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Nordstrom’s 21 Best Leggings, According to a Runner


If you follow me on Instagram (I swear this isn’t a catch), you’ve probably noticed that almost daily I post a screenshot of my Nike Run Club app, showcasing my run of the day. As a welcome consequence of the pandemic, running has become a six-day-a-week habit that keeps my mind at ease and my body happy. But since I live in a city that experiences all types of weather, from sub-zero temperatures to the heat that feels like the inside of a sauna, dressing for the occasion isn’t always as simple as Put on a clean sports bra and leggings.

About six months into my running journey, I finally decided it was time to start investing in gear that could withstand the elements, starting with shoes (the pair above are the Nike’s famous Air Zoom Alphaflys, but the Hoka and On running shoes also warrant screams) and followed up with leggings. Surprisingly, it took a lot of trial and error to find pairs that stayed put for a long time, had pockets for my keys and phone, and were warm or cool enough to keep me tempered throughout. different seasons. But after some very good and very, very bad experiences, I was able to distinguish the styles of leggings really up to par.

Me being me, I couldn’t keep my discoveries to myself. Whether you’re new to running or you’re a vet looking for new styles to try, find the 21 leggings I swear by, all of which can be easily purchased at Nordstrom, ahead of time.