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“Nobody tries to wear Christmas shoes”


Over the years, Michael Jordan’s shoe brand has grown as popular as it gets. Due to its tremendous success, many basketball and sneaker fans one day dream of designing their own Air Jordan. However, most people would probably like MJ himself to approve of the kicks.

Macklemore, however, didn’t get that nod from His Airness.

While the famous rapper actually designed his own Jordans a few years ago, the experience changed somewhat when the Hall of Famer clown on his idea.

There are many exclusives for Air Jordan players

Michael Jordan‘s shoes have become as popular as any sneaker on the market. Since signing with Nike in 1984, MJ has earned approximately $ 1 billion from the company (per Forbes), and he even launched his own expansion called Jordan Brand in 1997.

Due to its great popularity, many exclusives for Air Jordan (PE) gamers have been released over the years. If you are not familiar with PEs, they are designed specifically for gamers and generally not released to consumers.

Depending on the resort Unique collector, athletes to get custom Air Jordan PEs include: Kobe Bryant, Gary Payton, Derek Jeter, Penny Hardaway, Shaquille O’Neal, Ray Allen, Russell Westbrook, Deion Sanders and many more.

In fact, despite not being a player, Macklemore is actually included on this list.

Michael Jordan played the clown on Macklemore’s green shoes

Michael Jordan attends a press conference ahead of an NBA game in Paris on January 24, 2020. | Aurélien Meunier / Getty Images

In 2015, Macklemore revealed to Complex Magazine that he was able to design his own Air Jordan to perform at the Jordan Brand Classic. They ended up being the Air Jordan 6s.

The rapper said he then met MJ at some point and their interaction happened while his shoe was still in the “design phase.” But the six-time NBA champion quickly shared his real thoughts on the sneaker with him.

“I showed him the shoe,” Macklemore told Complex. “… He was like ‘I don’t like green.’ He was like, ‘F *** green. Reminds me of Christmas bullshit. Nobody tries to wear Christmas shoes. I completely gave up my coloring. I was like, ‘OK, I’ll always do this. You screwed up the game. But I can hear you.

Having Jordan clown your idea probably wasn’t very pleasant. But green shoes make sense to Macklemore, given his Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks fandoms.

He shouldn’t feel too bad, as the Chicago Bulls legend hates a different kind of shoe as well.

Michael Jordan hates black shoes

In addition to green shoes, Michael Jordan apparently also hates black kicks.

“He’s never a fan of black shoes,” said Gentry Humphrey, former vice president of shoes for Jordan Brand. declared To The Complex Sneakers Podcast in 2021. “He doesn’t like black shoes. You will probably rarely see him wearing black shoes. Every time he wore them in the playoffs, it was a mentality. He wanted to wear black shoes depending on how he wanted to take his game to the next level when he was in an opponent’s arena. So, he felt that this notion of being stealthy was important. It would be the only time. But casually, you’ll never see him wearing black shoes.

So, as he has a pronounced taste for sneakers, we can bet that His Airness is involved in Jordan Brand meetings, especially when it comes to recreating retro Air Jordans.

“The one thing about Michael that I’ve always said is that he’s, to me, the brand’s secret weapon,” Humphrey also said when speaking to Complex. “People really underestimate how astute he is at the game. From a business standpoint, he can tell you the numbers of what’s going on in the brand. And he loves shoes. I think if he wasn’t a professional athlete he probably would want to do something about it.

Michael Jordan may be known as the NBA GOAT, but his influence on the sneaker world has been just as impactful.

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