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Nike’s 10 Most Expensive Athlete Endorsements


Over the years, Nike has spent generously on sports sponsorship with athletes ranging from soccer to golf.

Nike is one of the most recognized brands in the world. The footwear industry was revolutionized considerably once Nike entered the industry. As sportsmen lived their lives in front of cameras, Nike took advantage and offered huge sums of money for sponsorship deals and advertisements. These lucrative partnerships have allowed sports stars to earn more money outside of their game. While everyone pays generously to own a pair of Jordans or custom gear, Nike is also increasing its popularity with the swoosh on the shirts. players.

The brand has entered into strategic endorsement deals that have transformed a small business into a billion dollar business over the years. From basketball legend Michael Jordan to greatest footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, let’s take a look at some of Nike’s most cherished mentions.

ten Maria sharapova

The only woman on the list, Maria Sharapova, was a tennis freak during her active years. She has won the Grand Slam in her career: the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open, as well as a silver medal at the Olympics. Sharapova signed an 8-year Nike contract worth $ 70 million in 2010, which earned her $ 8.75 million a year. In 2018, Nike terminated the deal when the athlete admitted to failing his doping test, as stated. Indoor sports.

9 Derek jeter

Derek Jeter is one of the highest paid baseball athletes with a net worth of $ 200 million. During his 20-year career with the New York Yankees, Jeter was King of New York. Nike struck a 10-year, $ 100 million deal with the scammer, which won the sports star. However, in 2014, Nike celebrated the Yankees shortstop’s retirement season with a tribute announcement.

8 Neymar Jr.

Legendary soccer player from Brazil, Neymar Jr. no longer needs to be introduced. He was one of the first athletes to create his line of shoes in partnership with the Jordan brand. According to Yahoo finance, in 2011, Neymar signed a ten-year contract with Nike, which earned him $ 10 million per year. In 2017, he also released the Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Neymar FG cleats.

7 Rafael Nadal

The King Of Clay certainly made a list with their $ 10 million a year deal with Nike, including royalties. Followed by Federer, Nadal is the only player to have won 20 Grand Slam titles in his career. The athlete has sponsorship agreements with brands such as Babolat, Kia, Santander and Emporio Armani.

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6 Kobe bryant

Renowned as the most consistent player in the NBA, the late legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant was the greatest Lakers player the world has witnessed. He had sponsorship deals with Coca-Cola and Nutella, which earned him $ 31 million a year. After retiring in 2015, Bryant was offered an offer to create his shoe line for Nike, one of Nike’s most popular shoes, and grossed him $ 15 million a year.

5 Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlory was only sixteen when he became a professional golfer and started competing on the greens. Originally from Ireland, McIlory has become the face of professional golf in recent years. Nike was all too eager to sign a $ 25 million a year deal with the star golfer who went on to represent the brand in his golf gear, as noted Online finance.

4 Tiger woods

Tiger Woods has amassed a net worth of $ 800 million through his sponsorship deals. As a professional golfer, Woods is considered one of the best, with many records to his name as proof. Woods signed a five-year contract for $ 100 million in 2001, and his current contract stands at $ 200 million. The golfer earns more than $ 50 million per year thanks to his sponsorship contract.

3 James lebron

Lebron James is currently one of the highest paid basketball athletes with sponsorship deals with big brands like McDonald’s, Samsung and Coca-Cola. Nike had signed a $ 90 million contract with James when he was not in high school; However, the basketball star now has a lifetime contract worth $ 1 billion.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most wanted celebrity with several mentions to his name. His skillful playing on the pitch has earned him an army of fans who follow everything he does. As mentioned by Forbes, Nike made him the face of the brand and offered him a billion dollar lifetime contract similar to Lebron James.

1 Michael jordan

No better sponsorship deal in history has been as popular and lucrative as Michael Jordan and Nike. In the late 1980s, Jordan changed the sneaker scene by introducing Air Jordan to the world. With expectations of $ 3 million in first year sales, Air Jordan earned $ 126 million. Jordan had a five-year, $ 500,000 per year contract with Nike, but now the retired player is making $ 100 million per year, thanks to Air Jordan.

Professional athletes have arguably the best careers in the world because their impact goes beyond the realm of sport. Nike has managed to attract some of the biggest sports stars in the world to promote themselves and have managed to earn millions. These offers have allowed players to make more money outside of sport, the magic word being sports mentions.

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