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Nike Air Force 1 High Utility 2.0 Outlet DQ5358-043


Nike isn’t afraid when it comes to going wild on accessories for her classic shoe silhouettes. And to get 2022 off to a good start, the brand’s Sportswear division has designed a brand new offer for women full of striking details: the Nike Air Force 1 High Utility 2.0 “Formless, Shapeless, Limitless”.

The raised halves of these kicks are packed with eye-catching elements and blocks of color. Crackle leather uppers are featured with white and a beige / gray hue combination, the former of which lands on suede overlays and Swooshes while the latter makes its way to the toes and quarters. A thick, glossy chain link wraps around the front and collars of the shoe and is held in place by a metallic silver buckle that embellishes these kicks with a touch of edgy personality. Additionally, you will also find a trio of emerald gemstones planted in the side heels, cream colored laces and pops of orange accents on the AF1 mark on the lower throat and heel embroidery. The reinforced midsole and tread also add flavor here, as the exterior is styled with a teal and distressed gray paint job.

Take a closer look below and expect Nike to likely ditch them in the coming weeks.

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