​do list


This week’s NBA-style rankings were a bit more competitive than the last weeks, as the league found its early-season rhythm with pre-game slumps. Going forward, we’ll be increasing the number of leaderboards from five to 10 to highlight as many best-dressed players as possible.

A few guys might have made the list twice. Let’s break down last week.

Due to injury, Sochan just made his NBA debut last week, but he’s already found himself in this week’s fashion rankings. The Baylor rookie seems to change his hair color every few months, so I thought he might express himself through fashion this season too.

If there was ever a way to modestly wear Louis Vuitton shoes, Sochan has made it here. He let the shoes be the focal point of the cut – and also found a purple sweater to tie it all together. As a sneakerhead myself, I can always respect when the shoes make the outfit. Even though he still finds his place in the league as a player, he seems to be a veteran when it comes to fashion.

I almost forgot that Philadelphia — not Milwaukee — was the city of brotherly love when I saw Antetokounmpo wearing his brother Giannis’ jersey. Everything I’ve seen of Thanasis, especially the way he sidelines Giannis, leads me to believe he couldn’t be prouder of his younger brother.

The idea of ​​tucking in the jersey and rocking the baggy, faded jeans was well done. Who knows? Perhaps Thanasis’ support contributed to that impressive run Giannis started the season with.

Everything about Simons on the court has improved dramatically year over year since his draft. The same goes for his pre-game tantrums. His yellow Atelier button paired perfectly with his Nike Dunks and he found the perfect shade of brown so his pants didn’t clash with his shirt.

The cut itself is bright enough to make the all-black Louis Vuitton duffel bag stand out. I appreciate how black all of his accessories are – from the bag to the iPad to the headphones to the buttons on his shirt. Whether the assortment of accessories was intentional or not, it was enough fly for Simons to make his first appearance on these charts.

From what I have seen so far of Nickeil Alexander-Walker, cousin of Shai Gilgeous-Alexanderhe’ll likely be a player you’ll see on this list often.

The purple jacket with the light blue denim is a great match. But also pay attention to the parts of the jacket with darker purple spots, which makes it easier to pull off the red Jordan 1s. Another adjustment, I’m not happy to have to put this down.

Porter is from Seattle, but if I had to guess by this fit, I would have guessed Los Angeles. The Puma and Palomo collaboration shirt is the perfect amount of eye-catching without being overbearing, I think the subtlety of the blue helps with that.

The beanie, although black, is a great complement to the cut, as he is also wearing black shoes and a black Louis Vuitton backpack. All things considered, it was a great fit that I hated having to put so low on, but it was a competitive week.

Any love for the late great Kobe Bryant will usually put you in good standing in my rankings. My reflection was simple when seeing this outfit for the first time: not too much, but very effective.

Having a dark colored shirt with light yellow pants seemed like a smart choice, given that Bryant spent all 20 years of his career in Lakers purple and gold. Brown has often spoken publicly about the the impact Bryant had on himand you can tell with this fit.

Granted, I first scrolled through this post and mistook Gilgeous-Alexander for Travis Scott, which is a compliment when I’m talking about his fashion. Gilgeous-Alexander’s Supreme biker jacket was suitable for a 24-year-old who averaged 31 points, seven assists, five rebounds and 2.4 steals on 37% 3-point shooting.

As usual, I will always appreciate the rings and a belt loop accessory.

Frankly, Simmons struggled on the court to start the season. But despite what happens between those lines, he can count this adjustment as a win. Few people can say that they have reached the third place in this ranking.

The first thing that caught my eye in this cut was the multicolored pants with large pockets. The pants were so cool that he only had to put on a white t-shirt and a white blouse. The forest green beanie is for a great measure.

No. 2: Patty Mills, Brooklyn Nets

Mills walked into the Barclays Center knowing he was best dressed. The best part: It didn’t take a ton of effort. He simply pulled out a jean-over-denim and jacket combo featuring New York City’s fan-favorite Timberlands.

Oh, and of course, shades mean business.

Oubre paying homage to Denny Hamlin with his FedEx racing jacket doesn’t happen every day…but Oubre is cooling off. I can’t predict the future, but I imagine he will be in this ranking several times throughout the season.

First of all, the jacket makes the cut, but there are a few things to point out. Black jeans with a patch on the left shin reading “Baptized By Fire” have a bell-shaped look near the ankles. Moreover, it is The Oubré brand Dope$oul. He has found a positive and creative expression outside of basketball that he can swing on his way to games.

Finally, the watch and gold rings are pretty accessories.

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