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Nike outlines its strategy against resellers


Thanks to the surge in secondary markets, the accessibility of bot programs, and backdooring, buying sneakers at retail is harder than ever. As consumer outrage continues to boil, Nike has decided to take a stand, outlining its strategy going forward to combat resellers on its platforms.

It’s no secret that Nike’s platforms, namely the SNKRS app, have been riddled with a bot problem for a long time. The problem isn’t exclusive to Nike, with raffle entries and direct-to-consumer sales dominated by automated software.

Traditionally, resellers have relied on their network of contacts in distribution and stores to hijack exclusive pairs ahead of release, now; however, robots eliminate the need for all of that.

That being said, it wasn’t until earlier this year that longtime Nike VP Ann Heber was forced to resign after discovering her 19-year-old son was running a resale platform with a monthly income. of $200,000.

This, naturally, caused a huge rift between Nike and its consumers. Trust had been shattered – so what would we do?

As reported by the wall street journal, Nike has updated its US buyers with new rules, outlining how it plans to combat the flood of resellers who have taken advantage of its systems. The policy outlines plans for canceling orders placed with automated ordering software or technology on its website or apps.

Additionally, it has been suggested that consumers using these technologies for resale could be charged restocking fees, denied refunds, or have their accounts suspended.

Whether or not these changes will trigger a widespread shift in the market remains to be seen. For those who have fallen in love with the game of sneakers due to the high prices associated with the resale market and the inability to independently secure pairs at retail, this is great news, but is it enough?