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One of the youngest players to sign with a global sneaker brand


If you follow basketball on Instagram or YouTube, you’ve undoubtedly seen a clip of Mikey Williams bewitching crowds as a high school player. The crowds Williams draws are not just his peers and parents, but even NBA superstar LeBron James has attended Mikey’s games to see the young prospect play and even give him some advice. Williams is considered the top prospect in the high school class of 2023, which also includes Bronny James, the eldest son and namesake of the Los Angeles Lakers forward.

Williams is now the youngest player to ever sign a Puma Hoops shoe promotion deal and is part of an elite company with LeBron James as one of the youngest to do so with a global brand. In fact, if LaMelo Ball didn’t have his signature shoe at 16, Mikey would be the youngest. Like Ball and James, Mikey is more than just a generational talent on the court, but a young figure transcends basketball and street culture. Williams is now paving the way for young athletes determined to monetize their professional careers right out of high school. Earlier this year, Williams signed up to play in the Overtime Elite basketball league, an American professional league created by sports media company Overtime, created to help young players start making a living from the game they love. to play.

“Puma understands how to mix the hoop and culture, two things that fascinate me.”

Mikey williams

Led by hip-hop icon Jay-Z, Williams ‘signing gives fans a clearer picture of Puma Hoops’ strategy for finding the intersection of basketball and street culture. After signing Kyle Kuzma and LaMelo Ball for sponsorship deals for the past 24 months, their direction is clear and Mikey could be the young star to take them to the bump. The idea is to change the perspective of a generation that largely sees sportswear giant Nike as the authority on hoops and culture, the notion of which has been passed down to them by generations of customers. and loyal swoosh fans.

For most of the 21st century, the biggest stars of the game have all rocked Nike sneakers, from Kobe Bryant to LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The Jordan brand, a brand under the Nike umbrella that follows the spirit and philosophy of Michael Jordan, is also groomed for the next generation with Zion Williamson, Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic in their list of athletes.

Nonetheless, it’s a smart move from Puma Hoops in their quest to regain their place among the best basketball brands in the world. It is wise to seek out younger talent as other brands in the market such as Under Armor and Adidas are struggling to shake things up with their current roster of athlete and sneaker models. Puma and the rest of the peloton still have a long way to go, as over 90% of NBA players still compete in sneakers made by brands under the Nike umbrella.

One thing is for sure, LaMelo Ball and Mikey Williams are two athletes who have taken important steps for Puma Hoops to reach their goal. Ball is the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year and is off to a good start with the Charlotte Hornets early in the season. Williams brings a large chunk of his supporters from the high school ranks to Overtime Elite, a league that is in its infancy but appears to benefit greatly from Mikey’s immense cultural impact. Watch out for Mikey Williams to make waves on the court and even more so on the track.

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