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Nike updates its SNKRS Pass system so you can beat the bots


Nike has given its popular SNKRS booking system a makeover by ditching its previous strategy of securing shoes. The company has announced that members will now be able to use a “raffle-style” system for its SNKRS launches.

Launched in 2018, the American shoemaking brand offered consumers their much-requested drops and kicks to reserve on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the new “raffle-style” system will give everyone a fair chance to purchase items within the app.

This new integration will include bot filtering tools that aim to ensure buyer integrity and enhance the authenticity of the user experience.

The whole idea of ​​Nike integrating the SNKRS Pass system is a consumer-driven decision. The brand wants its consumers to have a smooth experience while shopping on the SNKRS app, without having to wait in line or be overwhelmed by crowds of stores.

Here’s what we know

The “Draw” process

Nike explains: “Our goal is to create less stressful and more convenient experiences, and we are confident that this new layer of bot filtering, facilitated by the ‘Raffle Draw’, will allow more members like you to book your products. most wanted. -after the pairs.

“This evolution of SNKRS Pass incorporates bot filtering tools – the same technology used during in-app launches to help real members secure pairs – and further protects integrity, fairness and authenticity. experience,” he added.

Nike said the new system will roll out over the next few weeks. Users will need to update the app to access the new version.

What is a Nike SNKRS Pass?

Image credit: Nike

A Nike SNKRS Pass is a unique Nike member reward included in the SNKRS app. When available, it appears in your SNKRS feed and allows you to select your choice of Nike sneakers that you can purchase and later pick up at a store.

Interestingly, the app tells you if a Nike location near you might have inventory available and the size you’re looking for. Once this is confirmed, you will see a “Reserved for pickup” notification on screen with the confirmed shoe, size, date and pickup location.

The SNKRS Pass is designed only for those who are members so that no one can purchase sneakers in the member’s name. They will need to show valid photo ID, which could also be military ID, for purchase. First and last name on photo ID and SNKRS Pass must match. In addition, only one reservation per person and per style of shoe is authorized.

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