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Nike, Adidas are harder to find today, and here’s why


Nike and Adidas are two of the world’s most popular brands for sneakers and sportswear. However, nowadays items for these two are more and more difficult to find and some people are just lucky to find something they are looking for on company websites or in physical stores. .

The main reason customers may find it difficult to find and purchase Nike and Adidas items, according to CNN Business, is that brands are two of the companies pulling out of retail outlets. They are reducing the number of retailers that can sell their products so that customers can only find their products in certain stores.

It was reported that Nike and Adidas were doing this as part of their plan to get customers to buy items directly from them. They want buyers to buy from their own outlets and from a small group of affiliate retail partners.

Apparently, with the move, customers won’t be able to see Nike and Adidas products in some places where they were generally available in the past. Many retailers will not post items from them because companies have already withdrawn their products. This means that there will be no more inventory of Nike and Adidas athletic shoes and clothing in mainstream sporting goods stores and retail outlets.

The companies made the decision because they could make more money by selling directly to customers. They will also have more control over the prices and how their products are sold.

Labels will also prevent the excessive prices or steep discounts on their products that some retailers do to get more customers, but this practice can damage the image of brands. Experts said brands could really gain high demand if their items are only available at fewer outlets, including their own stores and online stores.

It was added that the retailer opt-out tactic was effective before the coronavirus pandemic hit, so it can work today as well. “Even if the brands were not strongly focused on direct [sales] pre-Covid, now they are, ”said Susan Anderson, analyst at B. Riley Securities.

Meanwhile, last month Nike pulled out of DSW. It was reported that the company will stop distributing its sneakers for sale in one of America’s largest shoe chains. Nike will now only focus on a small number of outlets such as Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS) and its own stores from now on.