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No more complaints against delivery company, many cases involve Nike Air Jordans – WSOC TV


CHARLOTTE, NC — Last month, Action 9 investigated a delivery company after thousands of customers across the country complained they weren’t receiving their packages despite tracking orders to the warehouse. the company.

Now more and more people have contacted Channel 9 saying that the company LaserShip never delivered their orders.

Hector Alvarez and Gina Taylor say they ordered Nike Air Jordans.

According to Alvarez, the shoes cost around $220, so with shipping, he’s spending around $240. He says the shoes are not only expensive, but also hard to come by. Buyers must enter a raffle for the chance to buy them.

“These are hot stuff,” Taylor said.

Both customers told Action 9 Jason Stoogenke that Nike used LaserShip to deliver their orders. They say tracking showed the shoes arrived at LaserShip’s warehouse in Charlotte, but no further. Several other customers have contacted Stoogenke with similar experiences.

“Once the shoes arrived at the warehouse here in Charlotte, there was no further movement with the package,” a customer emailed Stoogenke.

“When you order them and you win…you get so excited that you finally won, and you expect to get them in the mail, and then you never do. It’s really irritating,” Alvarez said.

Another customer emailed Stoogenke saying he had complained to Nike and filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

“I had a package that came from Nike on September 19. It arrived at the LaserShip warehouse on September 12 and then it never moved any further than that,” another customer told Stoogenke.

One client said he even filed a police report.

Over 20 customers have contacted Action 9 about LaserShip, and not just tennis shoes.

Megan Cottage told Stoogenke that she never had a problem ordering beauty and fitness products from a certain supplier until they switched to LaserShip.

“Everyday I would go and check, and that was for delivery and then back to the warehouse because there was a problem,” she said. “And there was never a resolution.”

The follow-up appears to have lasted nine days.

“And then one day he just said the delivery can’t be complete, we’re going to throw your package away,” Cottage said. “And I was like, how can you throw away someone else’s property? Especially when I’m actively contacting you?”

“We have to keep sounding the alarm,” Taylor said.

“They need to find the root of the problem and fix it,” Alvarez said.

“Accountability for whatever happens…to be the last step for their clients,” Cottage said.

BBB review

When last checked, LaserShip had an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, the company has received more than 2,300 complaints over the past three years, and more than half of the complaints are from the last 12 months.

LaserShip Response

When Stoogenke asked LaserShip about complaints about the initial reporting in January, the company sent a general statement, saying, “Our top priority is and always has been our customers, and we share their frustration with delayed packages;” adding “Our team works hard to ensure that packages move through our network as quickly and safely as possible.”

Stoogenke contacted LaserShip again for this report, adding a question about Nike Air Jordans in particular. The company did not respond in time for this report.

Other delivery companies

For comparison, Stoogenke checked BBB’s complaints against other delivery companies. When last checked, Amazon received about 9,000 complaints last year, but not all of them were about delivery. FedEx received about 6,000 complaints and UPS about 2,200. The BBB does not track complaints against government agencies such as the US Postal Service.

Action 9 Tips

Here’s what you need to know, regardless of the delivery company involved:

Your relationship is with the seller, not the carrier. So you have every right to hold the seller liable. Don’t let this company tell you otherwise. Be sure to dispute the problem with the seller. Many consumers who have contacted Action 9 have done so and say it worked.

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