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A $14 billion business, 18-year-old Lebron James led ‘The King’ to sign a $90 million deal elsewhere


LeBron James entered the NBA in 2003. The 18-year-old was the most talked about player in the league and he had brand endorsement offers even before it was revealed which team he would join. The four-time NBA champion joined the league right out of high school and got some high-profile sneaker makers to sign him. Several companies, including Reebok, Adidas and Nike, offered LeBron James attractive offers. However, it was not easy for the young King James to decide with so much money at stake.


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In the same year, Reebok offered Kobe Bryant a $15 million a year contract after he bought out Adidas by paying $8 million. Kobe was a major shoe icon in the league and Reebok worked hard to sign him. However, the deal didn’t go through and Bryant decided to go with Nike, signing a $40 million deal.


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Reebok, Adidas and Nike battle to sign young LeBron James

Aaron Goodwin was then LeBron James’ sports agent. He devised a strategy to start a bidding war to land James a major shoe deal during his rookie season. Reebok for follow-up LeBron James looking forward after missing Kobe. They were the first to meet James and his mother, Gloria.

Reebok offered a big $100 million deal, including a $10 million signing bonus, sending the 18-time All-Star wondering about his future without Nike or Adidas.

James’ second shoe endorsement meeting was with Adidas. Executive Sonny Vaccaro also offered a similar $100 million offer, guaranteed at $10 million a year. After working on the deal for months, Adidas sent a private jet for LeBron and his friends. They also provided courtside seating for James during a Lakers playoff game, where the Akron kid saw Bryant don his Jordans.

However, Adidas failed to deliver the $100 million contract they offered James and guaranteed less than $60 million. With a bigger bid from Reebok, Adidas was out of the bidding war.

Nike steals the show from Reebok

The last shoemaker to meet LeBron James and his mother was Nike. The short mark spent a lot of money when they met King James. LeBron and Gloria dropped by for Nike’s on-campus presentation with Maverick Carter. They were taken to the Mia Hamm building, a unique structure with the best display equipment inside.

Nike shared their plans with James and offered a nearly $70 million guaranteed deal. They were ready to hand out a $5 million signing bonus and another $5 million after the deal was confirmed.


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Nike had a much lower offer than Reebok and James was inclined to sign the latter. Reebok executives even traveled to Akron to finalize the massive LeBron James deal. However, James couldn’t ignore his love for Nikes and his dream of wearing shoes like Michael Jordan.

Watch this story: ‘Promise me you won’t talk…’: 18-year-old LeBron James bounces $10 million check in hopes of bigger payday


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Following James’ realization, Goodwin contacted Nike and asked to increase their initial offer. Nike accepted and presented an offer of $77 million over seven years, which LeBron accepted. With a signing bonus of $10 million, the deal was worth around $87 million.

Eventually, the deal netted him around $90 million. So the decision to lay off a $14 billion company like Reebok paid off for LeBron James, who won the NBA’s highest shoe deal at the time.

Geno Smith wears a Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Pure Platinum”


We are entering the fourth week of the NFL season, and it is already decisive for several teams. The Seattle Seahawks are 1-2 and can’t afford to lose to the Detroit Lions tomorrow afternoon.

If the Seahawks want to tie their record, they’ll need a big game from Geno Smith. The veteran quarterback is quiet and lets his game do the talking. However, Smith made some noise with the shoes he chose to wear during the team’s flight this week.

Thanks to the @blitzfits Instagram account, we have a great photo of Smith en route to the business trip to Detroit. The 31-year-old wears an expensive pair of shoes which were released over a decade ago. Below is everything fans need to know about Smith’s shoes.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Pure Platinum’

View of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Pure Platinum’

Smith wore the Nike Air Yeezy 2 in the “Pure Platinum” colorway. The shoes were released on June 9, 2012 for $250. They now have an average resale price of $7,445, according to StockX.

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Before Kanye West teamed up with Adidas to create some of the most memorable sneakers of all time, the music icon worked with Nike. The technology that people used to buy these shoes back then now seems antiquated. But the hype was and still is real for these classic Yeezy shoes.

Smith isn’t the only professional athlete to wear Air Yeezy 2s. Earlier this summer, Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving wore the same pair to a WNBA game. Unfortunately, over time, these classic kicks become even rarer.

We are confident that Smith will face the Lions after wearing the boots. It’s only week four of the NFL season and Smith is in playoff mode. Stay tuned to FanNationKicks.com for more on what your favorite athletes are wearing on and off the court.

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Nike is offering up to 70% off a ton of gear, from running to golf and more



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LeBron James VS Michael Jordan: Wealth and Performance Comparison


As of the 2016-2017 season, the NBA player with the highest salary is LeBron James, who earns $31 million this year. Other top earners include Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. Although some may argue that these players are overpaid, there is no doubt that they are some of the best in the game and bring a lot of income to their teams.

James has been with the Cavaliers since 2010 and is one of the most popular players in the league. He led the team to four consecutive Finals appearances and won a championship in 2016. In addition to his Cavs salary, James also earns millions through endorsement deals with companies like Nike and Coca-Cola.

Bryant is a Los Angeles Lakers legend and is currently in his senior season. He earned over $300 million in salary during his career, making him one of the richest players in NBA history. Durant signed a new contract with the Golden State Warriors this offseason that will earn him $26.5 million a year. Anthony is a 10-time All-Star who recently signed a five-year, $124 million contract with the New York Knicks.

While these players are certainly among the highest paid in the NBA, there are a few others who are following close behind. Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry and Chris Paul all have contracts that will earn them over $20 million a year. And, of course, there’s always the possibility that a new player could sign a mega-deal that would eclipse the salaries of these current stars. So while LeBron James may be the highest paid player in the NBA right now, that could change in the future.

The most famous NBA players

Some of the most famous NBA players include Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. These players became global icons and helped popularize the sport of basketball around the world. They are all incredibly talented players who have enjoyed huge success in the NBA.

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest player of all time. He was an incredible goalscorer and an outstanding defender. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships in the 1990s. He was also named NBA Finals MVP a record six times.

Kobe Bryant is another player considered one of the greatest of all time. He spent his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers, winning five NBA championships. Bryant was an outstanding scorer and tenacious defender. He was twice named NBA Finals MVP.

Source: https://www.goldenstateofmind.com/2022/9/14/23353990/these-nba-players-are-earning-big-this-new-season

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Biden declares war on ‘junk fees,’ but that’s not what Americans need


Fintech Snark Tank sightings

A White House press release titled Minutes of the third meeting of the White House Competition Council reported that:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has taken action to address the nearly $30 billion in ‘junk fees’ — such as late fees, overdraft fees, NSF check fees — that Americans pay every year. Spurred by CFPB actions, three-quarters of the nation’s 20 largest banks are getting rid of NSF check fees. The overall level of overdraft fees is expected to fall by $3 billion in 2022, compared to pre-pandemic levels. »

A new study from Cornerstone Advisors, commissioned by Velocity Solutions, titled Beyond overdraft: helping consumers manage their cash suggests that it might not be good news for Americans – not what they expect from the banks they do business with.

The fallacy of hidden fees

Politicians (and other critics of the banking industry) love to criticize banks for the so-called “hidden fees” they charge their customers.

Americans have a different perspective.

Eight in 10 Americans, including two-thirds of Gen Zers, eight in 10 Millennials and Xers, and nearly nine in 10 Boomers, told Cornerstone that their top checking account providers properly disclose their fees.

This conclusion is ignored by the press and ignored by the CFPB, which has worked for years to impose additional disclosure requirements on banks, assuming that banks must withhold information. The survey data does not support this thought.

Many Americans Think Bank Fees Are Fair

And despite all the press and attention to checking account fees, three-quarters of Americans think their main checking account provider’s fees are fair, ranging from six out of 10 Gen Zers to eight out of 10 Baby Boomers.

Only 27% of consumers believe that NSF (insufficient funds) fees – which are charged when the bank does not pay for an item for the customer – and overdraft fees, which are paid when the bank Is pay for an item for the customer, are not fair.

This does not mean, however, that others think they are righteous. Four in 10 Americans believe the NSF check and overdraft fees charged by their banks are fair, but a third say they don’t know or are unsure.

Listening to the White House, however, one would think that all Americans are railing against these fees. which are somehow hidden.

Attacking “junk fees” doesn’t solve the real problem

Reducing, if not eliminating, overdraft fees and NSF fees won’t solve the real problem Americans face: liquidity.

In 2021, 70% of Gen Zers and two-thirds of Millennials spent more money than they had in their checking accounts at least once, and a quarter of both generations did so three or more times .

There are many reasons for this, including large unforeseen expenses, unexpected shortfalls, overspending, and unemployment.

What are the Americans doing in the face of this liquidity problem? They turn to a wide variety of tactics, including borrowing from friends and family, incurring late fees by not paying their bills, taking out payday loans, applying for short-term loans, and even selling their belongings in pawnbrokers.

The real culprit and the wrong answer

It’s not “junk fees” that are hurting Americans the most, it’s inflation and a weak economy.

The recent change in the overdraft policies of many financial institutions is good news for consumers, and actually good news for financial institutions, from a regulatory and public relations perspective.

From a revenue perspective, it’s a different story, as many institutions face millions of dollars in lost fee revenue. According to Steven Simpson, Principal at Cornerstone Advisors:

“Waiving overdraft fees may seem like a big win for consumers. The problem is not so simple, however, as the consumer banking model that offers convenient branches, contact center, digital banking, debit cards, fraud protection limits, cybersecurity and access to larger amounts of cash needs income to sustain itself.

However, increasing monthly account fees is not a feasible reaction, as it will likely result in the loss of customers. Nearly seven in 10 customers said they would close their account and find another bank if their bank increased the monthly account fee by $15.

Americans need better cash management programs

To solve this problem and recoup the millions lost in fees, banks and credit unions need to transform their overdraft programs into cash management programs. These programs should:

  • Be proactive and personalized. A “managed” program assigns overdraft limits based on various account holder data points, including specific deposit and overdraft activity. Institutions should establish a risk profile for each account and assign individualized overdraft limits based on the account holder’s ability to repay the overdraft.
  • Be quick. Consumers appreciate the speed of immediate availability using overdraft, with many saying they would want the overdraft option if they needed funds to make a $500 purchase (44%, vs. 17%, 22% and 15% for 4-hour quick access loans, 24-hour regular loans or 5-day loans for line of credit applications, respectively).
  • Establish a “de minimis exception”. A de minimis exception is a minimum overdraft amount below which the institution will not charge a fee. Banks can provide this exception per item or per day. This policy is a consumer-friendly practice to avoid the headline “$30 charge for a $3 cup of coffee” scenario.
  • Use tools to limit overdraft fees for low-income consumers. Charging $400 to a consumer who has $2,000 a month in deposits is not in the best interest of the consumer or the financial institution. Software is available that can reduce the use of the overdraft service (and associated fees) when the fees exceed a given percentage of the consumer’s deposits.
  • Offer a variety of credit alternatives. Banks have struggled to replace lost buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) exchanges, but the biggest problem could be the erosion of the relationship with the consumer due to other providers offering credit to the point where the consumer needs it. Banks’ liquidity management programs should offer a range of credit alternatives, including BNPL and referrals to providers who can offer small dollar short-term loans.

Dow Jones Bear Market: 3 Powerful Stocks That Haven’t Been This Cheap in Years


The Dow Jones Industrial Average has seen some ups and downs over the past few days, falling into bearish territory before regaining much of its lost value. It’s an escalation in volatility that has plagued markets over the past year as governments launch policies and programs to stem inflation. Many investors are suffering. If you have the ability to wait out tough market conditions and money available to invest after paying off your debts, you can find deals not seen in years on powerful stocks that dominate their industries. Home deposit (HD -1.37%), Nike (NKE -3.41%)and Visa (V 0.49%) are the best Dow stocks that are incredibly cheap right now.

1. Leverage pandemic growth

Many businesses are struggling. Companies that have demonstrated robust growth amid the pandemic are struggling to keep up, and on top of that they now have too much inventory and expanded infrastructure they no longer need.

Not Home Depot. This powerhouse continues to increase comparable sales (comps) and post profits despite tough year-over-year comps, inflation and a declining housing market.

How did he get there? There are several elements to its successful formula. It’s the largest home improvement chain in the United States, and it’s evolved faster than its competitors over the past few decades, giving it an edge. It has invested heavily in its business over the past few years, starting with an overhaul of its digital channels before the pandemic. This positioned it for peak performance when people stayed home and focused on home improvement projects, and the synergies between physical stores, a strong digital platform and a robust distribution network. worked together to provide services.

These continue to fuel the growth of this market. The Home Depot upgraded its multiple channels with enhanced digital features and store redesigns, with a focus on the professional segment. Despite some weakness in seasonal items in the second quarter, other categories were so strong, particularly big ticket items, that mixes exceeded expectations.

Current economic conditions could further weaken Home Depot, and management expects the second half of 2022 to be more challenging than the first. But despite everything in the near future, Home Depot is a stellar company with huge long-term potential.

Home Depot shares are down 32% this year, and the stock is trading at its lowest price-to-earnings ratio in more than a decade outside of the 2020 downturn.

HD PE Ratio Data by YCharts

2. Turn sportswear into casual wear

Fashion has never been so sporty. That’s partly thanks to Nike, which has become the number one sportswear brand and has been so successful in building loyalty that its shoes and apparel are practically uniform for millennials looking for stylish activewear.

Nike has become the largest sportswear company in the world, with more revenue in the last 12 months than Adidas, under protection, Lululemon Athleticaand Skechers combined.

NKE (TTM) Revenue Chart

NKE Revenue Data (TTM) by YCharts

This gives it huge leverage as it tries to grow amid global economic pressure. Revenue decreased 1% in the fourth quarter of Fiscal 2022 (ended May 31), but increased 3% on a currency-neutral basis. Strength was in the Nike Direct channel, which encompasses its direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels, with sales up 7%, while wholesale sales were down. It became a model, with Nike Direct continuing to be a strong part of the company’s operating model. It contributed to this by expanding its DTC digital services and cutting some wholesale channels.

Nike first told investors about the challenges ahead more than a year ago, and it has struggled this year with rising costs and inventory. But Nike is well positioned to stay strong and move forward when the economic pressure eases. There are many tailwinds that should boost its business in the future.

During the fourth quarter earnings call, CEO John Donahoe mentioned what he called the “expanded definition of sport” in addition to changes to health, wellness and comfort. This, combined with Nike’s numerical strength, scale and powerful brand portfolio, gives it an edge in any market.

Nike stock is down 41% this year and shares are trading at 26 times past 12-month earnings, their cheapest valuation in nearly five years.

3. More than an economic indicator

There are two main reasons why Visa is a solid stock to own. The first is that it broadly tracks the economy. When the economy is doing well, Visa does well. When the economy is down, Visa’s performance usually suffers. This is good for Visa and its shareholders, as the economy is doing well the vast majority of the time. The flip side is that when spending goes down, Visa feels the pinch.

However, despite the macroeconomic uncertainty, Visa’s business has been booming since rebounding from the pandemic. It’s still feeling the rebound, with strong spending outpacing inflation and boosting Visa’s revenue and revenue.

Income Table V (TTM)

Revenue Data V (TTM) by YCharts

The second reason why Visa is an attractive stock to own is that it is highly profitable. It’s an asset-light business with wide margins, so there’s not too much concern about this business remaining viable. He has a very simple operating model in processing credit card transactions, and his network is so vast that it provides a strong moat for his business. However, he does not stand still and does not count on it. It has developed a huge fintech backbone, acquiring or partnering with numerous companies to offer digital services and features and transforming itself into a competitive digital player.

Visa stock is down 17% this year and the shares are trading at 26 times trailing 12-month earnings, the stock’s cheapest valuation in more than five years outside of the 2020 decline.

Natalia Bryant wears ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ sweater and Nike Air Force 1 – Footwear News


If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, Footwear News may receive an affiliate commission.

Natalia Bryant posed in a full-length mirror, taking a quick selfie and showing off her outfit on her Instagram Story today. The photo saw Bryant dressed in casual clothes with basic shoes.

For a laid-back vibe, the model donned an oversized pastel yellow crew-neck sweater with characters from the beloved kids’ show “Strawberry Shortcake” featured on the front and back in a colorful display. The sleeves, as well as the hem of the knit, are trimmed in light gray which contrasts with the sunray shade of the garment. Bryant paired the baggy sweater with lightly faded denim jeans that were also baggy and sported a distressed, stringy hem.

Natalia Bryant taking a selfie of her outfit on September 29, 2022.

CREDIT: Via Instagram

For accessories, the volleyball player wore layered gold chain necklaces and a slew of chunky, coordinating rings on each finger. Maximizing the shine, Kobe Bryant‘s daughter adorned her ears with numerous small gold hoops. The sporty social media star wore her dark curls up and out of the way in a slicked back ponytail and accentuated her features with natural makeup.

Adding a classic touch, Bryant laced up chunky white Nike Air Force 1s, a popular and hotly contested shoe, adding an athletic touch. Chunky sneakers were first popularized in the 1980s for their practicality, comfort, and stability. Although the popularity of the sneaker style slowed in the 2000s, chunky sneakers re-emerged as part of the “ugly” shoe divisive trend in the late 2010s, attracting attention from across genders.

Natalia Bryant taking a selfie of her outfit on September 29, 2022.

Natalia Bryant taking a selfie of her outfit on September 29, 2022.

CREDIT: Via Instagram

Bryant’s shoe choices are exemplary of bright and lively styles. The young star’s red carpet footwear often takes a colorful spin, including statement-making, jewel-toned platform sandals. Meanwhile, casual shoes from the Ivy Park model feature a range of more tonal styles, including comfortable sneakers from Golden Goose, Nike and Adidas.

Slip into these white leather sneakers like Bryant.

Puma Carina Trainers

CREDIT: Courtesy of DSW

Buy now: Puma Carina Sneaker, $60

Steve Madden Charlie Platform Sneaker

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Buy now: Steve Madden Charlie Platform Sneakers, $75

Sam Edelman Ethyl lace-up sneaker

CREDIT: Courtesy of Sam Edelman

Buy Now: Sam Edelman Ethyl Lace-Up Sneaker, $100

PICTURES: Click through the gallery to see how other celebrities style their Air Force 1s.

Tracksmith Eliot Runner | New running shoes


Tracksmith today announced its first shoe, the Eliot Runner, an everyday trainer that uses the same type of bouncy foam found in “super shoes”. It will be available for pre-order on October 24 and will cost $198.

  • Supercritical Pebax midsole promises to be soft yet springy
  • The classic design is unmistakably Tracksmith
  • 10 mm heel-to-toe drop

Reserve your pair

Tracksmith CEO Matt Taylor has always wanted to create a running shoe. It was part of his company’s plan from day one, he told me via video interview from London, where Tracksmith announced Eliot Runner in front of London Marathon.

“I looked back at my original pitch deck,” Taylor said, “from when I was pitching Tracksmith to my early investors to launching the brand, and the shoes were on the roadmap — that’s was [planned for] third year ; we are now in eighth grade. It took us a little longer than expected. »

This delay, however, is not necessarily bad. There are a handful of new shoe companies that have popped up…Atreyuspeed land, Northa– all of which have unique challenges and approaches to building customer loyalty. Tracksmith, by comparison, already has a dedicated clientele who are well accustomed to opening their wallets and wallets to finely crafted undercarriage.

“The huge advantage that we have is eight years in existence and having a customer base that has been asking for it for a very long time,” Taylor explained. “So I feel like if we were going to launch shoes in year one, we would have had a much tougher road. And I think it’s a lot easier now, after building the brand, to be able to to integrate.

More pictures

We just got a pair for testing, so we’ll have more info after we get some extra miles in the Eliot Runner.

Trevor Raab

How does it feel?

Well, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to be sure, as we only received one pair of samples on the day the Eliot Runner was announced. (I’ll share some early observations from my first run in the shoe later in this article.) But, Taylor says the inspiration for the Eliot Runner comes from the track in Boston he walks most days.

“It’s three miles of pine needles on dirt,” Taylor told me, “and it’s the greatest feeling you can have as a runner – more springy on a firmer surface. You get that amazing cushioning, but really positive response and high energy return.

To do this, Tracksmith has taken a slightly different approach to what lies underfoot. It’s basically deconstructing the “dual-density midsole” – two layers of foam have different properties to achieve a specific feel underfoot. Instead of merging these two layers, Tracksmith inserts a soft and plush 10mm thick insole into the shoe. The midsole itself has a firmer durometer – a measure of the hardness of the foam – which gives a more responsive platform when pushing off the ground.

The sockliner and midsole foam are made from supercritical Pebax, the same base material you find in modern super shoes like the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2. The advantage of this new compound is that it is lighter and more elastic than EVA, the material traditionally used in running shoes. Pebax generally makes shoes faster and much more fun. The downside: it’s more expensive and less durable.

tracksmith eliot runnerMore pictures

The thick insole has a fabric inlay and an embroidered logo.

Trevor Raab

“In the end,” Taylor says, “we felt [Pebax] is Tracksmith’s DNA: taking the best possible raw materials and putting them into a more timeless and understated silhouette. That’s what it does.

What shoe does it look like?

To get an idea of ​​a shoe comparable to the Eliot Runner, I asked Taylor a different question: what is your all-time favorite shoe? After all, if you’re a long-time runner running a company making their first shoe, you’re probably going to be inspired by something you loved.

“I always went back to a [Nike] Pegasus,” he began, but then talked about softer shoes, perhaps subconsciously, revealing what I was really looking for: “It’s like… do you remember the Peg-Turbo? It has a bit of that feel – just super easy and you don’t realize what’s on your foot after a mile, which is the magic in my mind. ‘Cause if you don’t think about [the shoe] after a while, that’s probably a good sign.

Yes, I loved the Peg Turbo, a short-lived performance trainer I kept in my locker at Hearst Tower in New York for busy lunches in Central Park. This shoe was light, bouncy and fast, but it also felt great on an easy jog. They were the only pair I kept in this office because I knew I could rely on them to do whatever I asked.

Is Eliot Runner a reboot of that? Well, take a look at the specs:

Lester: 9.4 oz (Peg Turbo was 8.1 oz)
Heel height: 34.5mm (33mm)
Forefoot: 24.5mm (23mm)
Drop: 10 millimeters (10 millimeters)
Mousse: Supercritical Pebax (ZoomX, Nike’s exclusive PEBA brand)

Of course it looks like, doesn’t it? The 10mm drop struck me as it is a higher drop than many modern shoes. Taylor agreed, acknowledging what is unique about Tracksmith: “To be honest, it still feels like the most classic geometry and shape for an everyday trainer.”

How was the first round?

On my first four-mile run in the Eliot Runner, I didn’t get the full Peg Turbo vibe. This shoe was a bit squishier, more bouncy, while the Tracksmith shoe feels more planted and toe-ready. By this I mean I feel a tiny bit of sinking into the foam – it’s the 10mm insole sinking under my heel – and then I drop into the firmer midsole foam. The shoe certainly doesn’t feel harsh, but don’t expect that snappy, springy feel you get with other Pebax-based shoes.

I took it through town along sidewalks and a paved multi-use path, then ventured along a creek over wood chips and dirt. On hard surfaces, the shoe rolled effortlessly – there was no snapping, even though the bottom is mostly rubber covered. The high heel was appreciated by my slightly sore Achilles tendon, but it doesn’t feel too high or clunky.

tracksmith eliot runnerMore pictures

All that rubber stays quiet on asphalt paths, while the shoe rolls smoothly from heel to toe.

Trevor Raab

To be fair, I usually wear a size 12 and can comfortably run in an 11.5 in most shoes, but the sample we received was a 10.5. Undeterred, I laced them up and headed for the door. I’ll pass this pair on to one of our wear testers to continue checking, and I’m looking forward to my own pair like the rest of you.

What does a clothing company know about shoes?

Before starting Tracksmith, Taylor worked in marketing at Puma, so he was familiar with the shoe process even though he hadn’t been involved in design and development. Still, he wasn’t going to be able to build a performance running shoe on his own. He needed a team of pros.

Tracksmith started working on the Eliot Runner prototypes four and a half years ago, but a developer working on those early pairs has since moved on to lead the running product team at Saucony. Taylor then enlisted other experienced veterans at Nike, Salomon and Under Armor to deliver the shoe launched today.

“It’s been interesting because we have shoe dogs,” Taylor said. “It was a new adventure for me, for sure. But we have a great team, which is really the key to all of this. We were able to take the original vision and bring it over the finish line in a really good way.

While the Eliot Runner is Tracksmith’s first shoe, it probably won’t be the last, Taylor admitted, though nothing else is on the way just yet.

“I told the team that eventually, maybe five to ten years from now, shoes will be a bigger part of our business than apparel,” Taylor said.

This is largely the case when you look at all the other performance running brands – the clothes often seem like an afterthought. “For everyone else, running shoes are over 80% of their business. So I think we have a nice balanced approach. We won’t release many styles in the market.

“It is also the advantage of being [direct-to-consumer] and not having to fit on a shoe wall in a retail environment, where you need a “good, better, better” neutral, stable, minimalist, maximalist and running shoe. We can only have one style in each of these categories and still be able to serve our customers in a very good way.

tracksmith eliot runnerMore pictures

We will continue to test Eliot Runner to bring you a closer look at its performance.

Trevor Raab

When can you get a pair?

You can curse supply chain issues as one of the reasons you don’t already have a pair of Eliot Runners on your feet. Tracksmith had hoped to launch the shoe in August 2022. But, starting October 24, it will require pre-orders for the first 1,000 pairs received in mid-November. These orders will be fulfilled for customers who have reserved their place online by register with your email address on the Tracksmith website. So head over there if you’re interested.

A second batch of 1,000 pairs is expected to arrive a month later, in mid-December, and Tracksmith plans to “catch up by January 2023”.

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LeBron James among notable investors in first-of-its-kind sports league

LeBron James among notable investors in first-of-its-kind sports league

Los Angeles Lakers forward james lebron is among several big names reportedly buying a new franchise in a one-of-a-kind sports league.

LRMR Ventures, the family office of James and his longtime business partner, the CEO Maverick Carterteams up with investment firm SC Holdings, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond GreenCleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin LoveMarketing Director at SpringHill Paul Rivera and co-owner and CEO of Relevent Sports Group Daniel Silman as part of a new ownership group for Major League Pickleball, according to a PRNewsire Press release.

“Having SC Holdings, LRMR Ventures and their amazing group as owners and investors in Major League Pickleball is not only great for MLP, it’s a watershed moment for pickleball in general,” said the MLP founder. . Steve Kuhn. “Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country, creating communities in cities and towns around the world. This investment and the platform this group provides will go a long way in helping us achieve our goal of reaching 40 million pickleball players by 2030.”

MLP plans to grow from 12 to 16 teams, which will include the new franchise owned by James and company.

Other previous MLP investors and team owners include the NFL legend Drew Breeentrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuktennis star James Blake and others.

james officially became a billionaire earlier this year, becoming the first NBA player to do so in his active playing career, Forbes.com reported at the time.

The four-time NBA champion brought in $121.2 million in total earnings last year, boosting his official net work to $1 billion, joining the likes of Michael Jordan and the end Kobe Bryantwho both surpassed their respective net worths of $1 billion after retiring from their Hall of Fame playing careers.

“This is my biggest step,” said James QG in 2014 on the potential of becoming a billionaire one day. “Obviously. I want to maximize my business. And if I happen to get it, if I happen to be a billion dollar athlete, ho. Hip Hip Hooray! Oh my God, I going to be excited.”

James is currently the highest-paid active player in the NBA and earned more than $385 million during his 18-year NBA career during stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2003-10; 2014-18), Miami Heat (2010-14) and Lakers (2018-present), plus more than $900 million in endorsements – which include a lifetime deal with Nike paying tens of millions a year, as well as AT&T, Pepsi and Walmart – and other commercial enterpriseswhich includes a stake in Fenway Sports Group, the parent company of the Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Penguins and Liverpool FC

The $121.2 million earned by James in 2022 also ranks as the highest paid athlete in North America and the second highest paid athlete in the world, behind Paris Saint-Germain. Lionel Messiwhich earned $130 million in 2022.

Online Short Term Personal Loans Available Now


A personal loan is a short-term loan, which you can repay in installments. It’s a great alternative to traditional short-term loans, offering quick cash at extremely high interest rates. With a personal loan, you have the right to prepay the loan to free up income in your spending plan and potentially save on interest.

Most short-term loans require proof of employment, a salary statement, a bank account, and a valid driver’s license. Because there is often no collateral and lower credit requirements, these loans charge a higher interest rate (up to 400%) and may incur other fees and penalties.

Let’s dig deeper and explore what short-term personal loans are available, and if there’s a good option for you.


A short-term personal loan is a type of loan with little or no collateral and a repayment term of less than one year. This may require supporting documentation (such as proof of employment or your credit card history), but in most cases you submit a request and receive your money within 24 hours.

Short-term loans are offered for a maximum amount of $2,000, with repayment in weeks. After the company reviews your application, they send the contract with the approved amount and interest rates. So before accepting, you still have a chance to calculate how much you will have to pay back.


There are a few main types of short term personal loans; they have different features, conditions and fee structures:

  • Payday loans – the loan providing money to borrowers, until they receive their next salary. Let’s say you want a $100 loan today – payday can do that! The only requirement might be proof of your employment with a payslip. These loans must be repaid quickly and painlessly – otherwise you will be subject to high APRs and fees;
  • overdraft – a form of short-term loan, where customers can obtain temporary cover for charges from their bank if the account does not have the necessary charges. In terms of repayment, these loans are similar to installment loans: a borrower will have regular and frequent payments for a period of time until the principal and interest have been repaid;
  • Car title loans – a type of short-term loan, which allows a borrower to use the vehicle as collateral. Rather, it is an exclusion from the definition of short-term personal loans (which normally have no collateral), but it is a perfect example if we are talking about the high interest rate. If you are late with your payments, the interest charges increase and the loan will cost you much more.
  • Bridging loans – are useful during real estate transactions. For example, when you bought a new house, while the other property remains on the market. For this type of loan, you will need an impeccable credit rating; lenders also prefer borrowers with a low debt-to-income ratio (DTI).

Another popular option for short-term loans is to extend your line of credit with a credit union or bank. It can improve your financial situation at once, without side effects. As a result, a higher line of credit makes you more attractive to lenders.


If you decide to apply for a short-term loan, consider lenders, who do not charge penalties. In another scenario, you will be asked to pay additional fees if you want to complete the transaction before the agreed time. Isn’t it deeply unfair that paying off the loan sooner could cost you more?

Here is the list of several companies, which will not charge you for such a “service”:

  • happy money – a loan provider with an innovative approach to lending. It offers personal loans, ideal for consumers, who want to save money. Happy Money consolidates high interest rates, giving borrowers exclusive access to more efficient management of their finances. Be aware that while there are no prepayment penalties, origination fees of up to 5% may apply.
  • LightStream – the lender that offers some of the lowest interest rates on personal loans. Same-day financing is available and there are no prepayment penalties or other fees. If you keep in mind that shorter loan terms come with lower interest rates, that makes LightStream a considerable option. And your financial best interest.
  • SoFi – a lender, who can extend you some credit, if your score is at least 680. SoFi customers also get free access to financial advisors, career coaches and other events, dedicated to improving your financial literacy. This lender offers a seamless application experience, saving you from late payments or prepayment fees.
  • Reached – a lender worthy of attention, due to competitive interest rates and fast financing options. Beware, Upstart will assess your credit score and review your work history to determine if you are a good candidate for a loan. If you have a loan with this company and decide to pay it off early, you will not be subject to additional charges. However, you will be asked to pay an origination fee of up to 8%, as well as a late payment fee.

According to statistics, more than 20 million Americans have unsecured loans. So, before getting approved for funding, check the company’s refund policy. Look for additional fees and interest rates that may apply; ask a financial adviser about prepayment.

The essential

To wrap up this story, we would like you to reassess the purpose you have for a personal loan. Remember that you can always ask your friend or family for money. make the option buy now, pay later; or simply subscribe to a credit card.

Even though short-term loans seem like a great opportunity to cover your needs, their fees and interest rates sometimes exceed 400%. Missing payments will negatively affect your credit score and cost you more in late fees, penalties and interest.

Look for online lenders offering money at no additional cost; check the refund policy and if there is anything extra to pay if you want to complete a transaction sooner. Make sure you’ve done your research and won’t face any negative consequences when working with online lenders.

Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first store in Lexington, Ky.


Sixth location of Marks Academy in the Bluegrass State

Katy, Texas, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Academy Sports + Outdoors (“Academy”) (Nasdaq: ASO), a leading retailer of outdoor sporting and leisure goods, is thrilled to announce the opening of its first Lexington, Ky. shop. Located at 3220 Nicholasville Road. #185 in the South Park Mall, the approximately 80,000 square foot store offers a large assortment of athletic and outdoor merchandise at Lexington. The Academy will host the opening festivities of the Friday September 30 through Sunday October 2. Throughout the weekend, customers can expect exclusive offers, giveaways, brand activations sold at the Academy, food truck samples and guest appearances. University of Kentucky former basketball student Kyle Macymale basketball player Casson Wallace and more.

The Lexington marks the sixth Academy store in Kentucky and the opening of the fifth of nine new stores the Academy plans to open this year. Academy looks forward to continuing its expansion efforts beyond 2022, with the goal of opening 80 to 100 new stores over the next five years.

“Academy Sports + Outdoors is thrilled to kickstart the fun into the Lexington community by providing customers with what they need to make pursuing their sporting and outdoor passions easy and affordable,” said Sam Johnson, executive vice president of retail operations for Academy. “Whether you’re preparing for a big Kentucky game, a little leaguer looking for the perfect pair of cleats, or prepping for your next outdoor adventure in the Daniel Boone National Forest, our great value and services are creating new opportunities for families to get active. .

Customers can expect to find the best assortment and prices of athletic and leisure footwear, athletic and outdoor equipment and apparel from top national brands such as Nike, adidas, The North Face, Under Armor, Colombia, YETI, Traeger, Carhartt, Drake Waterfowl, Timberland, Coleman and more. Academy also delivers exceptional everyday value and quality through its exclusive private labels such as Magellan Outdoors, Freely, ROW, BCG, H2O Xpress, Mosaic and O’Rageous which cover outdoor clothing and equipment, women’s clothing and men, training clothes, fishing. equipment, outdoor furniture and water sports equipment respectively.

By partnering with University of Kentucky Athletics, Academy provides a fun destination where Wildcat fans can get licensed apparel, novelty items and tailgating essentials. Additionally, customers can find a Nike top for an upcoming practice class, Under Armor gloves for catching the game-winning touchdown, or a Titleist Pro V1 ball sleeve for a round of 18 on their favorite golf course. The store also has everything you need to create a backyard oasis with a wide selection of patio sets, barbecue grills and outdoor games. Academy also offers free services such as grill and bike assembly, scope mounting, bore sighting, line spooling/spooling, and propane swapping. Customers can also purchase hunting and fishing licenses in the store.

For more information on grand opening events and offers, visit academy.com/lexington or text LEXINGTON at 22369. Customers are encouraged to shop online at academy.com or through the Academy mobile app, receive advertisements and digital offers, interact with Academy’s social media accounts (@academy ), sign up for email/text alerts, and monitor information about upcoming grand opening events.

Those interested in careers at the Academy can visit careers.academy.com to apply for open positions.

About the Sports + Outdoors Academy

Academy is one of the leading sporting goods and outdoor leisure retailers in United States. Originally founded in 1938 as a family business in Texas, Academy now has 264 stores in 17 states. Academy’s mission is to provide “Fun for All” and Academy fulfills this mission with a localized merchandising strategy and a value proposition that connects strongly with a wide range of consumers. Academy’s product assortment focuses on the key outdoor, apparel, sports and recreation, and footwear categories through leading national brands and a portfolio of private labels. For more information, visit www.academy.com.

Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These forward-looking statements are based on Academy’s current expectations and are not guarantees of future performance. Forward-looking statements are generally identified by or are associated with words such as “intends”, “will”, “plans”, “believes”, “expects”, “may” and/or the negatives or variations of these terms or similar terminology. Actual results may differ materially from these expectations due to changes in global, regional or local economic, business, competitive, business, regulatory and other factors, many of which are beyond Academy’s control. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements are set forth in the Academy’s filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), including the Academy’s Annual Report on Form 10-K under the caption “Risk Factors,” as they may be updated from time to time in our periodic filings with the SEC. Any forward-looking statements in this press release speak only as of the date of publication. Academy undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement, except as may be required by applicable securities laws.

SOURCE Sports + Outdoors Academy

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 “Precious Stone” DH1537-602


The Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is far from the brand’s most popular basketball shoe, but it’s quickly become one of the most important given its focus on sustainability.

Recently, the partially recycled proposal emerged in a compelling mix of ‘Desert Berry’, ‘Multi-Color’ and ‘Pink Oxford’ tones. And while a statement in itself, the color scheme plays a secondary role to the printed gemstones around the collar. A similar design choice appeared on the Zoom GT Cut 2, suggesting that a bigger Nike Basketball collection is on the way. The experimental silhouette completes its ensemble with a muted red hue livening up its sole, making it an ideal basketball shoe for fall.

No firm Nike.com release date has been disclosed by the brand, but that should change soon. In the meantime, enjoy official images of the pair ahead.

For more under the NIKE, Inc. umbrella, check out the Air Jordan 37.

Or buy

Be sure to follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the release date.

Nike Cosmic Unity 2
Release date: 2022
Colour: Desert Berry/Multicolour/Oxford Pink

Men: N/A
Style Code: DH1537-602

Questions surrounding RJ Barrett after big Knicks contract


RJ Barrett attended a Puma event last week to unveil his first “player edition” shoe. Called Fusion Nitro RJ, the right shoe is blue, the left red.

A maple leaf on the tongue represents Canada. Red is also for his native land. Blue represents Duke. A Maple Mamba badge, also on the tongue, represents his high school nickname – in deference to Kobe Bryant.

Barrett said he will be unveiling a Knicks-specific shoe soon. The Knicks would rather he could unveil an All-Star shoe one day.

“I’m ready to be part of the conversation, to show what I can do,” Barrett said onstage when KnicksFanTV host Casey Powell asked about All-Star aspirations. “Every year I get better. No better time than now.

Barrett’s four-year contract extension that begins in 2023-24 will net him $24 million in the first year. The deal adds a $107 million guarantee with bonuses ranging from $1 million to $1.2 million each for All-Star, All-NBA or All-Defense nods.

Knicks winger RJ Barrett (9) takes on the Hornets on March 30, 2022.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

If he becomes All-Star, it’s good business for the Knicks. Otherwise…

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this contract ends up looking like an overpayment,” an NBA staffer said. “But I don’t blame the Knicks for signing him for an extension. Expectations aside, he’s become a solid NBA starter who can attack. I don’t think he’s good enough to make your team’s top three. But some opinions of him are colored by expectations as the No. 3 pick in the draft.

Barrett, despite averaging 20 points per game, still has holes in his game, as evidenced by his low efficiency stats (his 46.6 effective field goal percentage is low).

He’s a career 69.7 percent free throw shooter — a modest number that has Knicks brass concerned because of how often he goes to the line.

Working this offseason in Los Angeles with coach Drew Hanlen, Barrett has been heavy with the fundamentals to further develop a pull-up midrange game off the dribble. He also worked on a more efficient finish on the rim.

“I’m making free throws this year,” said Barrett, who said team manager Allan Houston had been his main mentor. “I’m going to the basket so much, I’m bound to be fouled.”

Another scout said Barrett’s best attribute is his confidence, that he can have a terrible game or a terrible half and come right back and never lose an ounce of bravado. In addition, the New York scene does not scare the Canadian, whose mother is from Brooklyn.

Knicks winger RJ Barrett (9) shoots against the Heat on February 25, 2022.
Knicks winger RJ Barrett (9) shoots against the Heat on February 25, 2022.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

But there’s a reason Barrett has been highlighted in Donovan Mitchell’s trade talks. Coming out of the draft, the worry was that the southpaw was only going one sided and his 3-point shooting would never come close to All-Star quality for a wing.

“He’s a dominant southpaw and he has to do a bit more – play defensively and not just wait for an opportunity to get the ball,” the staff man said. “He was never a guy I ever worried about. When Barrett got the ball in the corner for a 3, I wasn’t on pins and needles. Or even stopped play and isolation. We are comfortable being able to keep him.

Its durability is another often overlooked asset in budding prospects. Barrett has missed just 21 games in three seasons, having played 71 of 72 in the Knicks’ 2020-21 season 41-31.

“He’s a 22-year-old guy, but I don’t know if he’s good at anything,” the staff man said. “I don’t know if there’s anything he’s elite at. But he’s a guy who shows up to play, doesn’t miss games and is reliable.”

“Trying to figure out value and value, it will come down to whether he can improve to a point – his 3-point shooting, defensively, making plays for his teammates – that he is good enough to be your third best guy [on a top playoff team]. Then it will all be worth it and justify his project position and compensation. But it will never be a 1 or a 2.”

Eliud Kipchoge breaks marathon world record in Berlin


kenyan Eliud Kipchoge broke his own world record by winning the Berlin Marathon, with a time of 2:01:09 to lower the previous record of 2:01:39 he set in the German capital in 2018.

Kipchoge, 37 and a two-time Olympic champion, won his 15th victory in 17 career marathons to cement his claim as the greatest 26.2-mile runner in history.

His pace was not ideal. Kipchoge slowed in the final miles, running 61:18 for the second half after coming out in an all time 59:51 for the first 13.1 miles. He still won by 4:49 over the Kenyan Marc Korir.

“I had planned to go there [the halfway mark] 60:50, 60:40,” Kipchoge said. “My legs were actually running really fast. I thought, let me try to run two hours flat, but overall I’m happy with the performance.

“We went too fast [in the first half]. It takes energy from the muscles. …there’s even more to my legs [to possibly lower the record again].”

MORE: Berlin Marathon Results

Ethiopian Tigiste Assefa won the women’s race in 2:15:37, the third fastest time in history for someone who has ever run a marathon in 2:34:01. Only Brigitte Kosgei (2:14:14 in Chicago in 2019) and Paula Radcliffe (2:15:25 in London in 2003) went faster.

American record holder Keira D’Amato, who entered the top seed, finished sixth in 2:21:48. D’Amato, who spent nearly a decade between competitive races after college, holds the American record of 2:19:12 and now also the 10th fastest time in U.S. history.

“Today wasn’t my best day, but it was the best I could do today,” she said in a text message, according to Race Results Weeklyadding that she briefly stopped and walked late in the race.

The last eight times the men’s marathon world record has been broken has been on the flat roads of Berlin. It all started in 2003, when the Kenyan Paul Tergat became the first man to break 2:05.

The world record was 2:02:57 – set by the Kenyan Denis Kimetto in 2014 – until Kipchoge first broke it four years ago.

The following year, Kipchoge became the first person to run 26.2 miles in under two hours, clocking 1:59:40 in a non-record-eligible showcase rather than a race.

Kipchoge’s goal going forward is to try to become the first runner to win three Olympic marathon titles in Paris in 2024. He also wants to win all six annual World Marathon Majors. He ticked off four, missing only Boston (in April) and New York (in November).

Kipchoge grew up on a farm in Kapsabet, Kenya’s Rift Valley, often bicycling several liters of family milk to sell at the local market. Raised by a kindergarten teacher, he ran more than three miles to and from school. He saved for five months to get his first pair of running shoes.

At 18, he upsets the legends Hicham El Guerrouj and Kenenisa Bekele to win the 2003 world title in the 5000m track. He won Olympic medals in the 5000m (bronze in 2004 and silver in 2008), then switched to the marathon after failing to make the 2012 Olympic team on the track.

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Budgeting errors put DuPage County School District in distress


Nestled in a leafy, thriving strip of suburban DuPage County, Center Cass School District 66 in Downers Grove appears at first glance to exemplify the best in public education.

The neighborhood boasts three neat and modern school buildings, enthusiastic teachers known for their academic rigor, and great personal attention for its 1,100 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

But the district’s severe financial difficulties led to deep budget cuts this fall, including reducing the number of teachers and building custodians, eliminating all after-school and athletic programs, reducing bus routes and shortening of the school day.

“We’re doing an education triage,” said teacher Jake Little, who taught social studies at District 66 for 18 years. “The needs of students are so much greater than they were years ago. … We have students reading five grades below, and we don’t have the resources for the interventions and the attention they need.

Now, weeks away from the Nov. 8 midterm elections, teachers, administrators, parents and school board members in District 66 are urging voters to support a property tax hike after years of low tax assessments. and problematic budget practices that plunged the district into crisis.

The financial crisis hitting District 66 has been brewing for years, officials said, and can be attributed to the district’s relatively low tax rate and equalized assessed value, or EAV, which is the value assigned to a property. by the township assessor’s office.

Local revenues are calculated using the local tax rate multiplied by the EAV of the community within the school district boundaries. Of DuPage County’s 30 K-8 school districts, District 66 ranks in the bottom third for tax rate, EAV and revenue, officials said.

Additionally, with very little industry in the area, 90% of the district’s property tax revenue comes from homeowners, with only 10% of its budget coming from state and federal funding.

While the district’s finances are audited annually by outside agencies and monitored by the Illinois State Board of Education, one reason the district’s financial difficulties have not been disclosed earlier is how taxes are collected in DuPage County.

Unlike Cook County, where districts receive their property tax revenue at the start of the school year when the funds are expected to be used, districts in DuPage County receive money in late May or early June for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

District 66 included these taxes in its year-end report for the fiscal year ending June 30, an accounting practice that makes the district’s fund balances healthier than they are. And instead of rolling the funds over to the new fiscal year, the district used those revenues to pay for current-year expenses, a practice that began as early as 2014, District 66 officials said.

The practice had for years painted an inaccurate picture of the district’s health, failing to acknowledge growing deficits and depleted reserve funds, said District 66 board member Chris Esposito.

While the early use of taxpayers’ money isn’t illegal, “it’s a practice that causes all kinds of problems, as we see here,” Esposito said.

The school district has hired new auditors, slashed $2 million from its budget over the past two years, and issued tax anticipation warrants to cover payroll, “which is a fancy way of saying payday loans.” , Esposito said.

“It’s not mismanagement of funds. We don’t have the funds,” said Esposito, who urged voters to attend the October 12 District 66 school board meeting to learn more about the referendum issues.

When District 66 Superintendent Andrew Wise took the helm in July 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was impressed by Cass Center’s “great teachers, community, and wonderful kids.”

But he found his financial situation troubling: additional revenue was needed to operate, facilities were deteriorating, technological infrastructure was failing, the district’s financial profile with the ISBE had dropped, and the district lacked three to six months of reserves.

“What has happened is that the cost of educating students now includes funding for security and technology. … So much has changed in the past 30 years, and the district’s rising revenue has not caught up with the rising costs of raising a child,” Wise said.

“It was a perfect storm, and if it had been noticed sooner, we would have alerted people sooner,” Wise said.

Voters rejected an earlier request this summer to raise the district’s property tax rate. This fall, voters are being asked to raise the rate from $2.14 per $100 of a property’s assessed value to $2.55.

If approved, it would mean a 19% increase in the Cass Center District post property tax rate on a homeowner’s property tax bill, up from a 24% increase the district requested when of a referendum in June.

For a home worth $300,000, a resident can expect an increase of about $377 per year, or $31 per month, officials said.

If the referendum fails in November, officials said, the district will face deeper cuts for the 2023-24 school year, including potential cuts of eight additional teachers, closing school libraries, removal of programs that are not mandated by the state. like art, music, music and foreign languages ​​- and the extra stop of bus lines.

Nonetheless, some opponents of the district’s referendum proposal say the solution is not to raise local property taxes, but to consolidate District 66 into one of DuPage County’s neighboring districts. In addition to Downers Grove, Center Cass District 66 serves students living in Darien, Woodridge, and unincorporated DuPage County.

“When you look at the state of Illinois, we’re probably the worst in the country when it comes to too many school districts and too few schools in each district,” said Eric Gustafson, councilman for Ward 6 in Darien. .

Gustafson said taxpayers would benefit from consolidation by reducing the number of directors, which he said would significantly reduce the funding needed for payroll.

“The money should be spent on the kids,” Gustafson said, adding that his own three children “got a really good education in the school district.”

“My main question is, ‘Where did all the money go?’ “, did he declare.

But Wise said consolidating school districts “would raise the district tax rate more than what’s proposed with the referendum.” The tax rate in nearby Woodridge School District 68 is $4.34 per $100 of equalized assessed assessment, nearly double that of District 66, Wise said.

Consolidation would also cause the district to lose local control of its decision-making, he said.

A spokeswoman for the Illinois State Board of Education said District 66’s Financial Profile score of 3.45 out of 4 for 2021 qualifies the district for financial review, a designation reserved for districts that score between 3.53 and 3.08. Those who score 3.07 to 2.62 are put on financial warning, while those between 2.61 and 1 are on financial watch.

“The profiles examine five key indicators of financial integrity: fund balance-to-income ratio, expense-to-income ratio, days on hand, percentage of short-term borrowing capacity remaining, and percentage of remaining long-term borrowing capacity,” ISBE spokeswoman Jackie said. Matthews said in a statement.

Some supporters of the District 66 tax rate increase referendum have expressed concern that the state could “take control” of the district, as it did with School District 187 in North Chicago in 2012. This district has just received the green light from the ISBE to transition from a state-appointed board to a locally elected school board.

But District 66 appears to be a far cry from that fate, because a district’s financial profile score is different from the criteria the state uses to trigger a financial takeover. If a district meets the criteria, it must first submit a financial plan to the state. The state appoints a financial oversight committee only if it determines the district has not followed its plan, according to Matthews.

Afternoon briefing

Afternoon briefing


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Elizabeth Uribe, a community group volunteer with the Save Center Cass School District 66 and mother of a kindergarten and second-grader in District 66, said passing the referendum in November was key to preserving the district’s reputation as a destination school system.

Despite major budget cuts this fall, the community is coming together to support students, including hosting a community 5k run on Friday afternoon for members of the cross-country team, whose season was canceled this fall due to budget cuts.

“I think it was a really tough decision, with the district cutting after-school activities, but it energized the community,” Uribe said.

“Children lack services, and the only things left to cut are hurting our children,” she said.

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Twitter @kcullotta

Justin Halladay discusses new business ventures and offers tips for fellow entrepreneurs


Justin Halladay feels lucky to have been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures so far in his career. Currently self-employed in the IT industry, Halladay has also started businesses in education and sales. His work in IT has taken him in many different directions, including software development and IT support. He has also provided his services for everything from small startups with few employees to multi-million dollar corporations like Morgan Stanley.

A few months ago, Halladay announced that he was working on several new projects that would transform the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are blockchain assets that are cryptographic and contain unique metadata and identification codes to differentiate them.

Halladay is excited about the opportunities the changes to NFTs will create in the alternative currency world. It is currently focusing on three main areas and will release full details of its plans soon. These include:

  • Launched a new precious metals company to complement NFTs.
  • Created an educational system and e-book that provides insightful and valuable content to investors and start-up entrepreneurs. Halladay hopes the book and course material will inspire investors and start-up business owners to forge their own path to success.
  • Released new real estate and game-related components to the metaverse.

Regarding the last point, Justin Halladay describes real estate in the metaverse as an online network made up of several virtual worlds. He wants the vast digital environment he creates to support both business and social activities. Here are some examples of activities that Halladay expects to take place in the metaverse:

  • Interactive virtual socialization
  • Play games individually or challenge others on the online network
  • Read, download or listen to online content
  • See the digital concerts

Virtual worlds like those envisioned by Halladay already exist. He’s just using his expertise as a tech entrepreneur to identify how promising a trend this is and jump into the game quickly by acquiring his own virtual real estate. Sales in the virtual real estate space are on track to double from $500 million in 2021 to $1 billion in 2022. Around a dozen online platforms are already selling virtual real estate.

“Location, location, location” is the rallying cry for real estate agents in the physical real estate space. However, location is much less important in the metaverse. When asked to explain, Halladay says what an investor does with their real estate online is far more important than where they are. For example, early investors have already rented their real estate online to others for the purpose of creating virtual storefronts, creating digital experiences or displaying advertisements.

Halladay describes two well-known companies that rent online space to virtual real estate owners. One is auction house Sotheby’s, which rented a building from Decentraland to house the avatars. Once inside the space, the avatars walked around and took mental notes of the items for sale. The other company was Miller Lite beer. During Super Bowl 2022, Miller Lite opened its rented Decentraland online space to allow 20,000 avatars to interact in a virtual bar.

Yet another example of capitalizing on rented virtual real estate comes from Nike, the shoe company that also invented the Roblox game. Avatars can play Roblox, try out different Nike gear, or just hang out socializing.

What has Justin Halladay most excited about real estate in the Metaverse is that the opportunities to create something unique and earn an income are nearly endless. It does not face the limitations of physical space, as it would in a concert hall or a football stadium. People who visit its new online virtual worlds can pay for games or goods with NFTs.

Teach others the same way he learned from his mentors

As a man of deep Christian faith, it’s important to Halladay to share what he’s learned with others so they can achieve the same financial independence he did. He describes himself as extremely lucky to have had excellent and caring mentors. According to Halladay, his early mentors gave so much of themselves to help him become the man and business professional he is today. He feels it is right for him to pay it forward.

Halladay also sees the benefit of being part of a business ecosystem that encompasses a reciprocal flow of people in and out. He summarizes this philosophy in three simple words: learn, master and teach. These three actions are equally important for an ecosystem established and operated by entrepreneurs to continue to thrive.

Justin Halladay’s provides expert advice for new entrepreneurs

Halladay believes the Bible offers answers to some of life’s toughest questions, regardless of what religious system the reader is referring to or whether or not they have faith. He recommends that all new start-up business owners create a solid spiritual foundation for themselves. Halladay personally begins each day with Bible study and takes time to learn from his wife and three sons. Engaging in these activities helps put everything into perspective and reminds him why he worked so hard in the first place.

For Justin Halladay, establishing consistency is the next step to entrepreneurial success. He recommends setting small goals first and writing down the steps needed to achieve them. Halladay remembers the overwhelming sense of satisfaction he felt as a new entrepreneur when he achieved his initial goals. By achieving the first small goals, Halladay developed the confidence to create new ones that were progressively more difficult.

Another piece of advice Halladay would give new freelancers is to discipline yourself to avoid wasting time on distractions like TV, personal texting, and social media. While there’s nothing wrong with each of these things in moderation, they can distract from work and become a great excuse to procrastinate. Fortunately, tools exist for people who let themselves be tempted. They can turn off text notifications, turn off social media at certain times, or simply have no TV in their workspace.

Justin Halladay offers additional thoughts on the importance of business mentors

Professionals who have already achieved the goals that the startup business owner would like to achieve in the future are often willing to share what they have learned. Justin Halladay certainly fits that description.

When looking for a mentor, Halladay recommends new entrepreneurs seek out someone in the same industry. These mentors will have the most practical advice because they have overcome many of the same obstacles that the mentee faces. LinkedIn, the local chamber of commerce, and entrepreneurs letting their social circles know they’re looking for a mentor are all great places to find a good match.

Along the same lines, Justin Halladay urges new entrepreneurs to surround themselves with positive, ambitious people. Having even one negative person on a work team can bring down everyone around them. He also urges young professionals to invest in people and relationships. Jobs and circumstances change, and he believes it’s ultimately the connection we have with others that gives life meaning.

Think beyond personal wealth accumulation to make a real difference in the world

Justin Halladay loves giving to others. While building personal wealth early in life has certainly been rewarding, he derives the greatest pleasure from giving away much of his wealth. He advises anyone who works for themselves to strive to make regular donations to the causes that matter most to them. Specific causes will be different for everyone, but the important thing is to identify them and track them by supporting charities and nonprofits that aim to improve the quality of life of those they serve.

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New Air Jordan Basketball Shoe Available Now


Depending on the age of the fan, they either know Michael Jordan as the Chicago Bulls’ unstoppable shooter or the owner of the competitive Charlotte Hornets team. But there’s no denying that everyone knows ‘His Airness.’

Widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, Jordan has been ubiquitous in our lives since the early 1980s. The NBA legend has been just as, if not more, influential in the sneaker industry.

Jordan’s signature line has taken many twists and turns over the past four decades, but it’s never been stronger. The Air Jordan 37 has finally hit shelves and fans are lining up at the door; well, they keep refreshing their phones to get a pair of the latest Air Jordan basketball shoes. Below is everything fans need to know about the new hoop shoes.

Air Jordan 37 Details

View of the Air Jordan 37 “Beyond Boarders”.

Jordan Brand first announced details of the Air Jordan 37 in July 2022. The Air Jordan 37 was originally released on September 15, 2022. Fans can purchase the Air Jordan 37 in the “Beyond Boards” colorway at Nike’s web for $185 in adult sizes. .

The ‘Beyond Boarders’ colorway features a Light Bone colored upper. Additionally, matching black, red, and dark colors provide contrast on the laces, tongue, and outsole.

Technical specifications of the Air Jordan 37

View of the tongue of the Air Jordan 37 shoes.

Inside view of the Air Jordan 37 ‘Beyond Boarders’ tongue.

Scroll to continue

The Air Jordan 37 pays homage to the Air Jordan 7 with its appearance. However, the technology incorporated into the design of Jordan’s 37th signature shoe is no match for its predecessor.

The lightweight upper is made with layers of gauze fabric and a durable plastic tape. It was designed to mimic the support provided by a taped ankle. Cushioning is provided by dual-stacked Air units in the forefoot, paired with “Formula 23” – Jordan’s signature foam.


Rear view of Air Jordan 37 shoes.

Rear view of the Air Jordan 37 “Beyond Boarders”.

The Air Jordan 37 released in the “Beyond Boarders” colorway in September 2022 for $185 on Nike’s website. The performance basketball shoe incorporates the latest technology Nike has to offer. Fans can expect several more colorways of Michael Jordan‘s latest signature shoe to release throughout the year.

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Annemiek van Vleuten, with a broken elbow, is the oldest to win the world road race


SYDNEY— A’ja Wilson admitted that she was tired.

The WNBA MVP had just arrived in Australia less than 24 hours ago fresh from a championship and the United States were facing their toughest World Cup opponent.

After a slow start, Wilson was eye-catching in the fourth quarter, finishing with 20 points to help the United States beat China 77-63 on Saturday.

“I don’t know how I do it,” Wilson said. “You just put things aside… It’s like riding a bike. I’m exhausted, I’m not going to lie about it. At this point, I don’t even think about it. I am surrounded by greatness. I really lean on them. I don’t even know where the path is. I see that it is daytime and I feel that I need to go to sleep.

The United States have now won 25 consecutive World Cup matches since their 2006 semi-final loss to Russia. The Americans advanced to the quarter-finals and are one step away from equaling their record 26 games from 1998-2006.

Both of these teams entered the match undefeated in the tournament. The United States (3-0) led 25-20 with 6:23 left in the first half before beating China 19-5 for the remainder of the second quarter, including the final 13 points. Alyssa Thomas and Breanna Stewart combined for seven of 13 points in the game-changing flurry.

Wilson closed the half with a comeback that made it 44-25. She and her Las Vegas teammates Chelsea Gray and Plum Kelsey were playing their first match since arriving in Australia on the final day. The trio were in Las Vegas to celebrate the franchise’s first WNBA championship before arriving in Sydney.

MORE: FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup schedule, results

The United States led 56-40 with 2:18 remaining in the third before China scored the final seven points of the period to move within nine points. The Aces trio scored the first nine points of the fourth quarter to make it a 16-point game again.

“They put me in the best position to score the basketball,” Wilson said of her teammates who found her in the fourth quarter.

China however would not leave. Behind 67-51, Li Meng scored four points in a 9-0 flurry to take his team to 69-60 with 2 minutes remaining.

Wilson ended the drought with two free throws and a reverse layup to seal the win.

Li finished with 21 points to lead China (2-1).

China had won victories in their first two games, beating both South Korea and Bosnia and Herzegovina by an average of 55 points. The Chinese team had not faced a defense like that of the United States which had been solid in its first two games.

There was a large pro-Chinese crowd of around 9,400 fans for the game, including Hall of Famer Yao Ming, who is the president of the Chinese Basketball Association. It was shown on the video board and received a huge ovation from the crowd.

“The Chinese fanbase, whether local fans here or from abroad, was just great,” the American coach said. Cheryl Reeve said. “Their support has created a fun environment. I heard people from the United States. Here’s what you want.”


Plum went to the foul line at one point in the second half and the fans booed her. She smiled and calmly took the two free throws.

“I heard the noise. I don’t think I’ve been booed in a long time,” Plum said with a laugh. “I don’t think Connecticut (the fans) even booed me.”


Both Plum and Gray said they got Wi-Fi on the long flight to Australia to study the American playbook.

“I kind of had a few hours to go through it,” Plum said.

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Sneaker Press Release Updates September 17, 2022


Fall is officially here, and with that comes sneaker news for the last quarter of the year and the first half of 2023.

New Balance has been making noises on social media with a healthy mix of collaborations and solo endeavors. The century-old company continues to highlight its all-new New Balance 9060 silhouette, while unveiling the next chapter of its ongoing partnership with Joe Freshgoods.

In Oregon, LeBron James and his team have officially unveiled the Nike LeBron 20. As the first of the iconic “child of Akron” shoes to debut as a low-top, the model has been heavily informed by the needs and preferences of the next. generation, namely the sons of James. The design, which has been compared to that of the Nike Kobe series, is set to debut in a “Time Machine” style, although other narrative colorways have also surfaced via reliable sneaker leaks. Unlike James’ more recent offerings, the LeBron 20 forgoes any Air Max units, although the groundbreaking tech has delivered a handful of pairs as part of its 35th anniversary.

For a look at all of this and more, including Air Jordan and adidas Yeezy releases, check out our top headlines from September 17-23 ahead.

Nike LeBron 20 officially unveiled
For the next generation.
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Travis Scott is going to take a break from the Air Jordan 1
Let’s see how long.
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Official images of the Nike Air Ship “Team Orange”
Before Jordan Brand was one thing.
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This Week in Nike Dunks
Unexpected collaborations.
READ MORE: Jarritos Dunks
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Yoon Ahn brings back the exhaust pipe swoosh on the AMBUSH x Air Force 1
READ MORE: Nike Air Force 1 AMBUSH

Joe Freshgoods Unveils New Balance 993 Collaboration
“Performance Art”
READ MORE: Joe Freshgoods New Balance 993
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READ MORE: New Balance 1906R Tokyo Dimension
READ MORE: New Balance 990v3 Royal Cream
READ MORE: New Balance 990v2
READ MORE: New Balance 574 Tokyo Design Studio
READ MORE: New Balance 990
READ MORE: New Balance 580 Palace
READ MORE: New Balance 9060

This week in adidas Yeezy
Closer to the end?
READ MORE: Yeezy Slides Granite
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This Week in the Air Max News
Still celebrating its 35th birthday.
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Wilson Smith honored with Nike Air More Uptempo sample
READ MORE: Wilson Smith Air More Uptempo Sample

Exclusive preview of the unreleased BAPE COURT STA HI “Shadow”
Join the SN collectors club.

The very first Nike store in the Bronx has just opened in New York


It’s official, folks: Nike has stores in all five boroughs of the city, an award the company won this week, after opening its first-ever store in the North Bronx.

Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Part of Nike’s United concept stores, the new location at 340 Baychester Avenue will sell more than sportswear, operating as a kind of community. According to an official press release, Nike Unite stores aim to highlight the importance of exercise while celebrating “local sporting heroes and giving more kids the opportunity to move so they can lead brighter lives.” happy and healthier. Think of places as lifestyle hubs that engage surrounding residents through social media and in-person events.

This weekend’s grand opening celebrations will include family-friendly programming like a pop-a-shot setup, plus photo ops, music from local DJS Hektek and Jazzy Joyce, and top-notch food by a truckload. of Bodega Sandwich food that will be stationed on premise.

Nike Unite North Bronx has also partnered with a number of Bronx-based community organizations to provide 650 back-to-school kits for children. These partners include WHEDco, New Settlement, Global Kids, America on Tech and Earl Monroe New Renaissance Basketball School. We told you it was more than great sneakers and sportswear!

Nike North Bronx
Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Nike North Bronx
Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Of course, though, visitors will still be able to shop must-have items from Nike, including fleece hoodies for men and women, iconic shoes like the Air Force 1 ’07 High and Air Force 1 ’07 SE. for adults, in addition to Force 1 LV8 for children. During this weekend only, shoppers will also receive a personalized Nike Unite North Bronx mini basketball hoop or fanny pack as a gift with purchase while supplies last!

What could be better than the opportunity to shop while giving back to the community?

The 9 best sports shoes of 2022 to help you with your next workout


You’ll probably see at least one person at the gym wearing this workout shoe, and it’s not hard to see why. The trainer steals elements from the brand’s popular running shoes and makes them optimal for cross-training. For example, the TechLoom Tracer’s breathable knit upper has zero stretch, ensuring your foot stays centered on the sockliner for maximum stability.

Other components of the low-profile kicks include a sculpted heel that allows full range of lateral movement, layers of rubber cushioning in high-traction areas for durability, and a new lacing system that limits slack during trainings.

Despite keeping your foot locked down, getting these sneakers on and off is a breeze thanks to the bonding and stretchy lycra tongue. There’s also just enough cushioning from the Propelium™ midsole to make them comfortable (and it lasts longer than the conventional EVA plastic that’s typically used).

Popular among women with narrow feet, the shoe garners praise from gym goers. One reviewer said, “These shoes have been my favorite for weightlifting for years. I have a very narrow foot, and the knitted material feels like it conforms to my anatomy – and the sole feels solid and flat. Another adds: “It’s such a stylish shoe that’s perfect for multi-sport workouts like CrossFit, lifting and short runs.”

However, some buyers find these shoes undesirable for squat exercises due to the greater heel-to-toe drop (8mm). If you try them and they don’t work, APL has a free returns policy.

Alex Villanueva thought his ‘Quien es más Latino?’ strategy would sink his opponent. Nope


Robert Luna showed up for his debate with Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva at the Skirball Center 2½ hours early. The challenger showed up so early that the security guard didn’t have the VIP parking list yet. Auditorium technicians were still performing audio checks.

Luna made her way to her green bedroom – one closet to Villanueva’s spacious suite two doors down. His footsteps echoed in the void of the Skirball court. That’s when I noticed Luna’s shoes.

They were brown, with thick white soles, and looked like off-brand Top-Siders. Over the past decade, middle-class, middle-aged Latino men have favored them when they want to upgrade their look but don’t have the money or the hipster fashion sense to buy something fancier .

“I grew up in poverty,” said the retired Long Beach police chief. “If I ever spend more than $100 on something, I immediately feel like I did something wrong.”

He looked at his wife, who was wearing a “Luna for Sheriff” campaign button.

“Where did I find them – Marshalls? at Macy’s? I don’t even remember it,” he said.

Villanueva finally showed up an hour before the debate, sweeping the Skirball’s side entrance accompanied by a security detail that seemed to keep growing.

He only left his green room to have his makeup done. Right before that, the sheriff devoured a brownie. His shoes were standard loafers as black as the shoes worn by police officers.

He and Luna both wore blue ties. It was one of the few common points of the evening.

The two were meeting for the first time after a bad summer for Villanueva. Luna had forced him to a runoff as Villanueva had received the lowest percentage in a primary election for an incumbent LA County sheriff in at least a century.

He had just come out of a month in which his department lost a $31 million lawsuit over the improper release of photos from the scene of the helicopter crash where Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others perished. .

And Villanueva received national condemnation last week for an early morning raid on the home of Sheila Kuehl, an LA County supervisor and frequent critic. He called it an investigation into public corruption, but many others saw it as a thinly veiled witch hunt.

The sheriff had a plan for the debate: he was going to set a double trap to embarrass Luna.

Hours before they faced off, Villanueva’s side released a 34-page dossier to the media titled “A Dossier of Racial Violence and Harassment” which compiled police reports, lawsuits and more on the Luna’s long career, claiming to prove the Long Beach police department’s “troublesome anti-Black history.”

What he didn’t tell the media was that he was also going to come up with a treatise on how he’s more Latino than Luna.

Strategically, it seemed like a brilliant move. This year, Villanueva has been plagued by accusations from activists and members of his own department that he harbors animosity toward black people. Polls show black voters support Villanueva the least, while Latinos support him the most. If he can paint Luna as anti-Black and a whitewashed Latino, he will be able to consolidate his support with two voting blocks essential to his re-election.

The debate was lively and heated. Big topics were broached – homelessness, gangs of MPs, public corruption – but then brushed aside in favor of personal attacks. Villanueva called Luna a “puppet” and accused him of using buzzwords. Luna called her opponent’s propensity to lie “frightening” on several occasions and kept her cool, despite Villanueva’s constant prodding.

When Villanueva finally unveiled his two-pronged ethnic strategy, he failed. Wrong.

He continued to attack Luna without answering questions from the moderators. His anti-black allegations went nowhere.

When Villanueva tried to attack Luna’s Latino credentials, he exposed himself as a little pendant.

At one point, a Univison presenter asked a viewer a public safety question. Villanueva responded in technically perfect Spanish.

But his accent sounded like a white guy who learned Spanish from a fancy school, not from the streets.

Luna, when asked to translate what Villanueva said, refused, hinting that her Spanish might not be the best. But then what? He’s like millions of Latinos.

Villanueva’s biggest swing involved his wife, Vivian. At one point he rattled off the names of every East Los Angeles school she attended, from elementary to Cal State LA

“That’s what born and raised in East LA really means,” the sheriff said, pointing to Luna. “You want to talk about integrity – you might want to clarify where you were raised and what schools you went to.”

When a moderator asked if Luna had integrity, Villanueva replied, “He needs to clarify where he was raised.”

The implication: Luna was trying to embellish his Eastlos credentials to try to make himself look more Latino than he really was.

Luna stumbled a bit, then admitted her sin. Yeah, he started in East LA. But after his parents had some money, they bought a house in Santa Fe Springs, and he went to middle school and high school there.

By the way, Santa Fe Springs is where Villanueva’s campaign headquarters is.

What a burn.

Fox 11 co-moderator Elex Michaelson asked what the purpose of Villanueva’s roll call was.

“Because he claimed that in East LA he saw deputies at work and he knew a good cop from a bad cop,” Villanueva replied. “And I really doubted when you’re so young, you can understand the difference of the two.”

Luna responded by verifying the name of one of the most notorious incidents in the history of the LA County Sheriff’s Department: the 1970 Chicano Moratorium, when deputies brutalized peaceful anti-Vietnam War protesters and killed Times columnist Ruben Salazar with a tear gas canister to the head.

“When you see deputies using force on people with batons, I don’t know anything about you in the crowd, I’ve never forgotten that,” he replied. “Again, we have the LA County Sheriff, who is supposed to be talking about the deputy shootings, the natural disasters and all these critical incidents – and he is making up information here in front of you all.”

Not only was Luna unfazed by Villanueva’s attack, he flashed back to his teenage years in Santa Fe Springs when asked if the sheriff’s department should use alternative strategies, in addition to violence, to stop Latinos on bicycles – a scandal under Villanueva.

“I’m speaking to you as someone who, as a 13-year-old, rode a bike and got thrown headfirst into the hood of a sheriff’s car when I was in middle school in Santa Fe. Springs, when the sheriffs had that contract there,” he said. “I saw it on the other side.

Villanueva had no answer.

At the end, the moderators tried to ask a few quick, light-hearted questions that further exposed each contestant’s Latino credentials.

Favorite TV shows? The two replied “Big Bang Theory”, which surprised them to the point that they clapped their hands. Who said Latinos can’t be nerds?

Preferred group? Luna responded with ranchera icon Vicente Fernández. Villanueva’s answer was Maná, Mexico’s ersatz U2.

Your favorite sports team? Villanueva went with the Dodgers. Luna said Dodgers and Lakers.

¿Quien es más Latino? Only Villanueva cares. His sags were so weak in salsa that they made Pace Picante Sauce as fiery as Tapatío.

It’s worth it | ‘PGA Tour 2K23’ details MyPlayer and MyCareer customization


2K set a start time for PGA Tour 2K23the next entry in HB Studios’ golf simulation video game franchise.

With PGA TOUR icon and all-time sports great Tiger Woods as the cover athlete, PGA Tour 2K23 celebrates Woods’ legacy by showcasing him both as a playable pro in the game and as an executive director advising the game’s development team.

Woods leads a roster of over 14 male and female pros at launch (additional pros and courses will be added as free downloadable content after launch and will be available to all players) including Justin Thomas, Lexi Thompson, Tony Finau, Lydia Ko, Collin Morikawa, Will Zalatoris, Brooke Henderson and many more. Players can enter the tee box as one of the pros in Exhibition, Multiplayer and Divot Derby play, or compete against them in a battle to climb the leaderboard and win the FedExCup in PGA TOUR MyCAREER mode. As well as the pros, the broadcast-style presentation and commentary team of Rich Beem and Luke Elvy also return, with the addition of English golf pro and broadcaster Henni Koyack.

2K revealed details about customizing MyPlayer and MyCareer in PGA Tour 2K23where players will start on the Korn Ferry Tour and progress to PGA Tour pro status, taking on some of the toughest and most popular courses in pursuit of FedExCup glory.

Welcome to the ranking PGA Tour 2K23 My career

A place at the top of the leaderboard and plenty of customization options await amateurs and pros alike in the PGA Tour 2K23 My career. Players will create a unique MyPlayer, start on the Korn Ferry Tour and progress to PGA Tour pro status, taking on Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Lexi Thompson, Lydia Ko, Collin Morikawa, Brooke Henderson and Tony Finau. on some of the toughest and most popular courses in pursuit of FedExCup glory.

MyPlayer customization is deeper than ever, with new player archetypes and skill trees. Players choose the style that suits them best, from power hitter to short game expert. The Custom Club Fit allows for an additional degree of customization, allowing for unique combinations of club attributes. Other franchise firsts include a variety of caddies that appear alongside MyPlayers, unique golf ball colors and designs, and even more popular branded apparel and equipment from brands such as adidas, Bridgestone Golf, Callaway Golf, FootJoy, Mizuno, Nike Golf, PUMA, Titleist, TravisMathew, and many more.

In addition to customization options, professional rivalries and sponsorship opportunities add to the realism of MyCareer. A broadcast-style presentation and commentary team of Rich Beem, Luke Elvy and newcomer Henni Koyack further add to the immersive experience and provide a real taste of a real PGA TOUR career.

PGA Tour 2K23 will include 20 licensed courses at launch. New additions include the South Course of Wilmington Country Club, Renaissance Club, St. George’s Golf and Country Club and more. The industry-leading course designer also returns, giving players the ability to create their dream courses and share them with a global online community.

MyPLAYER customization returns and players can outfit their MyPLAYERS, just like Tiger, with Nike Golf, TaylorMade and Bridgestone Golf apparel and equipment. Even more apparel options are available from licensed brands including Callaway Golf, FootJoy, Malbon Golf, Nike Golf, PUMA, Titleist, TravisMathew and more (some cosmetic and consumable items may require unlocking with virtual currency (won or paid) or through the game). Clubs and balls from brands such as Bridgestone Golf, Callaway Golf, COBRA, Mizuno, Odyssey Golf, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, Titleist and Wilson are available to dress up players’ golf bags and keep them moving. In addition to the analog stick swing back, a three-click swing option is also available for an extra level of customization so players can play the way they want.

PGA Tour 2K23 features new casual modes to help beginners get into the game, while providing seasoned players with new challenges and opportunities to work on their skills. The introduction of Topgolf offers a unique experience mimicking the popular golf entertainment phenomenon, where players can aim for targets and try to earn the highest score. Practice mode offers several ways to develop skills, including swing calibration, lessons, chipping practice, a driving range and putting green.

Online multiplayer features (cross-gen but not cross-platform) also return for PGA Tour 2K23. Online companies encourage players to team up with friends for custom tournaments and full seasons, while Clubhouse Pass will provide post-launch content and goals for players to enjoy in the future. The Clubhouse Pass is available in three tiers: Free, Premium ($9.99/season), and Premium+ ($19.99/season). PGA Tour 2K23 necessary to read the content. More details to follow.

The game will be available in several editions, each with a unique cover featuring painted portraits of Tiger Woods:

PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition:

  • Physical and digital versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 consoles include the base game;
  • For PC, includes the base game and the Golden Club Packwhich includes a Golden Putter, a Golden Driver, and four unusual consumable golf ball sleeves;
  • Players who pre-order any version of the Standard Edition will receive the Michael Jordan bonus packwhich includes playable sports icon Michael Jordan, as well as four Common consumable golf ball sleeves;
  • Players who purchase the standard edition of the game for the Xbox Series X|S consoles (physical or digital version) or PS5 (digital version only) that includes cross-generational dual entitlement will also receive the Golden Club Pack for play on Xbox One or PS4, respectively.

PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition:

  • For Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, or PS5 consoles, includes base game with cross-generational dual entitlement, plus Michael Jordan bonus pack, Gold Club Pack, and Deluxe Edition Bonus Packwhich includes 1300 VC (virtual currency), a hockey stick putter, a gold baseball cap, a gold glove, and three rare consumable golf ball sleeves;
  • For PC, includes the base game, plus the Michael Jordan bonus pack, Gold Club Pack, and Deluxe Edition Bonus Pack.

PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition (only available in digital format):

  • Includes all content from Standard and deluxe edition for the purchased platform;
  • Includes the Tiger Woods Edition Bonus Pack – which includes a set of Tiger Woods TaylorMade wedges, a Nike TW Golf tee and three Epic consumable golf ball sleeves – plus the Tiger Woods Signature Sunday Packwhich includes a red polo shirt, black pants, a black hat, Nike TW Golf shoes, a Nike TW Golf belt and a Bridgestone Golf TOUR B XS, Tiger Edition golf ball.

The Michael Jordan Bonus Pack is available as a pre-order bonus for PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition until October 13, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. local time and will be available for purchase after launch. Digital Pre-Orders: The Michael Jordan Bonus Pack will be delivered via game at launch. Physical Pre-Orders: Pre-order to guarantee access to the Michael Jordan Bonus Pack which will be delivered via an in-box code for use in game. Conditions apply. The Michael Jordan bonus pack is included with PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition and PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition (digital only).

PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition and PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition are slated for worldwide release on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, followed by PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition Friday, October 14, 2022.

PGA Tour 2K23rated E for all, will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC (Steam) on October 14, 2022.

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Existing home sales in the United States fall for the seventh consecutive month in August and the Fed is about to inflict “a little pain” with a 75 basis point rate hike – here’s how to prepare your portfolio and your wallet


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Sales of existing homes fell 0.4% to 4.8 million in August, the National Association of Realtors said. Read more

Halfway through trial period, companies say they are happy with four-day working week, survey finds

Halfway through a six-month trial in the UK, companies that let their employees work four days a week say they are happy with the results. Read more

Mortgage applications rise for first time in six weeks, despite rates hitting 6.25%, signaling ‘volatility’ in property market

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How do cash advance apps work and are they better than payday loans?

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Thinking of an EV? Here’s your guide to buying an electric car.

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Three common travel disasters and what to do about them

Here are three common issues with airlines, the types of travel insurance you need to cover expenses, and how you could get free travel insurance.

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Future Footwear Market Growth Explored in Latest Research Report with Top Key Players Adidas, Nike, PUMA SE, Skechers


Footwear market -amr

Increase in the number of sports enthusiasts and fans of sports such as football, basketball and hockey is creating an increased demand for cleats and shoes

PORTLAND, 5933 NE WIN SIVERS DRIVE, #205, OR 97220, USA, Sept. 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — quote shoe. Additionally, the increase in the trend of selling footwear products online is expected to boost the overall revenue of the industry. Quotation

According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled “Footwear Market by Type, Material, End-User, and Distribution Channel: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2020-2027,” the global market size of footwear was valued at $365.5 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $530.3 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 5.5% from 2020 to 2027. Rising awareness of health and physical fitness among people is driving the growth of footwear market. Moreover, the increase in the trend of fitness exercises such as Zumba (a form of dance) and Yoga (physical activity) generates a huge demand for sports shoes among individuals. The increase in the number of sports enthusiasts and fans of sports such as football, basketball and hockey further creates an increased demand for cleats and shoes required for the respective sports. Furthermore, the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are expected to create lucrative opportunities for market players to launch new products and endorse their products to enhance their offerings. Hence, this will drive the growth of the market.

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Along with men and women, children now demand stylish, colorful and sport-inspired shoes. The increase in the number of children participating in various sports activities is fueling the demand for sports shoes. This has increased the high demand for soccer shoes, basketball shoes, hockey shoes, tennis shoes, baseball shoes and many other sports shoes among children. Apart from sports shoes, stylish sneakers, flip-flops, slip-ons, boots, and casual shoes are witnessing huge demand among kids, which is driving the growth of the overall market.

With the rise in demand for stylish yet comfortable shoes, affordable prices and improved designs of shoes at a cheaper price are expected to boost the overall growth of the industry. Moreover, various sportswear brands such as Nike, New Balance and Under Armor are adopting 3D printing technology in the production of shoes. Such features attract customers’ attention for purchasing the shoes which is expected to provide lucrative opportunities for market expansion over the forecast period. However, the current ban on the slaughter of cows and related leather products has resulted in a shortage of leather as a raw material for the footwear industry. Insufficient availability of leather or hide, which are essential raw materials for leather footwear products, has resulted in high leather prices across the world. Moreover, the demand for leather shoes is high as they are considered a premium product in this industry. However, the ban on the use of leather in footwear manufacturing by the Leather Export Council of India ultimately reduced the production of leather footwear in India, which is a major export hub for developed countries. . The high price of leather prevents individuals from buying leather shoes, which are sold at relatively higher prices, which limits the growth of the market.

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Main results of the study
By type, the non-sports segment dominated the global footwear market in 2019 and is expected to maintain its dominance throughout the forecast period.
By material, the non-leather segment accounted for the highest share of footwear market growth in 2019 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.0% from 2020 to 2027.
On the basis of end-user, women’s segment dominated the global footwear market demand in 2019 and is expected to maintain its dominance throughout the forecast period.
According to distribution channel, specialty stores were the largest shareholder in 2019 and are expected to register a CAGR of 4.3% from 2020 to 2027.
Regionally, Asia-Pacific accounted for approximately 41.4% of the footwear market in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5%.

Key players operating in Footwear Market analysis include Adidas AG (Adidas), Nike, Inc. (Nike), PUMA SE (KERING), Under Armour, Inc., Skechers USA, Inc., Geox SpA, VF Corporation, CROCS, Inc., Ecco Sko A/S and Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

The research provides answers to the following key questions:

1️⃣ What is the estimated growth rate of the market for the forecast period 2020-2027?
2️⃣ How big will the market be during the estimated period?
3️⃣ What are the major driving forces responsible for shaping the fate of Footwear market during the forecast period?
4️⃣ Who are the major vendors in the market and what are the winning strategies that have helped them gain a strong foothold in the footwear market?
5️⃣ What are the major market trends influencing the development of footwear market across different regions?
6️⃣ What are the major threats and challenges likely to impede the growth of Footwear Market?
7️⃣ What are the key opportunities that market leaders can leverage to gain success and profitability?

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✅ Develop/modify business expansion plans using substantial growth offering in both developed and emerging markets.
✅ Dig deep into the global market trends and outlook associated with the factors driving the market, as well as those restraining the growth to some extent.
✅ Improve the decision-making process by understanding the strategies behind business interest with respect to products, segmentation, and industry verticals.


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Air Canada: RJ Barrett of the New York Knicks teams up with Puma for a themed sneaker


Those looking to support both RJ Barrett’s efforts with the New York Knicks and his ongoing quest to put Canada’s national basketball on the right track received a treat sweeter than any maple syrup this week. .

The young Knicks striker has teamed up with Puma to unveil a new sneaker that will be sold exclusively at the sports brand’s flagship store in Manhattan. According to ESPN’s Nick DePaula, the sneakers serve as a walking tribute to Barrett: With a white base, the shoes are colored red and blue, respectively referencing his heritage via his birthplace (Ontario) and his university (Duke University Blue Devils). The No. 9 that adorns Barrett’s Knicks jersey at night appears on the tongue while the inside is embroidered with the phrase “Maple Mamba”, a nickname coined by Duke fans during his only season at Durham and comparing him to the late Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant.

The shoe has been given the official title of “Fusion Nitro RJ PE”. Barrett will report to the franchise store for a meeting in Manhattan on Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET. He first signed with Puma upon entering the NBA, following in the footsteps of team legend, current MSG Network broadcaster and original brand face Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

Receiving a four-year contract extension worth up to $120 million in lieu of a Donovan Mitchell deal, Barrett is undeniably part of the Knicks’ future. This sneaker, sold on a relative local level, should only contribute to the growing impact he’s had on the Knicks franchise as he enters his fourth year in blue and orange.

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Barrett has already made his mark on Knicks history: At age 21, he became the youngest player in franchise history to average at least 20 points, finishing just behind Julius Randle at the helm. ‘crew.

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A Carolina Herrera Digital Dress Just Sold For $5,000 On Roblox


For the most prominent digital product drops on Roblox, virtual versions can sell for more than their physical counterparts. In May 2021, digital Gucci bags were reselling more than physical versions after becoming available in the Gucci Garden experience; a bag, originally sold for around $5.50 on Roblox, resold for over $4,000. Retail prices for physical bags are between $2,000 and $3,000. A recent analysis by gaming data platform Geeiq found that its community values ​​aesthetics as much as rarity, or even more, according to the sales performance of a recent collection of Burberry bags alone. digital.

As Carolina Herrera tests the waters of Roblox, brands such as Nike, Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger now operate permanent worlds on the platform, whose community of more than 50 million daily users is made up of around 40% of women and 70% under the age of 24, according to data from Geeiq. In a recent chat, Hilfiger shared his belief that when items become popular on Roblox, they tend to result in physical sales.

Limited items specifically have value on Roblox because selected players who own them must then decide whether to keep or resell the item, Lovespun says, adding that this appeal is heightened because it’s a replica of a luxury fashion show item worn by Karlie Kloss during NYFW. “We chose to quietly release the dress, which then became a limited Roblox item after 24 hours. People only had a few hours to catch it, so that surprise factor played a huge role in the success and interest in the dress.

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‘Don’t Sh*t the Bed’: After grossing $50m in sales, ailing Kobe Bryant was forced to let the former NBA champion take his place in a big outing


Kobe Bryant made his first shoe endorsement deal before he even entered the NBA. Bryant was 17 and fresh out of high school when he reportedly signed a six-year, $48 million contract with Adidas. The five-time NBA champion joined Nike in 2003 and helped the brand design some of the best shoes of the generation.

Kobe released their own series of specially designed shoes known as the Nike Kobe series. However, Black Mamba faced a perilous situation after sustaining a lateral tibial plateau fracture in his left knee in the 2013-14 season. Injury knocked on Bryant’s door just before he planned to release the latest Kobe 9 shoes.


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Nick Young came to save Kobe Bryant

Fortunately, Kobe’s former teammate Nick Young came to his and Nike’s rescue. The former Lakers shooter was given the responsibility of replacing Kobe when he launched his shoe. Young recently shared a deeper insight into the incident and Bryant’s seriousness about the Kobe 9 launch and business side.

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. — APRIL 30, 2013. Kobe Bryant talks to reporters after his exit interview with the Lakers on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, at the team’s training facility in El Segundo. (Photo by Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant was recovering from an Achilles tendon injury at the start of the 2013-14 season. The 18-time All-Star Nike shoes were the second best-selling shoes after LeBron James in 2012. The Nike-Kobe shoe model made a valued $50 million in sales in the United States alone. So, Bryant focused on taking the business to the next level with the introduction of the Kobe 9 series.

However, the Lakers legend suffered a broken left knee after just six games in his comeback season. After being sidelined, Kobe handed the responsibility of launching the Kobe 9 shoes to Nick Young. The 2018-NBA champion recently shared details of his conversation with Black Mamba in a retweet post on Twitter. Nick wrote, “I told Kobe I got you bro his words don’t fuck up the bed with my shoes on you better have buckets lol.”


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Kobe has always been a fierce competitor on the basketball court. He took inspiration from Michael Jordan and found ways to transfer his attitude off the pitch. Bryant’s presence of mind and understanding of the game has allowed him to maintain a long-term business relationship with Nike over the years.


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Even after Bryant’s passing, the Kobe 9 still remains on the list of shoes provided by Nike. His charisma and attitude on the pitch have also helped Kobe become a successful person off the pitch. Therefore, the Nike Kobe 9 is one of Kobe Bryant’s most treasured legacies that the NBA cannot forget.

Nike Air Max 97 Black Toggle DZ5316-010 Release Info


25 years have passed since Nike launched the Air Max 97. In this era, countless colorways and collaborations graced the classic silhouette. To celebrate, the Swoosh has brought back iconic looks such as the “Silver Bullet” and “Gold Bullet” colorways while introducing a range of new colorways, including two in collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS. Now, another look has surfaced featuring a sole that chooses to cover the signature Air unit, as previously spotted on the Air Max 1.

Arriving in “Black/White-Light Silver-Coconut Milk”, this Air Max 97 mixes Off-White tones with Black across its layered upper. A mix of suede, mesh and leather outfits the upper as off-white earth accents on the Swooshes, covered midsole, pull tab, toggle lacing system, trim and one of the stripes on the upper . 3M reflectivity can be found on two of the stripes towards the collar while a translucent blue outsole completes the look.

Look for this Nike Air Max 97 “No Bubble” arriving in the coming months via Nike and select retailers for an anticipated price of $190 USD.

For more shoe info, check out Social Status’ second Nike Air Max Penny collab for the summer, this time with the Nike Air Max Penny 2.

Debt troubles as UK public sector workers turn to buy now, pay later | Buy now, pay later


Experts have raised concerns that cash-strapped public sector workers are turning to controversial purchases now, repaying loans later after being turned down by traditional lenders.

An analysis by the University of Edinburgh found that one in 10 public sector and NHS staff, initially turned down for a more conventional loan on the grounds that they could not afford to repay it, went on to got a buy now, pay later (BPL) credit last year.

The researchers also found that the overall use of BNPL products among public sector employees had “significantly increased” compared to other credits and loans, and was beginning to supplant other non-traditional lenders such as those offering high interest payday loans.

Professor Tina Harrison, from the University of Edinburgh’s business school, warned that the growing use of BNPL – which is still unregulated in the UK – increases the risk that workers in the sector public are in arrears.

“The increase in the use of BNPL, particularly among those with very low financial resilience, is extremely concerning,” she said. “If left unchecked, BNPL has the potential to lead to an unmanageable debt burden very quickly.”

BNPL companies such as Klarna, Clearpay and Laybuy have grown rapidly during the pandemic as online shopping has exploded. Although buyers generally do not pay interest on their purchases, they are still at risk of becoming over-indebted and are not entitled to forbearance or compensation if things go wrong, as these companies are not yet regulated in the Kingdom. -United.

A study published by Barclays Bank and the charity Stepchange in June found that almost a third of BNPL borrowers said their loans had become unmanageable and had pushed them into debt. Shoppers who used these services refunded an average of 4.8 purchases, nearly double February’s 2.6 purchases.

The Edinburgh research analyzed the transactions of 104,661 NHS and public sector workers who applied for a loan from non-profit lender Salad Money but were rejected on the grounds that they were unable to repay .

Salad Money, which commissioned the survey, provides loans exclusively to public sector workers. Analysis of 174 million anonymized bank transactions by public sector workers found that 54% had experienced the return of direct debits – a key indicator of financial hardship.

The head of Responsible Finance – an industry body that oversees the UK’s not-for-profit lenders, known as Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) – said it was “shocking” to see the BNPL approval rate among previous rejected loan applicants.

“How can it make sense that if a responsible lender says ‘no, this loan is not affordable,’ an under-regulated, well-funded tech darling can say yes?” said Theodora Hadjimichael.

The findings were released as part of a report showing many key workers would struggle to pay an unexpected £100 mid-month bill as staff whose transactions were analyzed had, on average, no only £79 in their account at that time. midpoint.

It also found that BNPL users spent more relative to their income and tended to have higher overdrafts, while a significant minority were heavily in debt. Although it is not possible to blame BNPL for these trends, the analysis revealed that its use tended to increase over time.

Web3.0 Fashion Giants Come Together to Host Global Metaverse Fashion Event


A global metaverse fashion event took place in Decentraland between September 20-22 as part of a collaboration between metaverse events company RLTY and metaverse fashion juggernauts The Manufacturer and World of Women ( WoW), as reported by Cryptoslate.

According to Cryptoslate, the Maker is a digital fashion brand that aims to infuse the metaverse with a sense of style. On the other hand, WoW is a massive global collection of NFTs that has been made possible through the contributions of tens of thousands of authors.

The main goal of the event is to attract women and fashion to the metaverse. The three-day event will take place at “Synth Ave”, a Decentraland location that was created specifically for this. The area was designed by RLTY and is inspired by the famous New York Fashion Street.

Designers from WoW and The Maker will be scattered throughout the event area to create pop-up exhibits and sell memorabilia. Those who are lucky enough to find one of the hidden POAP distributors for NFT collection will do so as well.

To kick off the event, The WoW and Fabricator collaborated to showcase a 27-piece digital fashion collection. A 1000-piece collection to be released later includes all 27 items. One of these 27 coins can be purchased by participants through OpenSea or during the event using MANA.

One of the best-known events in this category is the fashion show. Many major fashion brands have entered the metaverse by releasing their digital collections and exhibiting them there, including Nike and Zara. The second fashion event at Decentraland will be the Global Metaverse Fashion Show hosted by RLTY, WoW, and The Fabricator. The first Metaverse Fashion Week took place at The Decentraland in March of this year. Many high-end fashion companies attended the festival, including Dolce & Gabbana, Paco Rabanne, Tommy Hilfiger and Cavalli, Cryptoslate noted.

(With entries from Cryptoslate)

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Highest paid footballers of 2022 revealed with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi BOTH beaten to first place


KYLIAN MBAPPE is the highest paid player in world football.

The Frenchman, 23, snubbed a move to Real Madrid earlier this year to sign a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain worth £500m.


The highest paid footballers in 2022
Mbappé is the highest paid player in the world


Mbappé is the highest paid player in the worldCredit: Getty

Mbappe’s exceptional contract – which will keep him at the Parc des Princes until June 2025 – has seen him become the highest-paid footballer in the world, according to Sportico.

As well as the £91m-a-year he earns from PSG, the striker also receives around £17.3m in endorsements.

It is currently sponsored by some of the biggest global brands including Nike, Hublot, Electronic Arts, Oakley and Christian Dior.

Mbappe’s meteoric rise at Monaco quickly caught the world’s attention, making him one of Europe’s most sought-after players.

PSG signed him for a whopping £166million in 2018 and he’s since scored an incredible 181 goals in 225 games.

The second highest earner in world football is Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Manchester United striker has one of the most recognizable names in sport, so it’s no surprise that around £52million of his total income comes from endorsements.

In fact, his sponsorships – including Nike, Herbalife and Tag Heuer – generate the majority of his income.


Ronaldo is also contracted on an annual salary of £45.9million at Man Utd, making him the highest-paid player in the Premier League.

Seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi earns slightly less than his rival with a total annual income of £95.3million, again with a substantial proportion generated from various sponsorship deals.

PSG have also splashed the cash on Brazilian winger Neymar, who joined the club from Barcelona in 2017.

The 30-year-old earns £78.9million a year after signing a long-term contract with the Parisians last summer.


Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah earns far less than the top four on this list.

The winger was set to leave Anfield in the summer but the Reds persuaded him to stay by doubling his salary.

He now earns an annual salary of £34.2m, making him the club’s biggest earner.

Former Chelsea star Eden Hazard earns a total of £27.1million a year despite playing minimal time.

Hazard was limited to just 23 club appearances in all competitions last season and in that time has scored just once – a far cry from his searing form at Stamford Bridge.

Despite not currently residing in Europe, Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta is still one of the highest paid players in the world.

The midfield maestro is a regular name on J1 League side Vissel Kobe’s squad roster, where he earns £26million each campaign.

Premier League duo Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne both have similar salaries, with the England international racking up an annual total of £25.5m.

Man City midfielder De Bruyne earns slightly less at £25.1m but is still the Etihad’s highest-paid star.

World Cup winner Antoine Griezmann is the bottom of the top ten, but still on a huge salary.

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The Frenchman is currently on loan at Atletico Madrid from Barcelona with the former supposed to pay his salary.

He earns £23.8m a year, with £4.8m generated from endorsements.

Salah is the highest earner in the Premier League


Salah is the highest earner in the Premier LeagueCredit: PA
Iniesta is also in the top ten


Iniesta is also in the top tenCredit: AFP

Kanye West gave away a $60 million possession in his divorce to Kim Kardashian, which made Michael Jordan and LeBron James look poor


NBA legend Michael Jordan and superstar LeBron James have earned their fortunes with their jaw-dropping skills on the hardwood. However, it wasn’t just about their skills on the pitch. They have some of the best endorsement deals that provide a huge influx of money. Both stars also have lifetime contracts with Nike. Jordan and Nike have helped each other earn a lot during their long-standing relationship. Together they changed the sneaker culture in the country.

Even though James didn’t have the same impact, he’s still one of Nike’s top athletes. And he has a new building named after him on the Nike campus that he recently opened in a grand ceremony. Since bursting onto the national scene in high school, James has been compared to MJ. Many felt he had what it took to emulate Jordan on the pitch.


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‘I thought he was coming out of the gym’: Michael Jordan once forced a hilarious ‘intro’ from Father James after shaking the whole arena

2 days ago

James grew up watching legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, etc. And he didn’t shy away from the challenge of emulating one of the greatest players of all time. And he followed in Jordan’s footsteps and became the first active basketball player to become a billionaire.

The mansions of Michael Jordan and LeBron James against those of Kim Kardashian

Michael Jordan and LeBron James also know how to spend their fortune. The two own some of the most expensive possessions, from cars to mansions. According to reports, Jordan is now living in a castle in Jupiter, Florida, which is worth $14.8 million. James, on the other hand, lives in a $36.8 million castle in Beverly Hills. However, TV star and model Kim Kardashian’s $60 million mansion definitely stands out.

According reports, during her divorce from rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian bought the house after negotiations. The report claims that Kim loved the house and wanted to stay there with her four children.


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The couple first bought the mansion for $20 million in 2014. And then did renovations worth an additional $20 million. After six years of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. She also reportedly requested an end to spousal support.

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Recently, Kanye opened up about Kim Kardashian raising their children. West said, “Your home is your home church. So even to this day, I will always give advice to Kim on things that can help, because it will be fine with the kids. She still has to – basically 80% of the time – raise those kids.

Kanye West shares four children, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm with Kim Kardashian.

Tired of overdraft fees? Try postal banking


Many of us have been hit with overdraft fees on our checking account before, and while it was nice to have the protection, the $33 fee – the average overdraft fee these days – definitely stung. .

What if I told you that overdraft fees are an intentional failure move by a wealthy few in an increasingly rigged game against the rest of us?

Banks have collected over $460 billion in overdraft fees since 2010. In the last three months of 2020 alone, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America collectively collected over $300 million in overdraft fees. One bank CEO – Bill Cooper of Minnesota-based TCF National Bank, who was sued by the federal government for “cheating consumers into expensive overdraft services” – even named his yacht “Overdraft”.

It’s no exaggeration to call overdraft fees predatory. The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau found that less than 9% of consumer accounts pay 10 or more overdrafts per year. This means that a small percentage of accounts – likely low-income consumers – account for almost 80% of all overdraft income.

What if I also told you that it doesn’t have to be that way — that in over 100 other countries people don’t have to worry about overdraft fees? This is because these countries have publicly funded postal banking services. People in countries as diverse as South Africa and Kazakhstan can open an account, cash a cheque, get cash or deposit in low-cost ATMs, transfer money, pay bills and more so without a predatory bank siphoning off profits from their executives’ yachts. .

That’s why the US Postal Service needs to expand its small postal banking pilot program, launched last year, even though it hasn’t been as popular as expected. The agency only offered banking services at four locations and did little to market the program.

To be effective, the program must be significantly expanded to meet demand. The number of “unbanked” Americans is staggering. One in four U.S. census tracts, home to 21 million people, has no bank within its borders. More than 7 million people do not have a bank account.

It harms everyone. Without a bank account, it can be difficult to participate in the economy. With the more commonly used direct deposit payroll, it can be difficult to find a job, buy a car or pay rent. Instead, low-income people rely on predatory payday loans. Payday loans come with an absurd interest rate – often starting at 300 percentage points, which can double over time.

Like overdraft fees, payday loans are meant to be a “short-term” solution. But they don’t actually shake that way. Some 76% of total industry volume comes from borrowers reborrowing before their next paycheck.

The banks and the elected officials who carry their water qualify the postal bank as “radical”. Still, the Postal Service offered banking services from 1911 to 1967, and restoring the service could generate $9 billion in much-needed revenue for the agency each year. One of the reasons the Postal Bank was phased out was that it offered relatively high interest rates, which competed with “more traditional banking institutions”.

Worldwide, 1.5 billion people receive financial services at their local post office. There is no reason for the United States not to follow. A recent poll shows that a strong majority of Democrats — and even Republicans — support postal banking. The only thing standing in our way is the billions of lobbying dollars Wall Street spends every election cycle to protect its predatory profits.

Devin Thomas O’Shea is a writer living in St. Louis. This column was produced by Progressive Perspectives, which is run by The Progressive magazine and distributed by Tribune News Service.

Stussy Lucien Smith Bomber Jacket Sweater Pants Release


The streetwear realm is home to a plethora of heavyweight brands, and among those generating substantial buzz in this second half of summer 2022 is Stüssy. The California-based entity has thrilled footwear fans with its various collaborations with Nike and Converse and recently launched a joint collection alongside Denim Tears and Our Legacy. And now he’s adding to his momentum even further with the release of a collaborative clothing assembly alongside Lucien Smith.

For this project, Stüssy chose to highlight the work of the Los Angeles artist during his “Tigris” painting exhibition in New York in 2014. The works were inspired by Hokusai’s The Great Wave of Kanagawa and explore memories of the natural world through the process of abstraction. A specific camouflage pattern was taken from the exhibit and used on a trio of silhouettes. For the release, a zip-up bomber jacket is colored with purple, orange and black graphics, a crew neck sweatshirt that somewhat takes on a similar palette but with a dustier aesthetic as well as pants that splay traditional green patterns. .

Stüssy has the items available now, and prices range from $160 to $280 USD.

For other news, check out the upcoming Stüssy x Nike Air Penny 2 in Black.


  • The GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 is the result of over 10 years of research and development by ASICS to reduce emissions at all stages of the product life cycle.
  • Significantly lighter than the lowest CO2-emitting sneakers currently available on the market2, the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 represents a major step forward for ASICS in its commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
  • The sneaker’s key innovations, including a new negative carbon foam, combine to improve durability without compromising quality.
  • The GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 and new technologies will roll out globally in AW23.

KOBE, Japan, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ASICS today launches the new GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 sneaker. Emitting just 1.95kg of CO2e over its lifecycle, which is significantly lighter than the lowest-emission trainers currently available on the market, it represents a significant leap forward for ASICS in its commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 is the result of over 10 years of research and development by ASICS, beginning with ASICS’ first partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010 to find a better way to measure precisely the impact of CO2e throughout the life cycle of a product.

By continuing to refine its research and reapply the findings, ASICS has been able to realize hundreds of additional gains across the four key stages of the product lifecycle (materials and manufacturing, transport, use and end of life), identifying all small differences that combine to have a big impact. The result is GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 – achieving new levels of durability without compromising quality.

Among the sneaker’s series of innovations is a new negative carbon foam, which is part of its midsole and insole. Made from a fusion of bio-based polymers3 derived in part from sugar cane, they combine to deliver high level comfort and quality in a sustainable way.

Other key design details of the shoe include the use of recycled, solution-dyed polyester in the main upper material and mesh insole, reflecting ASICS’ goal of 100% sourcing of polyester from recycled sources by 2030. The shoe features a new structure using adhesive tape which allows for less material use and 100% renewable energy used throughout the manufacturing phase.

The result of all these innovations and changes together is the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95. The groundbreaking new sneaker is a milestone in ASICS’ long-term ambition to achieve net zero emissions as a company by 2050, helping to preserve the ability of future generations to continue to feel the uplifting power sports on the mind.

Minako YoshikawaSenior General Manager, ASICS Sustainability Division said: “At ASICS, we have a long-standing commitment to exploring and testing more sustainable methods throughout our value chain to reduce our impact on the planet. While the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 is an extremely important part of this journey, this is just the beginning Our ambition now is to continue to apply the learnings and build on the model of this shoe in a way that can be deployed on an even larger scale in the future.

Yasuhito HirotaASICS CEO said: “ASICS has long believed in the powerful intrinsic connection between sport and the spirit. That is why we are so determined to do our part to ensure the long-term sustainability of our planet. This way we can ensure that the future generations will be able to continue to experience the uplifting impact of sport on the spirit. To achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body, you need a healthy land to move forward, after all. The path ahead is perhaps -be long, but the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 is our final statement of We hope it can help inspire real positive change in the sports industry towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050 . »

The GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 sneaker will be widely available for purchase in-store and online at asics.com from AW 2023.

To learn more about the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 and ASICS’ sustainability commitments, please visit https://asics.tv/cm195.

About the ASICS Life Cycle Assessment FrameworkThe ASICS Life Cycle Assessment Framework was born out of joint research with MIT in 20104. Over time, the approach has become increasingly advanced. Other aspects of the value chain are considered and added to the calculation, such as the entire transportation process and several end-of-life aspects. The final production calculation is validated externally by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) Japan, in accordance with ISO standards.

4Elsa Olivetti, Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Randolph KirchainPrincipal Investigator, Materials Research Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said:Reviewing the latest research results from ASICS, we were delighted to see that the research collaboration between ASICS and ourselves, which began over a decade ago, has led to such significant design changes. and shoe production. In response to this previous study, published in 2012, ASICS has developed innovative ways to reduce the impact of manufacturing, use materials more efficiently and replace new low impact materials. Additionally, we are impressed with the way ASICS has refined and extended the methods for assessing the CO2 emissions of products. ASICS has expanded both the breadth and depth of CO2 assessment data collection. We sincerely hope that this study and its findings will encourage other companies to embark on the journey to understand the impacts of their products and, therefore, towards a more sustainable footwear industry.

1 Based on a calculation made by ASICS and validated by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) Japan, in accordance with ISO ISO14067 in August 2022.

2 Based on available industry data for lifecycle CO2e emissions as of September 2022.

3 The new carbon negative foam incorporates a material made from a bio-based polymer partially derived from sugar cane, called “SEPTON™ BIO-series” manufactured by Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Video – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1901044/ASICS.mp4Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1899913/ASICS_GEL_LYTE_III.jpg

Quote Show original content to download multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/asics-unveils-lightest-ever-co2e-emissions-sneaker1-emitting-just-1-95kg-per-pair-301626442.html


Check out the shoes Travis Kelce wore before the Kansas City Chiefs game


Last night was another instant classic of the NFL’s young season. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Chargers 27-24. Between the excitement over the game and the re-release of Amazon Prime, a lot has been lost in the reshuffle.

One of FanNation Kicks favorite players to cover, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce did his thing. The 7x NFL Pro-Bowler caught five receptions for 51 yards. There was no doubt that Kelce would play well after seeing his pre-game outfit.

Kelce and the NFL shared tunnel photos of the tight end’s pre-game fit on Instagram. Naturally, we’re focusing on the kicks Kelce wore before the Thursday Night Football game. Below is everything fans need to know about Kelce’s shoes.

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Club 58 Gulf’

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Club 58 Gulf’

Kelce wore the Nike SB Dunk Low in the “Club 58 Gulf” colorway. The shoes released on March 1, 2021 for $100. To date, the average resale price is $343, according to StockX.

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This colorway is inspired by the classic Gulf Oil GT-40 race car. The old-school skate shoe features a “Blue Chill” suede upper, black laces and a white leather Swoosh logo. A patch with the number 58 is embroidered near the heel and on the woven label sewn on the padded mesh tongue. The “Safety Orange” outsole completes the fast look.

All sneakerheads are familiar with the surge in popularity the Nike Dunk Low has enjoyed over the past two years. As a result, we’re used to seeing plenty of different colorways, but Kelce isn’t playing fair with this rare pair of kicks.

It’s only week two of the NFL season, and Kelce is already in playoff mode. We can’t wait to see what the All-Pro close end has planned for the rest of the year. Stay locked in FanNationKicks.com to learn more about what your favorite athletes are wearing on and off the court.

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Mbappé ahead of Ronaldo and Messi – Sportico.com


The pinnacle of the footballing world has been dominated on and off the pitch for 15 years by a pair of global icons in Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Together they won 12 Player of the Year awards, while their respective clubs fought for the league and European titles. It’s been a lucrative job for the two stars, who have both racked up more than $1 billion in salary and endorsements during their long careers.

But with Ronaldo, 37, and Messi, 35, on the back of their playing days, a new idol has emerged to grab the attention of the world’s most popular sport, and he’s now being paid for. Kylian Mbappé is the highest-paid soccer player in the game after signing a blockbuster contract extension this summer that is expected to net him at least $125 million in salary and sponsors during the 2022-23 season.

“They changed the way people approach the game”, Mbappé Told The the wall street journal in a profile published last week referring to Ronaldo and Messi. “I think that’s why their rivalry obsessed so many people. They don’t see football the same way. They don’t see life the same way. And they went there tooth and nail for more than a decade – for me, that was my whole childhood.

In 2017, Paris Saint-Germain gambled on the then 18-year-old striker with a massive transfer fee of 180 million euros ($215 million) to secure his rights from Monaco. His profile soared the following year when he helped France win the World Cup and became the second teenager, after Pelé, to score in a World Cup final. He’s been France’s Ligue 1 top scorer for the past four seasons, and after flirting with a move to Real Madrid for almost a year, Mbappé re-signed with PSG until 2025 in May.

Mbappé’s potential departure from PSG has touched the highest echelons of the nation, with the intervention of French President Emmanuel Macron. ‘He told me: I don’t want you to leave now. You are so important for the country’, Mbappe said at The New York Times. “Of course, when the president tells you that, it matters.”

Details of Mbappé’s three-year deal have not been revealed, which is how most European football contracts work, but he is expected to pocket at least $105m before tax this season, including a part of his signing bonus, according to multiple sources in football. world.

In addition to his gains at PSG, Sportico estimates that Mbappé will earn $20 million this season thanks to his sponsors, which include Nike, Mengniu, Hublot, Electronic Arts, Christian Dior and Oakley. The latest addition to his endorsement stable is Sorare – he will be an investor and ambassador for the NFT fantasy sports platform.

Like fellow global megastars LeBron James and Stephen Curry, Mbappé has launched his own production company. In June he sign with WME Sports and launched Zebra Valley to create scripted, unscripted and animated content. Zebra focuses on sports, music, art, technology and games. Shortly after launch, the basketball enthusiast signed a multi-year content creation contract with the NBA for Zebra.

Ronaldo ($113m), Messi ($110m) and Neymar ($91m) rank behind Mbappé among the top 10 earners. Neymar’s player salary is the third highest in the world, and incredibly just the third highest of his own PSG side.

Ronaldo has largely played a role so far this season for Manchester United, with just one start in six appearances. Yet his off-pitch earnings are still the best in the game, fueled in part by the exposure he gives brands through his social media accounts, which include 475 million Instagram followers, more than any other celebrity in the game. planet.

Nike is Ronaldo’s most valuable endorsement partner, and others include Herbalife, Livescore, Altice, Talabat, Therabody and eCampus. In June, cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced a multi-year deal with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner to create a series of NFT collections for sale on the platform.

The 10 highest-paid football players will earn around $625 million this year before taxes, with 33% of the total coming from endorsements. They come from eight different clubs and were born in eight different countries. The salary figures at the top of the table are stunning, but there is a huge drop after the top four players. The big four are the only players expected to earn $30 million in salary. Compare that to the NBA, where more than 40 players are expected to score next season.

The estimates were compiled through conversations with agents, clubs and marketing experts in the United States and Europe and are pre-tax projections for the 2022-23 season. The current values ​​of the Euro and the British Pound are both more than 10% lower than last season’s average. The result is lower salaries and approval ratings when expressed in US dollars.

The highest paid football players 2022-23

1. Kylian Mbappee (Paris Saint-Germain): $125 million

Salary/bonus: $105 million; Amendments: $20 million; Age: 23

Mbappé had extra leverage in his contract negotiations since his contract expired, and that would have been a free transfer to move to Real Madrid. The Spanish club have offered PSG a $200m transfer fee for the Frenchman in 2021.

2.Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United): $113 million

Salary/bonus: $53 million; Amendments: $60 million; Age: 37

In addition to his endorsements, Ronaldo’s CR7 mark is used on eyewear, shoes, perfume, underwear, hotels and gyms. He holds the records for most appearances (187), goals (141) and assists (42) in the Champions League.

3.Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain): $110 million

Salary/bonus: $62 million; Amendments: $48 million; Age: 35

Only Ronaldo and Kylie Jenner have more Instagram followers than Messi. He added an eight-figure deal with Socios to his sponsorship portfolio, which also includes Adidas, Budweiser, Mastercard, PepsiCo and at least 10 others.

4. Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain): $91 million

Salary/bonus: $56 million; Amendments: $35 million; Age: 30

The Brazilian forward has more than a dozen endorsement deals, highlighted by his $10m-a-year pact with Puma, and is looking to focus more on stock-based deals during his 30s .

5. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): $39.5 million

Salary/bonus: $24.5 million; Amendments: $15 million; Age: 30

Last season, Salah won his third Golden Boot, awarded annually to the Premier League’s top scorer. Liverpool have re-signed the Egyptian striker in a deal worth £350,000 ($413,000) a week plus incentives.

6. Eden Hazard (Real Madrid): $31.1 million

Salary/bonus: $28.6 million; Amendments: $2.5 million; Age: 31

It’s been a disappointing run for the Belgian national team captain since joining Real Madrid from Chelsea in 2019 with a transfer fee of €150m. In May, Madrid won the Champions League, but Hazard never saw the pitch.

7. Andres Iniesta (Vissel Kobe): $30 million

Salary/bonus: $23 million; Amendments: $7 million; Age: 38

Iniesta shocked the footballing world when he left Barcelona in 2018 for J1 League club Vissel Kobe and subsequently signed a two-year contract extension. He was approached by sponsors while playing in Japan with over 10 active offers.

8. Rahim Sterling (Chelsea): $29.4 million

Salary/bonus: $21.4 million; Amendments: $8 million; Age: 27

Sterling signed a contract extension with Chelsea in July. The new deal is worth £325,000 ($384,000) per week. He joined Puma’s roster of athletes in 2021, having played his entire career at Nikes.

9. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City): $29 million

Salary/bonus: $25.5 million; Amendments: $3.5 million; Age: 31

The midfielder has been a key cog in helping Man City win four Premier League titles since joining the club in 2015. De Bruyne was one of the first football players to join Roc Nation Sports. Its partners include Nike, Wow Hydrate, Credit Karma, Veo, Secret Lab and Therabody.

10. Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid): $27.5 million

Salary/bonus: $22 million; Amendments: $5.5 million; Age: 31

Griezmann joined Atlético from Barcelona in 2021 on a two-year loan deal. The two clubs are now at odds over a clause in the contract that would see Atlético pay Barca €40m, based on his playing time last season.

A jersey worn by Michael Jordan during the famous NBA Finals “Last Dance” in 1998 has just been sold at Sotheby’s for 10.1 million dollars


Call it a slam dunk.

The Chicago Bulls red jersey worn by Michael Jordan during the first game of the NBA Finals in 1998 has just been sold for the staggering sum of 10.1 million dollars, more than double its high estimate. Breaking a record-breaking hat trick, the sale marks the highest price paid for a basketball jersey at auction, any game-worn sports memorabilia and any Michael Jordan item, according to Sotheby’s.

Prior to today, the record for any piece of Michael Jordan memorabilia was $2.7 million for an autographed relic card from the 1997-98 season, and the previous record for any basketball jersey -ball was the jersey worn by Kobe Bryant in 1996-97, which sold for $3.7. million. Jordan’s jersey also topped the $9.3 million sale of Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” jersey, which sold at Sotheby’s in May.

The result comes as prices for rare collectibles continue to climb. In late August, a Mickey Mantle baseball card set a new record for the most expensive piece of any type of sports memorabilia ever sold at auction, fetching $12.6 million at Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

Michael Jordan 1998 NBA Finals ‘The Last Dance’ Game Worn Jersey. Courtesy of Sotheby’s.

Jordan wore the iconic jersey on June 3, 1998 in the championship game against the Utah Jazz in his final season with the Chicago Bulls, known to fans as “The Last Dance”. Although his team ultimately lost the game, Jordan helped push them into overtime, sinking 13 baskets and racking up 33 points. The infamous showdown – which Jordan’s children weren’t even allowed to attend due to hostility from Utah fans – was the most-watched of any NBA Finals and saw a resurgence in popular culture when it was chronicled in the 2020 documentary series “The Last Dance.”

In recent years, major auction houses have entered the sports memorabilia niche. In the second part of the Sotheby’s Invictus sale, the sneakers worn by Rafael Nadal for the 2019 US Open quarter-finals fetched $60,480, more than double the pre-sale estimate of $20,000 to $30,000 $, and the hockey stick that Wayne Gretzky used in his last career game sold for $138,600.

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Tips to save money on your groceries


Saving money on groceries can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. This blog post will discuss tips to help you save money on your grocery bill and reduce your expenses without making major lifestyle changes. So if you want to save money on groceries, read on.

1. Make a realistic shopping list and stick to it

One of the best ways to save money on groceries is to make a realistic list and stick to it. It may seem logical, but it’s amazing how many people go grocery shopping without a list and spend more than they expected.

If you make a list of what you need before you go shopping, you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases and more likely to stick to your budget. In addition, it will save you time in the store since you will know exactly what you need to buy.

2. Sign up for loyalty programs

Another tip for saving money on groceries is to sign up for loyalty programs at your local grocery store. It can help you save money in different ways. First, many stores offer discounts to loyal members on certain items each week.

Second, you can often earn points for free rides or other rewards just by shopping with your loyalty card. Finally, many stores also offer coupons and exclusive offers to loyal members. So if you’re not already a member, join the next time you’re grocery shopping.

3. Join a wholesale club

If you do a lot of cooking at home, joining a wholesale club like Costco or Sam’s Club can help you save money on groceries. You will be able to buy ingredients in bulk at a discount, and you can also take advantage of their members-only deals and coupons.

Don’t worry if the coupons come at the wrong time of the month because you can always opt for payday loans cover a grocery store. Viva Payday Loans is a great example of a trusted lender that you can find online. It offers instant loans with no hidden fees.

You can apply for a loan in minutes and the money you need will be deposited directly into your bank account.

4. Compare prices between stores

Another way to save money on groceries is to compare prices between different stores. It can be a bit complicated, but it’s worth it if you can save a lot of money.

To compare prices effectively, you need to know the regular prices of the items you buy at each store. Keep a price book or use your phone to track prices so you can quickly see which store has the best deal.

5. Buy items on sale

Buying items on sale can be especially helpful if you have a large family to support. You can find sales at your local grocery store or even online, but it’s best to shop around so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Remember, the end goal is to save money, so don’t be afraid to ask the store manager if there are any deals or promotions going on. They may be able to offer you a discount or even a coupon if the item is out of stock.

6. Take advantage of coupons

One of the best ways to save money on groceries is to take advantage of coupons. There are different ways to find coupons, such as online or in the Sunday paper. You can also find coupons in store flyers or at checkout.

To get the most out of coupons, pair them with sale items. Also, try to use coupons for items you normally buy, so you don’t spend money on items you don’t need just because a coupon is available.

7. Cook and freeze meals in batches

Batch cooking and freezing meals is another great way to save on grocery bills. This way you can cook larger amounts of food at once and then have ready-to-eat meals throughout the week or month.


Saving money on groceries is a great way to free up extra cash each month. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to eating healthy while saving money. Also remember that you can always apply for a loan if you need additional help.

8 trendy fall items for back to school or back to work


that you enter your senior year of college, freshman year of high school, or preparing for a new semester in college, it’s never too late to catch some new back-to-school swag. Instead of swarming the mall, head to local boutiques like Impeccable Pig and Beehive to find the perfect fall gear, like fashionable tops like the Joyful Noise sweater or casual pants like the pleated Emory Park Ace. Local designers Daze Suave and Ryan Knew also have some of the trendiest pieces for your ultimate back-to-school wardrobe, reflecting the new season and the new you. No matter your style, these clothes are essential for your fall wardrobe.


Brand Houston Yeci Studios has created an exclusive denim jacket that stands out in a crowded market. With the signature Ball N Parlay text taking over the front, the jacket features four front pockets for easy storage, with the brand name detailed buttons to keep your belongings securely closed.

Buy now


If you’re a fan of the Belcher family, you’ll love the Bob’s Burgers Graphic Tee from forever 21. The knit material makes this baby blue crew neck t-shirt super soft and pairs perfectly with your favorite jeans and silver accessories.

Buy now


What better way to stay true to your Southern roots than with a pair of Converse? The classic brand’s latest Run Star Hike platform trainer elevates the proven design with a serrated sole and Wild West embroidery.

Buy now


Although Houston won’t experience fall weather in some areas, classrooms across the city will be subjected to chilly air conditioning. Stay warm and fashion forward with a Flawless Pig sweater, which features vibrant roses in a heart print to outfit you for a beautiful day.

Buy now


No matter how flashy the outfit is, it won’t be complete without accessories. This gold freshwater pearl chain by Asch building will become your favorite necklace, as its simple design is endlessly versatile, from dressy Tuesday to casual Thursday.

Buy now


Add some color to your shoes with a checkerboard Vans Classic Slip-On. The green design eclipses your usual monochromatic shoes without detracting from the rest of your outfit.

Buy now


Looking for a shirt that will make you look good with minimal effort? The Imogene + Willie Lone Star Cowboy Tee is the answer. The STAG provisions exclusive features of a western skull pattern that goes great with sweatpants, basketball shorts or new blue jeans.

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For the Nike boys who want to try something new, the Nike Air Max Terrascape 90 is probably one of the most exciting shoes to flaunt. The sneaker’s exterior features an array of materials such as a blocking pattern, speckled rubber sole and stitched logo that are both fashion-forward and consciously designed.

Buy now

You need these Florida Gators shoes from Nike


The look of the season has just dropped. The new Florida Gators shoes from Nike are perfect for hitting the gym – or the stadium – and everything in between. Check them.

For Gators fans, there is certainly no shortage of great Nike gear. You have jerseys, hats, t-shirts, hoodies.

And don’t get me wrong, all of these things are great. Essential, even. But for my money, the coolest gear drops towards the end of summer every year. The new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus running shoes.

This year is no different, with the release of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 Florida Gators shoes.

Last year, Nike released the Air Zoom Pegasus 38, which was another great addition to one of the best lineups of running shoes currently available.

They are incredibly comfortable and durable, as well as being sleek and stylish. (Please note that I did not own a varsity colorway, nor a pair provided by Nike). Seriously, these things are great for hitting the gym, running across campus to get your spot at the stadium, or just for everyday living.

This year, the Pegasus 39 is in full team color. So every pair is vibrant – and everyone will know who you’re cheering on when they see you coming.


Florida Gators Shoes



This year, some things have changed, but the end result is the same: an incredibly comfortable shoe.

The Air Zoom Pegasus 39 feature dual Nike Airbags, providing the wearer with optimal balance and comfort. The upper mesh is breathable to keep your feet cool and in terms of a training shoe, the Pegasus 38 is a very strong holdall, weighing less than a pound (except for sizes 15+).

It’ll also last beyond your workout, offering enough flashy style to be your everyday shoe. The only complaint – and it’s a small one – is that these can get wet quickly if it’s raining really hard or you’re running through the elements.

These will not only be the perfect addition to your collection, but the perfect look for the rest of the year – and beyond. They will definitely attract attention.

Note: On Fanatics, shoes are listed as unisex sizes. The same was true last year, but this is still a relatively new development. Previously, Nike released both men’s and women’s versions of the shoes.

The company is looking to move away from that, which means there’s a little more work on the legs (or feet?) to determine your size.

The good news? Just use the table below.


Do not wait. These sell out fast every year. Head over to Fanatics and place your order today.

This post contains affiliate links, where we may receive a percentage of any sales made from links on this page. Prices and availability correct at time of publication.

Nike’s Air Zoom GT Cut 2 gears up to battle the sophomore slump


The Air Zoom GT Cut 2 will release in the Bred colorway on September 16 for Nike members and September 20 in North America. The Sabrina Ionescu colorway releases October 13 on Nike.com and the Nike app.

The Zoom GT Cut has informed all of Nike’s signature models since its release in 2020. The model was extremely limited in production numbers which sent resale value through the roof, but that’s not why that he shone. The model allowed Nike to fill the void left as the brand found a way to come to terms with the Black Mamba domain. Although the relationship is mended, Nike does not produce many new Kobes. The shoe remains the most popular model for NBA athletes and for recreational hoops, but due to the resale value, it is impossible to get a pair.

While the GT Cut was obviously designed to fill the void and provide hoopers with an alternative, the latest iteration hasn’t really helped as the model was pushed back from its original Olympic release and when it arrived during the Makeup Olympics in 2021, the shoe was discontinued only and in the SNKRS app, but it didn’t really go to traditional retail. The 2’s design retains some of what made the original special, but it’s certainly not as smartly designed as the 1.


The Zoom GT Cut 1 utilized a mesh and foam upper allowing for distinct lines creating opportunities for incredible color blocking. The sneaker also had a more lateral and forward stability design in the midsole molding shaped to match the arch of the Swoosh. This element alone gave the model more precise detail than this new iteration. The empty reinforced fabric look in the images of this model puts the model in a similar situation of potential silhouette fatigue that the era of Flyknit basketball sneakers ran into (LeBron and KD’s flyknit sneakers hurt). performed at retail). The 2’s heel looks over-engineered but has a comparison as it oozes elements of the Air Jordan 2 and the 2017 Hyperdunk combined. The Swoosh here isn’t as exciting as the 1, which makes it look like the 2 won’t be as exciting and won’t work like the 1. It’ll be interesting to see how the market reacts to the 2. I don’t think not that it will be as strong.




‘You’re not allowed to cry’: Shaquille O’Neal was publicly humiliated by his own father just to learn a crucial lesson


NBA all-time great Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most dominant big men in league history. His physique coupled with his explosiveness has long been uncontrollable in the league. And his opponents almost always had a torrid time playing against him. The Big Diesel recently revealed the reason for his dominance and why he always tried to dunk the ball so hard. O’Neal sat down with Patrick Bet-David in front of many fans and talked about a multitude of things from his childhood, career, business, etc.

During the interview, Shaq reminded some of his father’s most important life lessons and how he raised him. Growing up, her biological father was not around. And her stepfather, Philip Harrison, a drill sergeant in the United States armed forces, became her father.


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Meanwhile, the host wanted to know if the killer instinct is something one would be born with or if it can be developed over the years. In response, the Los Angeles Lakers legend said the killer instinct could be developed. Afterwards, he provided the name of the late great Kobe Bryant as an example of someone who developed his killer instinct.


Dad told 7ft son Shaquille O’Neal to ‘shut up’ after insensitive comment about homelessness

about 13 hours ago

He admitted that Bryant was just another league player in his first two seasons. And from his third season, he became the “Kobe Bryant” that everyone loves.

The reason behind Shaquille O’Neal hard dunk

Next, Shaquille O’Neal opened up about how he developed his killer instincts in high school. Shaq said he used to shoot a lot of jumpers and did some dribbling moves when he was in high school. And he revealed he had only lost one game in two years of high school. And also shared how his dad hit him in front of everyone during a game to teach him a lesson.

LOS ANGELES, USA: Los Angeles Lakers’ Shaquille O’Neal (R) is congratulated by his father Philip Harrison (L) after the Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 106-88 in Game 2 of the first round of the NBA Western Conference -offs at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA April 26, 2001. O’Neal was the leading scorer with 32 points as the Lakers take a 2-0 series lead. AFP PHOTO/ Vince BUCCI (Photo credit should read Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images)

O’Neal said, “I’m working on my dribbling moves, rolling fingers and missing. My dad walks down the field in his uniform, looking sharp, shoes shiny. [He said,] ‘Call time out.’…So he takes me outside, ‘What are you doing?’…’Yo man, I’m working on my doctor…’ Smack in front of everyone. “You are not Doctor J. Be Shaq.” Remember that when you are near the drill sergeant, you are not allowed to cry. But I’m pissed off.


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The Lakers legend admitted he started diving because of that moment of humiliation of his father in front of everyone. After that, he started dunking as hard as he could with intent, trying to rip the rim. It was then that he also noticed his opponents shaking in fear at his destructive plays.


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WATCH THIS STORY – Bill Russell career: When did the Celtics legend retire?

And as a result, Shaq doubled down on his antics, further cultivating his killer instincts.

Nike Air Force 1 Low “Four Horsemen” LeBron 2023 Release Date


Nike is gearing up to release a rare Air Force 1 that has never been available to the retail public.

According to an internal brand document viewed by Complex, the Nike Air Force 1 Low “Four Horsemen” is slated for release next spring. Few details of the upcoming retro are known, but the pair are expected to feature their knight chess piece embroidery on the heel. Based on a provided image, it looks like the colorway released could be the St. Vincent-St. white and green. Mary does makeup in high school, but this has not been confirmed.

The “Four Horsemen” Air Force 1 series was created shortly after Nike signed LeBron James in 2003. The pairs refer to his inner circle of business partners – Maverick Carter, Rich Paul and Randy Mims – who, collectively with James, are known as the Four Horsemen. . Over the years, Nike produced the sneakers in numerous colorways, and pairs featured custom embroidery with each member’s initials on their heels.

None of the Air Force 1s have ever been released, although Nike referenced the theme on a 2018 LeBron 15 and a 2019 LeBron 16.

Recently, Mims shared some quirky pairs of shoes on her Instagram Story that were given to her and Carter by PJ Tucker. Seen below, the pairs show the initials of both on the heels.

Picture via Instagram

The first-ever retro Nike Air Force 1 Low “Four Horsemen” is currently slated for April 2023, although the date may change in the coming months due to supply chain or other unforeseen issues. .

Kohl is still bullish on the asset


Speaking at the 29th Annual Goldman Sachs Global Retail Conference, Jill TimChief Financial Officer of Kohl’s, remains confident that the department store’s efforts to “be a destination for active, casual lifestyle shoppers” will bear fruit over the long term despite active underperformance in the second quarter due to the constraints of the supply chain affecting athletic footwear.

Timm, pictured right, also noted that the active category is being challenged by a changing trend as more consumers dress “a little more formally” as the economy reopens. However, she does not expect the general trend towards casualization to recede. Timm said, “We know Americans are going to dress more casually and casual and active go together.”

Active’s underperformance was attributed to athletic footwear supply chain challenges and strong growth over the past year. In the second quarter of 2021, active sales jumped more than 40% year over year and more than 20% compared to the second quarter of 2019 before the pandemic.

During the conference, Timm said his supply chain challenges were in footwear. “We don’t see the novelty of the shoes coming to fruition,” Timm said. “We expect this to continue to improve over the past six months, but likely won’t return to normalization until 2023.”

The CFO noted that excluding footwear, activewear outperformed the company average, which saw a 7.7% decline in composition. Timm said the drivers of activewear performance were the “three powerful national brands”, Nike, Under Armor and Adidas, and the prominent placement at the front of its stores as the chain reshapes locations to add stores Sephora in store. Sportswear also continues to benefit from the “newness” of the big three, including the introduction of Under Armor Outdoor, Nike Golf and inclusive sizing in place for all three brands.

Another encouraging sign of the active push is that half of the customers who shop at Kohl’s new Sephora stores are buying some other item beyond a beauty purchase, and those add-ons tend to come from the active category as well as women and the house.

Kohl’s also saw strength in its exclusive athletics brand Tek Gear in the second quarter. Timm noted that one of the trends Kohl’s has seen amid inflationary pressures is that consumers are turning to the chain’s proprietary brands. She said Tek Gear has played a bigger role in complementing Kohl’s active national brand assortments. She said, “You might still want a performance shoe or sports bra, but you can top that off with a Tek Gear shirt.”

Outside of athletics, Columbia Sportswear and Eddie Bauer outperformed in the quarter, and Kohl’s exclusive FLX athletics brand launched in 2020 “performed incredibly well.”

She added: “Footwear is where we see the supply chain impact, and it’s going to take a while to get it right, but the rest of the novelty is flowing into the apparel, and we let’s see it resonate.”

Timm also highlighted the expected benefits of Kohl’s Sephora partnership with Sephora stores recently expanded to 600 doors. Timm said: “It’s working incredibly well and it’s going to establish us as a beauty destination. We think we’ll have a $2 billion beauty business.

Timm said Sephora’s rise in the beauty category not only drove traffic for Kohl’s, but attracted a more diverse and younger customer base. She added, “If we think about everything we’re going through from an inflationary perspective, it’s the only thing that has a restockable component to the discretionary clothing that we typically sell.”

The first 200 in-store Sephora stores outperformed the chain at mid-single digits when they opened in fall 2021, and now those same 200 doors are beating the chain at high single digits. The other 400 doors opened last spring outperformed the rest of the chain at mid-single digits. Timm added: “As we approach the second half of the year, we are delighted to have 600 open houses, especially for the holidays.”

Kohl’s recently extended the Sephora partnership with plans to bring the beauty brand to all Kohl’s stores.

Other growth priorities Timm cited included adding new brands to support its laid-back push, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hurley and Eddie Bauer. Kohl’s also improved its loyalty program this year, with its credit card now offering 50% more rewards points on purchases.

Kohl’s is also continuing to test 35,000 square foot store sizes, which could help it reach smaller markets. Timm said, “We believe this could represent at least a 100-store expansion over the next few years.” Digital has grown at a CAGR of 13% over the past five years and remains a growth priority.

However, upon the release of second quarter results, Kohl’s significantly lowered its guidance for the year due to expectations of lower sales and increased promotional activity.

“We saw a big shift in consumer behavior, especially in June,” Timm said. “We saw that customers fell with the uncertainty of the macro environment with inflation in gasoline and groceries. We sell discretionary items, and when you’re not selling something you need but rather something you want, that’s when the wallet gets a little tight. Value becomes incredibly important.

Timm also said Kohl’s serves the middle-income customer “who is probably the most in demand and impacted at this point.” Beyond the move to proprietary brands, Kohl’s has seen consumers buy fewer units per transaction.

In July, Kohl’s invested in promotions to achieve its best month of the quarter. Kohl’s expects to remain promotional in the second half to reduce inventory, which was up 48% at the end of the second quarter.

The higher inventory levels were partly due to increased inventory in transit, as Kohl’s introduced back-to-school and holiday products early to avoid supply chain disruptions. The increase in inventory also reflects investments to support its 400 new Sephora stores and packaged goods that arrived late last year, including sleepwear and fleeces. Excluding these items, inventories were up 27% to 2021 and down 8% to 2019 levels.

Kohl’s expects promotions and canceled receipts to lead to inventory ending the year up from 2021. Timm said Kohl’s will hopefully be able to “drive demand” if the environment turned out to be better than expected.

Timm said: “Obviously the macro environment has been tough. In the near term, our focus is on inventory management, receipt management and promotion to continue to drive consumer behavior and promote this value orientation of Kohl’s.

Photos courtesy of Kohl’s

‘Kobe Bryant still has to swear it’: NBA Twitter reacts to 6’7″ former Lakers player collapsing in ring


Former Los Angeles Lakers shooter Nick Young aka Swaggy P is knocked out of the ring in bizarre match

Those of you who remember the Los Angeles Lakers’ steep decline from the 2013-14 season will surely remember Nick Young. The 6’7″ shooter, nicknamed Swaggy P, played four seasons for the team.

During these four seasons, the violet and the gold have never managed to win more than 27 games per season. They also had the worst losing record in the past two decades over the span of four seasons.

Drafted by the Washington Wizards, Young was a good role player before his time with LA Lakers. Although he started as an under par scorer with little impact, he turned things around in his 4th season.

In his first season with the Lakers, although he recorded 17.9 points per game. Young’s attitude and the team’s losing streak led to Kobe Bryant‘s frustration. The late legend often disciplined his young teammates.

Young once revealed how Bryant would react to a horrific loss.

Nick: “We were blowing ourselves up in Portland. Kobe is in the locker room just waiting for everyone to come in. You know everyone in there has “Kobes” on the team. He walks in and says, ‘You’re all playing soft. How are you going to wear these shoes and how sweet are you? That’s not what we do here in Los Angeles.

He continued: “I don’t think about it at all. He tells everyone to take their shoes off, and I’m like, ‘What? What’s wrong with you man? And we removed them. He just started grabbing people’s shoes and throwing them all in the trash. He’s like ‘You don’t deserve this. Until you get it right, you can’t wear Kobe’s.

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Part of the worst Lakers team of the past decade, Swaggy P also loses at boxing

Swaggy P had a decent career in the NBA. He won a chip with the Golden State Warriors in 2018 but was waived by the Nuggets the following season.

On September 10, Young made his boxing debut against TikTok star Minikon. Although Swaggy P won until the third round, a punch from Minikon sent him out of the ring.

NBA Twitter questioned the knockout and many even claimed Young was falling apart. The former Lakers guard lost the fight and sent social media into an intense frenzy.

Do you think Young flopped?

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Mike Trout wearing Philadelphia Eagles and Nike Dunks


Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout was excellent again last night. The perennial MLB All-Star hit a two-run home run. It was the fifth straight game in which Trout homered.

Of course, the Houston Astros won the game. But Trout has fought through adversity and injury this season to come out on the other side. We here at FanNation Kicks attribute some of Trout’s recent success to his late pregame form.

The New Jersey native wore the jersey of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (another of our All-Stars in pre-game form). Additionally, Trout wore a pair of popular Nike sneakers that are becoming increasingly difficult to buy. Below is everything fans need to know about Trout’s kicks.

Nike Dunk Low ‘Panda’

Nike Dunk Low ‘White Black’

No lifestyle shoe is more popular right now than the exact pair Mike Trout had on his feet. The Angels outfielder the Nike Dunk Low in the ‘White Black’ colourway. However, everyone has adopted the moniker “Panda” colorway.

Scroll to continue

The Nike Dunk Low ‘Panda’ released on March 10, 2021 for $110. However, thanks to the popularity of the old-school shoe, the average resale price is now $236, according to StockX.

The Nike Dunks have been redesigned in nearly every color imaginable. But the mid-’80s classic lends itself to simple color blocking. For example, the “Panda” colorway features a White leather upper, Black leather overlays and Swoosh logos. Nike branding also appears on the nylon tongues.

The Angels are back in action tonight, while the Eagles travel to face the Detroit Lions tomorrow. We’ll keep you up to date with what all your favorite athletes are wearing on and off the field. Stick with FanNationKicks.com for all your footwear news.

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Jayson Tatum, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony pose in amazing photo with Drake, Lisa Leslie and Travis Scott


NBA players are often spotted hanging out with other celebrities. They can be seen hanging out with fellow gamers, sometimes rocking with rappers, kicking with actresses, and more.

In the past, we’ve seen how some players have come together and created legendary images, showing a lot of quality in a single image. These encounters have given us incredible photos, like when Dennis Rodman got together with Mike Tyson or when Michael Jordan was photographed with Muhammad Ali.

However, there is no doubt that the greatest photo of all time involved Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Moses Malone and Cynthia Cooper-Dyke. We’ve seen more photos after that, but this one has a special place in fans’ hearts.

Jayson Tatum, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony pictured with Drake, Lisa Leslie and Travis Scott

Every once in a while we see a host of celebrities sharing the same stage, posing for a photo and getting an amazing result. That’s what happened when Jayson Tatum, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony all came together for Nike’s Just Do It Day festivities at the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

The giant corporation had many reasons to celebrate this week, including the opening of the all-new ‘LeBron James Center for Innovation’. Not only did LeBron go to Beaverton this week, but these three superstars and other celebrities did too. A photo shows the NBA star trio with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie and rappers Drake and Travis Scott.

It is surely a beautiful photo, but it was not the only one that we could see. Drake took to Instagram to share more photos from the event, even casting Jayson Tatum in one.

These characters have a lot in common, namely their desire to improve and all the talent they have shown over the years. This has got to be one of the best pictures of the year and fans really loved it.

Jeanie Buss on LeBron James: ‘I want to see him retire as a Laker’


In a recent interview, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss shed some light on her current relationship with LeBron. The team governor loves that James recently signed an extension with the Lakers, and admitted that if it were up to her, she’d want LeBron to play the rest of his career in Hollywood (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter): “With LeBron, we have a line of communication between the two of us, and he knows he can reach me at any time and vice versa,” Buss said. “I think he feels appreciated. I know I appreciate that he signed an extension to stay here and continue to lead the Laker team. He’s a fantastic leader on and off the court. I feel like we are blessed to have him as a Laker. I want to see him retire as a Laker.
Source: Paolo Songco @ Clutch Points

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Emiliano Carchia @Sportando

Jeanie Buss wants LeBron James to retire as a Laker sportando.basketball/fr/jeanie-buss…10:02

Tommy Beer @TommyBeer

Carlito Alcaraz, 19, is perhaps the most impressive teenage athlete I’ve seen since LeBron in the early 2000s… an unimaginable combination of size, strength, intelligence, courage… – 9:44 p.m.

C.J. Holmes @CjHolmes22

King James (Holmes) pic.twitter.com/sclzVpPaR48:15 p.m.

Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS

I watched Lucifer and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV show that does better on single actor charisma. That’s some Tom Ellis 2007 LeBron shit. – 6:26 p.m.

Howard Beck @HowardBeck

New Crossover module: @JeanieBuss talks about the drama of the Lakers, the @LeBron James era, the lessons of his father and his motive for producing the new @hulu series, “Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers”.
Listen/subscribe: https://t.co/lhCvpA2us5

Plus, his thoughts on this *other* series: pic.twitter.com/cIaJqMNn3H5:30 p.m.

Howard Beck @HowardBeck

On the Crossover module, @JeanieBuss talks about the drama of the Lakers, the @LeBron James era, the lessons of his father and his motive for producing the new @hulu series, “Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers”.
Listen/subscribe: https://t.co/lhCvpA2us5 pic.twitter.com/cvdzODgfqa10:07

Murray’s Law @LawMurrayTheNU

My favorite Jeff Green stat from last season… as a 15th grader and at age 35, he had a career-high 74 dunks. The Jokic effect had something to do with it
The previous career high was 63, on the last LeBron Cavs team – 00:52

Howard Beck @HowardBeck

Coming tomorrow on the Crossover pod: @JeanieBuss talks about the LeBron era, his pursuit of @Kareem Abdul-Jabbar‘s scoring title, his father’s legacy and the @hulu docuseries, “Legacy: The True Story of the Lakers”. (We also discussed this show from other Lakers)
Subscribe: https://t.co/lhCvpA2us5 pic.twitter.com/ao6748bZ1i7:14 p.m.

Justin Kubatko @jkubatko

📅 On this day in 2020, the @Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James had 36 points, seven rebounds, five assists and four blocks in a Game 3 win over the Rockets.
It was the 162nd win of James’ postseason career, breaking a tie with Derek Fisher for the most such wins in NBA history. pic.twitter.com/LKh9XMEixD11:01 a.m.

StatMuse @statmuse

The greatest sports alumni:
Tom Brady
— 22 seasons
— 10 Super Bowl appearances
— 7 rings
— 5x MVP SB
— 3x MVP
— 15x Pro Bowl
– 45 years old
james lebron
— 19 seasons
— 10 appearances in the final
— 4 rings
— 4x FMVP
— 4x MVPs
— 18x All-Star
– 37 years
Legends. pic.twitter.com/KpOCr7YzXk10:58

Bill Simmons @Bill Simmons

Alcaraz-Sinner = a stopwatch. I will always remember that. Not just the quality of the game and the late night play, but it felt like a moment of arrival for Alcaraz aka LeBron 2007/Detroit. – 02:58

StatMuse @statmuse

Most All-NBA selections before turning 25:
5 — Kobe pic.twitter.com/vtL0EICZ9i2:29 p.m.

Dionysis Aravantinos @AravantinosDA

Three against three.
Luka Doncic
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Nikola Jokic
Stephen Curry
james lebron
Kevin Durant
Who wins? – 2:05 p.m.

StatMuse @statmuse

Most 30/10 games before turning 25:
97 —Shaq
78 — ap. J.-C.
59 —Giannis
56—KAT, LeBron pic.twitter.com/o18YgjdPTY11:46

StatMuse @statmuse

Top 10 most scored points:
1. Karim
3. Charles
4. Kobe
5. GM
6. Dirk
7. wilting
8. Each
9. Melo
10. Moses
Which young player has the best chance of one day breaking into the top 10? pic.twitter.com/g38kpNB4bv8:25

More on this scenario

Nick Young does his best all-court press on LeBron James’ son Bronny – telling TMZ Sports the basketball phenom should play college ball at USC instead of Ohio State. The NBA superstar’s eldest son has the sports world buzzing after posing in a Buckeyes uniform this week… just days after the James gang played the OSU-Notre Dame football game on Saturday. -Going through TMZ.com / September 10, 2022

“With LeBron, we have a line of communication between the two of us, and he knows he can reach me at any time and vice versa,” Buss said. “I think he feels appreciated. I know I appreciate that he signed an extension to stay here and continue to lead the Laker team. He’s a fantastic leader on and off the court. I feel like we are blessed to have him as a Laker. I want to see him retire as a Laker. -passing by Clutch points / September 9, 2022

“I never would have imagined something like this,” LeBron James said when describing how he had aspirations at the unveiling of Nike’s LeBron James Innovation Center. when he signed with Nike about 20 years ago. -Going through Clutch points / September 9, 2022

Nike Stock: Reaping the Benefits of its Buy Strategy (NYSE: NKE)


Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesNews

Main thesis

2022 was Nike’s second full year (NYSE:NKE) Direct consumption acceleration strategy. The company’s new policy is to reduce its presence with wholesale partners and concentrate on developing its own DTC sales. The The company plans to achieve a unified and enhanced customer experience, which should ultimately materialize in the form of accelerated growth, increased efficiency and responsiveness to customer needs.

Nike has made incredible progress over these two years, leveraging its strengths to execute on its strategy.

Direct Consumer Acceleration

In 2020, Nike took a fresh look at its old Consumer Direct Offense strategy and set new goals, while emphasizing the importance of better communication with customers. Nike has focused more on its own channels, which in the long run should strengthen the company’s brand and, therefore, consumer loyalty.

Nike Financial Outlook

FY2025 Lenses (Fuck)

The move to a new stage of strategy was marked by a change of CEO. Mark Parker gave way to John Donahoethe former CEO of eBay (EBAY). The management change highlighted the need to improve online channels as well as the physical store experience. This will unify and improve the shopping experience. For the most part, the organizational and managerial changes aimed at increasing efficiency, which led to staff reductions, have been completed.

A key part of the strategy is to improve overall operational efficiency by investing in end-to-end digital transformation, investments in data analytics, demand forecasting and inventory management. Nike has made several acquisitions in this area. In 2019, the company acquired Datalogue and Celec to improve the processing of raw data.

Focus on DTC

Consumer Direct Acceleration is fueled by increased direct-to-consumer sales. In just 5 years, the company has reduced the number of wholesale partners by 50%. Nike has excluded retailers such as Macy’s (M)Urban Outfitters (URBN), DSW, Dillard (DDS), Zappos and even Amazon (AMZN) among its list of long-term strategic partners. On the other hand, Nike has taken its relationship with retailers like DICK’s Sporting Goods (DKS) to the next level. The ability to sell the company’s sneakers in stores with the same volume is now a privilege, not a right.

Thus, Nike Direct appears to be a more profitable business than wholesale, as the company now has greater pricing power. In 2018, Merriman valued that the company’s DTC gross margin is 62% compared to 38% in wholesale. Given the current Nike target of 60% direct sales by 2025, a 40-year gross margin target is more than achievable. In this case, the gross margin will reach 52.4%.

Nike DTC Sales

table by author

The company can remove its wholesale partners so easily for one simple reason: demand remains incredibly high. Nike continues to increase its marketing spend which is now approaching $4 billion.

Nike marketing spend

table by author

But the main hype is created not so much by skillful marketing or innovative developments, but by the strongest brand and the special value of sneakers. Nike is the only true sports brand among the big players. Nike is talking about something; this brand is something sacred and inviolable with a long history of success. This allows the company to control the resale market by adjusting the supply of drops, creating even more value for the sneaker and the brand respectively. No sports brand in the world has such an opportunity because the demand is not high enough or unstable. It must be understood that this is not a short-lived success, like Yeezy, behind which there is only a personality, not a brand, but a real long-term trend.

A strong brand will help Nike continue to grow DTC sales at a rapid pace.

Results for the 2022 financial year

At the end of June, Nike released full fiscal year 2022 results.

The company reported increases in revenue and earnings per share of 5% and 6% year-on-year, respectively. The brand continues to focus on increasing its own sales share. The Nike Direct sales channel brought in $18.7 billion (+14% YoY) from increased digital sales. The share of direct sales in total revenue increased to 43% from 27.5% in 2016. The company continues to steal sales from retailers and drive shoppers to its own Nike.com platforms, l Nike and SNKRS app, as well as its offline stores.

The earnings call was full of optimism. Management expressed confidence in its long-term strategy. For fiscal 2023, the company expects low double-digits on a currency-neutral basis.

Nike delivered strong results at a time of runaway inflation, still-troubled supply chains and a weakening economy due to demand, which the company was able to stimulate through the Direct Consumer Acceleration strategy .

Valuation & margins

Nike’s gross margin is lower than its competitors. However, the peers are more numerous due to the higher share of clothing in the total turnover or simply a smaller share of the global market, because their production network is not as large and complex as that great actors.

NKE Gross Profit Margin Data by YCharts

Nike’s advantage is much more visible when it comes to net profit margin. The company has several advantages over its competitors. Scale, strong brand image, effective marketing and developed online channels help sell products at a premium price. Thus, Nike’s profit margin is at an unbeatable 13%.

NKE Profit Margin Data by YCharts

Thus, the company is traditionally valued at a premium to the sector.

Nike forward p/e ratio


Given the shift in focus to direct sales channels and the resulting increase in digital revenue, Nike should be treated more like an e-commerce stock.

Nike Digital Sales

table by author

Comparing Nike to other shoe manufacturers is like comparing Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) to other mobile phone manufacturers. The Giants are in a league of their own.

So, I don’t think Nike is too expensive right now. With competitors too weak to do anything to such a giant, the company is turning to digital sales primarily through its own channels, which opens up potential for margin growth.

Given historical valuation, Nike generally looks undervalued. The average price/earnings ratio over 4 years is 32.5x compared to 29.7x currently. The upside potential is around 10%.

NKE PE Ratio (forward) data by YCharts


Nike relies on third parties to manufacture its products. China and Vietnam each account for 36% of the total manufactured globally, while Indonesia accounts for 22%. In 2021, the maker of Nike in Vietnam halted production due to coronavirus restrictions, causing the company to lose three months of production, which continued to affect available merchandise. New epidemics or other force majeure events such as geopolitical tensions in the countries that produce most of Nike’s products could negatively impact the company’s financial performance.

Second, a slowdown in global economic growth and a change in consumer activity could negatively impact wholesale and direct sales. High inflation could lead consumers to redirect their budgets to the essentials and reduce their purchases of items like Nike sneakers. However, here the company has a certain protective barrier in the form of a brand, but the negative macroeconomic environment will clearly affect the company’s results.


Nike, which is entering a new phase in 2020, intends to accelerate direct sales and strengthen its position in the digital space. With a strong brand and scale, the company continues to bet on DTC, thereby increasing its margins. The strategy is clear and quite simple. The company wants to use a strong brand to attract customers to Nike’s own channels. Thus, the company intends to unify the shopping experience and make the brand even stronger.

The 2022 results and the goals set for the future indicate that the company has chosen an effective approach in its Consumer Direct Acceleration strategy. The increase in DTC sales and the strengthening of the brand will be followed by an increase in the gross margin and the capitalization of the company. I would rate Nike as long term quality To buy.

Government of Canada consultation on reducing the criminal interest rate


Authors): Joyce M. Bernasek, Dominic Duchesne

September 9, 2022

Last August, the Government of Canada launched its Advance Consultation Paper (the Consultation Paper) to seek feedback from stakeholders and vulnerable members of the public on the criminal interest rate and availability of high cost often offered by other lenders.

Although the Government of Canada’s policy objective has not yet resulted in a new criminal interest rate, a reduction in the criminal interest rate could have market implications for lenders and borrowers.

Interest rates in Canada must not exceed 60% – section 347 of the Criminal Code

When first introduced in 1980, the criminal interest rate was established to deter loan sharking and other predatory lending practices. Section 347 of the Criminal Code (the Code) makes it an offense to: (1) enter into an agreement or arrangement to receive interest at a rate greater than 60% of the total value of the credit advanced; and (2) actually receive interest in excess of 60% of the total value of the credit advanced. It should be noted that the Code broadly defines the concept of “interest” to include costs, fines, penalties or commissions. Overdraft fees and discharge fees also fall within the scope of what would be considered “interest”. Although the consultation paper discusses high-cost installment loans, it is important to note that some payday loans are exempt from the Code.

High Cost Installment Loans

The consultation paper targets alternative lenders in their offering of what are universally considered “high cost loans” or “high interest” loans. Alternative lenders provide loans quickly with less stringent requirements and offer longer-term, higher-cost installment loans. The consultation document reveals that these installment loans have interest rates of up to 47% per year. With additional fees and charges included, and with frequent compounding interest, many of these installment loans equate to having an overall annual interest rate just below or nearly equal to the criminal interest rate of 60%.

A rate set at 60% for 40 years

The Consultation Document undertakes to better understand the impact that such a rate cut could have on the market and on the availability of financial products as we know them. As the consultation document points out, the criminal interest rate is a fixed rate not linked to market rates. When the criminal interest rate was introduced, the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate was 21%. At that time, the gap between the overnight rate and the criminal rate was 39%. Today, the gap is close to 60%. Thus, the Government of Canada wishes to know whether the interest rate pricing set by other high-cost lenders reflects the actual credit risk of the borrower, or whether the interest rates of these high-cost financial products are fixed simply respect the ceiling authorized by the penal interest rate.

Considerations for Lenders

Responses to the consultation paper are expected by October 7, 2022. Any changes to the criminal interest rate would apply to all credit products in Canada and affect a wide range of borrowing products on the market. If you or your business need help determining the potential impact of a lower criminal interest rate, please do not hesitate to contact the authors of this article.

“He’s going to fire me when this is over!” : Michael Jordan’s agent recalls an eerily quiet first encounter with Nike in 1984


Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan was hesitant to sign a deal with Nike in 1984 until he was convinced otherwise.

Back in the 90s, Michael Jordan was among the most recognizable names in the world. He was perhaps as popular as the pope at the height of his career.

The way Jordan went viral in a pre-social media era is unprecedented. Back when the flow of information was not so seamless, the only way to be famous was to be newsworthy. And MJ was as newsworthy as can be.

The Chicago Bulls legend has won 6 NBA titles. His unparalleled skills were far ahead of his time. In fact, even current players are singing the praises of the GOAT.

But, just his performance on the pitch, though noteworthy, was not enough to lead to worldwide fame. Much of the credit for his worldwide popularity goes to the larger-than-life character that MJ and his team created.

Michael was bigger than the game, bigger than the Bulls or even the NBA. And even though his heart belonged to basketball, he knew it wasn’t enough to play exceptionally well.

Even at a young age, he understood the value of making the right decisions and creating the right brand image.

2000s sensation Allen Iverson faithfully reflected the emotions of the entire basketball community in his Hall of Fame speech.

AI: “I have to thank this man, because without his vision, I promise you, there would be no Hall of Famer Allen Iverson on this podium without him. He gave me the vision, man. And you want to be fast like Isaiah and you want to shoot like Bird. Rebound like Barkley. Pass like magic. Be dominant like Shaq. But man, I wanted to be like Mike.

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Michael Jordan’s former agent has revealed how pissed off the superstar looked during negotiations with Nike

Everyone has wanted to be like Mike. They wanted to dress like Mike, play like Mike, and celebrate like Mike. Nike has become this bridge, this magic portal that could bring Jordan fans closer to their idol.

Today, Air Jordan is one of the most sought after brands. There is nothing like it yet. The feeling you get with certain AJs is indescribable.

But Michael’s former agent David Falk has revealed how Nike’s deal with the legend nearly fell apart in 1984.

According to Falk, the five-time MVP has been smitten with Adidas. A busy and chaotic schedule had exhausted Jordan. So when Falk introduced him to Nike, MJ wasn’t the least bit interested. That’s until her mother intervenes.

At the request of his mother, His Airness decided to at least go meet Nike. Falk later recounted how Jordan looked unimpressed with the brand.

Falk: “Jordan is not smiling. He looks like he’s about to cry. He looks like he’s about to scream. He is angry. I’m dying because I know he hates it, and he’s gonna fire me when it’s over.

Imagine if the deal hadn’t been done. The world would have been deprived of the OG sneaker brand and many stockists would have lost their livelihoods.

But the deal was a success. Today, Air Jordan is worth over $10 billion and MJ is worth $2.2 billion. All because of a reluctant encounter.

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Nordstrom Summer Sale, save up to 60% until September 12


Save up to 60% on Nordstrom’s summer sale through September 12. Fill your cupboards with great deals for men, women and kids. Stock up on beauty products for your makeup bags and take advantage of discounts on brands like Lancôme, Levi’s, Nike and Ugg.

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Puma launches its first Metaverse experience with NFT shoes. Can it compete with Nike?


On September 7, Puma, one of the biggest sports brands in the world, announced the launch of “Black Station”, its first interactive metaverse experience, during New York Fashion Week.

According to the company’s press release, Black Station will become “a dynamic destination to visit,” where Puma users can connect in an immersive and interactive way to enjoy the brand’s NFTs, primarily related to sporting goods.

Puma relaunches its creative journey

Adam Petrick, PUMA’s Chief Brand Officer, said: “Twenty years ago, Black Station was the home of PUMA. Black Station allowed PUMA to showcase its most innovative designs, and that’s why it relaunched the website to celebrate its commitment to innovation.

“Given the boundaries we are pushing from a product design and digital perspective, we felt it fitting to bring back Black Station as a new portal for digital exploration of fashion, sports performance, our heritage classics and innovation.”

From the moment users enter the website, they can choose from a hyper-realistic digital lobby with three distinct portals to discover exclusive and never-before-seen sneakers. They can also create NitroPass passes to receive NFTs tied to physical products that can be claimed once the Futrograde fair in New York is over.

Heiko Desens, Global Creative Director and Chief Innovation Officer of Puma, noted that with the benefits offered by the metaverse, Puma’s design team can work without limits to create original designs that are as impressive as the actual products.

“Our design team took a lot of liberties when designing these shoe styles. We told them the sky was the limit. As a result, we were able to harness their creativity without the constraints and limitations typical of our design process. footwear production.

Puma wants a piece of the scrumptious pie we call ‘the metaverse’

Despite the technological innovation offered by the metaverse, it should be noted that on the monetary level, Nike, one of Puma’s main competitors, has earned nearly $184 million thanks to its NFTs products. It is a clear invitation to a market that is just beginning.

Source: Dune Analysis

According to data provided by Dune Analytics, Nike leads the ranking of companies that profited the most from the sale of NFT, followed by Dolce & Gabbana, which sold around $23.67 million. Adidas, one of the first to bet on the metaverse, barely managed to sell $10 million due to problems during the launch of its collection (for which the brand has publicly apologized).

The truth is, the metaverse is open to any business that wants to go beyond the real world. Even major automotive brands, such as Ford Motors Company, have announced patent filings to enter the metaverse with their most successful car collections.


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Sibusiso Vilakazi empties the Nike store


TS Galaxy star Sibusiso Vilakazi recently took over the Nike store and walked away with a bunch of brand new items. Check it out!

What happened?

The 32-year-old has been sponsored by the sportswear brand for many years throughout the striker’s impressive and trophy-filled career.

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of Nike’s best Sibusiso Vilakazi

Vilakazi even featured in their 2015 unveiling of the local boot called Magista. This long-standing relationship has led to a long list of boots collected over the years that would make most people jealous.

However, the benefits of being sponsored by a brand don’t just extend to boots as you can get kits, jerseys, shorts or any other item they release.

The footballer recently took to Instagram to thank Nike after leaving with not one but three bags of new stock.

Read: Tinkler spoiled by a flashy BMW R1.7m

While many would have liked to see what he got himself, the striker hasn’t revealed what’s in his big orange bags.

Life at the Galaxy?

The baller nicknamed Vila has had a promising start at TS Galaxy as he has already made more starts than the whole of the last campaign. While he’s still waiting to score his first goal, we know it’s only a matter of time before he starts scoring for fun.

Did you know?

In 2020, the 32-year-old changed his jersey number from 11 to 24 in honor of legendary American basketball player Kobe Bryant, according to Football Laduma.

Your thoughts, please?

What do you think Vila got?

Scammers are now targeting payday loans


HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – Scammers are evolving their ways of attacking the bank accounts of hard-working Americans and payday loans are the latest avenue. These types of loans target people who need a quick fix or something to get by until their next payday.

The BBB says the scammers pose as payday loan companies or debt collectors and have affected more than 200,000 people, costing them around $4.1 million. Experts say victims generally feel like this is the only option available to them.

“What’s really devastating with these particular scams is that they pull people out of the fringes. These are people who are generally in desperate need of money and with a very short deadline to work, and because of this they are willing to ignore many of the red flags we mention in the scam study” , said Josh Planos, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations for the Better Business Bureau.

The playbook is not much different from other types of scams and payday loans have a wide cross section; but they target a certain crowd of consumers.

“Mostly middle-aged. Kids and teens usually don’t look for payday loans, but it kind of depends on the type of scam due to debt collection. We send out news releases all the time about scholarships, student debt,” Planos said.

From 2019 to July 2022, BBB received nearly 3,000 customer complaints about payday loan companies, with a disputed dollar amount of nearly $3 million. In addition, over 117,000 complaints have been filed against debt collection companies at BBB. Complainants often said they felt ill-informed about the terms of their loans. Many fall into what consumer advocates call a “debt trap” of racking up interest and fees that can force customers to pay double the amount originally borrowed.

“They come to these places because they desperately need a solution and have exhausted all their other options. So what’s particularly notorious about these types of scams is that they target people who are already on the fringes, who have already lost their chance,” Planos said.

Consumers are advised to look for the signs, before the scammers trick them into putting them in a compromising position.

“The reality is that your life may never be the same again. I hate to say it in such crude terms, but it really is something that threatens your future purchasing power, your credit score absolutely, your ability to pay for everything.

Regulators at the federal level have pursued tougher laws to curb predatory lending, but those regulations have been rolled back in recent years, leaving states to set their own rules on interest rate caps and other aspects of mortgage lending. salary.

This varies from state to state, so the process for people going to these payday loan companies varies.

The BBB has recommendations for regulators:

  • Cap consumer loans at 36%
  • Educate more people about no-cost extended repayment plans
  • Require lenders to test whether consumers can repay their loans
  • Require Zelle, Venmo, and other payment services to offer refunds for fraud

Where to report a payday loan scam or file a complaint:

  • BBB.org/ScamTracker
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – ReportFraud.ftc.gov
  • Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC) – Online or by phone at 1-888-495-8501
  • State attorneys general can often help. Find your state attorney general’s website to see if you can file online.
  • If you have an overdue payment on a payday loan, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may have resources to help you establish a payment plan.

Experts say some victims of the scam are still struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table. They also urge anyone who is going to apply for a payday loan to make sure that this company is accredited.

No Dramas, a store selling hard to find and collectible street shoes and clothing in Darlinghurst


Have you ever set yourself a calendar reminder to try and score a new release or a limited edition shoe or apparel, but ended up missing something? The new version of Palace is sold out? Are those limited edition Nikes that disappeared in 60 seconds now on resale sites at a considerably higher price? No Dramas has you sorted – it’s a new store in Darlinghurst offering rare and selected pieces with no waiting list in sight.

No Dramas is from Henry Davidson, who cultivated his sneaker knowledge at fried chicken and shoe supplier Butter in Surry Hills and Parramatta. It’s a place to shop for pieces from hard-to-find streetwear brands, as well as rare items and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Tucked away in a small lane in Darlinghurst, No Dramas’ small floor space belies the crowd of treats for fans of sneakers and street culture pieces.

“No Dramas is built on all the experiences and influences I’ve had over the years,” Davidson says. “It’s a hybrid of limited-edition sneakers and apparel, carefully curated items from local independent brands, and an assortment of publications and accessories.”

The store emphasizes the second life of products in a climate of fast fashion and unique pieces that consumers could buy for special occasions. “We’re not your typical thrift or vintage store that will accept any heavily used item just for the sake of it; we focus on each item, its style and its story,” says Davidson.

A huge range of Supreme merchandise is one of the big draw cards here, with everything from $2,500 boxing gloves to ceramics, bottle openers, stickers and hard-to-find apparel collaborations. These pieces can usually be hard to find, but No Dramas does the hard work for you, tracking down and curating a selection that will appeal to both casual and serious collectors.

You’ll also find a range of Nike Airs, clothing from Carhartt, Yeezy sneakers, pieces from the Off-White and Nike collaborations and even commemorative plaques from the Sydney Olympics.

Davidson says the future of retail in this pocket of Darlinghurst holds promise for creative, street-focused and design-focused brands. “With – in my opinion – the biggest names in Australian retail, such as Flipside Distribution [Supply Store, Stussy, Carhartt]Pass Port and Pam Store being our neighbours, we hope to attract more people to Darlinghurst.”

Odell Beckham Jr. trains in ‘Off-White’ Nike Air Force 1s


Most football fans haven’t seen Odell Beckham Jr. since he tore his left ACL in Super Bowl LVI. The Los Angeles Rams finally helped Beckham win his first Vince Lombardi Trophy, but unfortunately the veteran receiver remains a free agent after the entire offseason.

However, Beckham remains as confident as ever. We recently covered his Louis-Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 shoes designed by Virgil Abloh. Today, the 29-year-old is back in a new pair of shoes that pay homage to the legendary fashion designer.

Beckham posted several photos on his Instagram account of him and his friends living the high life. Even better, fans get a glimpse of the wide receiver training in a weight room.

The 3x NFL Pro-Bowler wears a black and green Louis Vuitton shirt that retails for $1,090. The shirt pairs perfectly with a pair of bright green Nike Air Force 1 Low shoes worn by Beckham. Below is everything fans need to know about the exclusive kicks.

Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Light Green Spark’

Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Off-White Light Green Spark’

In Beckham’s Instagram post, he is seen wearing the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low shoes in the “Light Green Spark” colorway. The shoes feature a bright green leather upper with exposed white foam on the low collar and tongue.

Scroll to continue

Nike’s signature Swoosh logos appear in silver with black stitching, with the medial Swoosh hiding Off-White’s signature Helvetica text branding. The outsole is all green except for the word “AIR” printed on the lateral sidewall in white.

The Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Light Green Spark’ released in extremely limited quantities in July 2022 for $160. The average resale price is now $3,133, according to StockX. The rare collaborative shoe was launched in conjunction with “The Virgil Abloh: Figures Of Speech” exhibition held at the Brooklyn Museum.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Beckham pay tribute to the great, late Abloh, and it certainly won’t be the last. It’s good to see the flashy wide receiver coaching, and it’ll be even better when fans see him on the court this season. Stay tuned FanNation Kicks for all the news about your shoes.

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Dennis Schroder signs endorsement deal with Puma


Late Monday night, veteran NBA point guard Dennis Schroder announced his new footwear and apparel deal with Puma on Instagram. The partnership between Puma and Schroder seems natural.

Schroder was born and raised in Germany and played for the German men’s national basketball team. Of course, Puma is headquartered in Germany. The multinational has been a household name for decades, but has seen growing popularity among NBA players since re-entering the performance basketball shoe market in 2018.

Schroder is currently a free agent after playing for the Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics in the 2021-22 NBA season. However, the 28-year-old is likely to find a new team as the start of training camps nears in late September.

Schroder played nine seasons in the NBA and is still a productive point guard. Despite playing for two teams last season, Schroder averaged 13.5 points and 4.6 assists per game in 64 appearances.

Dennis Schroder wore the Puma Clyde All-Pro shoes during the 2021-22 NBA season.

Scroll to continue

Schroder rocked his hand last season when he started wearing Puma basketball shoes. Prior to last season, Schroder always wore Nike shoes – specifically models from the Kobe, KD and Kyrie signature lines.

Even though Schroder enjoys international popularity, it seems unlikely that he will get a signature sneaker line with Puma. The company only has one player with a signature line, and that’s Charlotte Hornets point guard LaMelo Ball. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more details about Schroder’s new Puma deal.

The 2022-23 NBA season is just around the corner, and Schroder must adjust to yet another new team. Wherever Schroder lands, Puma will ensure their new athlete is shod in their best gear. Stay locked in FanNationKicks.com for all your sneaker news.

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Report: Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker to get major shoe deal soon


Phoenix Suns goaltender Devin Booker has had it all offseason.

Booker was named an All-NBA First-Team Player, which sparked a supermax extension he and the Suns signed almost immediately after becoming eligible this summer.

He managed to make it to his third consecutive All-Star game, finished fourth in MVP voting, and even had the honor of appearing on the cover of NBA 2K23.

Perhaps a more underrated part of Booker’s offseason was the extension he saw with Nike. The new deal he signed with the brand would have been until 2029 and rumors started circulating that Booker would finally receive a coveted signature shoe.

They may not be rumors for long.

Sportando’s Emiliano Carchia reported that Booker was next with Nike.

Booker previously helped unveil the Nike GT Cut 2 over the summer.

Booker, known for rocking Kobe’s, will have all eyes on his product if/when it comes out.

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Cost of living crisis: Data shows Manchester’s financial health


Greater Manchester constituencies have higher scores on the Financial Vulnerability Index than the UK and North West averages.

Households are struggling with high levels of inflation and soaring bills as part of the cost of living crisis – and new data shows how far Greater Manchester constituencies are doing.

Manchester has seen above-average levels of financial vulnerability since the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020 and it has only slightly decreased, according to data experts.

And there are fears that the use of credit will rise sharply in the North West as households try to cope with everything that becomes more expensive.

What is the Financial Vulnerability Index?

The FVI measures a region’s residents’ vulnerability to financial problems and it uses six items to measure this.

This is the percentage of people in an area who are in default, claiming benefits, have high-cost loans, lack emergency savings, and rely on alternative financial products such as loans. on salary.

The sixth measure considered is the average use of credit among residents to determine how dependent they are on it.

Each parliamentary constituency then obtains an overall score between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the more the inhabitants of a territory are financially vulnerable.

The index is a joint project between credit management services company Lowell and the Urban Institute, a US-based research organization,

It is based on anonymised data from approximately 9.5 million Lowell UK customer accounts and other publicly available data sources.

What does the index show for Greater Manchester?

The latest FVI figures show Greater Manchester constituencies are significantly more vulnerable than average.

The UK’s average score is 43.1 and the North West’s is 49.1.

But the latest index gave Blackley and Broughton a score of 60.9, with around 60% of adults in the constituency without emergency savings and more than a quarter in default.

Manchester Gorton has an index of 58.1 and Wythenshawe and Sale East had a Financial Vulnerability Index of 56.9, while Bolton South East it was 56 and Oldham West and Royton it was 55.7 .

At Salford and Eccles it was 53.5, while at Manchester Central it was 53.3.

The latest published figures from the index also show that Manchester has been experiencing above average levels of financial vulnerability since the second quarter of 2020, and since then it has fallen by just 3.1 points.

And like residents of the North West as a whole, credit use in Manchester is increasing as bills rise, with the average credit use in the city reaching 51.9%.

What does the index show for the UK as a whole?

The latest index updates show that across the UK households are resorting to credit as inflation means daily necessities now cost more. Credit usage in the last quarter was the highest since the start of 2020.

Rising interest rates have also done nothing to deter the most financially vulnerable residents from borrowing, which the index creators say proves that for the poorest consumers, having to borrow money is a necessity and not a choice.

There is better news, however, as financial vulnerability in the UK has declined overall since the last index update, which experts say is mainly due to the fall in the share of adults claiming social benefits.

Payday loans across the UK also continued to decline.

What about the latest numbers?

John Pears, UK CEO of Lowell, said: “The cost of living is rising across the board and hitting north west towns like Manchester hard.

“Households have to shell out more money to pay for essentials like food and bills. With the rising cost of living pushing budgets to their limits, people are increasingly turning to credit.

“For many now, a single income shock can be enough to push a household into debt. People need help to cut costs.

“The new government must take action to ensure that households, especially those on the lowest incomes, receive the support they need.

“With the recent changes to the price cap, reducing energy bills must be the priority. This must be at the top of the agenda.

Is the metaverse the future of digital marketing?


The word metaverse has become an increasingly common term over the past year, with major tech companies investing millions of dollars in the production and development of this new technology. But what is the metaverse? And what does this mean for the future of marketing?

The metaverse is defined as an immersive digital environment populated by virtual avatars that represent real people. It is a self-contained, fully functional universe that contains user-generated content, is always-on, and exists in real time. Using a combination of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), the Metaverse creates an integrated network of 3D worlds; a place parallel to the physical world, where you can spend your digital life.

Marketing in the Metaverse

Creating a virtual platform that everyone can access opens a huge door for companies and brands to market their products and services. The metaverse is still in the development phase, but brands are already stepping in the door and reaching out to consumers on this virtual platform.

The marketing mix is ​​made up of four Ps: product, price, promotion and place. The metaverse offers new marketing space and new methods of promotion, so it’s no surprise that marketing teams around the world are excited to find their way there!

The metaverse allows you to create your own platform, by designing a universe dedicated to a brand’s products or services. This process requires a lot of time and research, as well as a significant financial investment, but has already proven itself with a multitude of brands.

Shopify, an e-commerce platform for online stores, held its 2022 summit inside the Metaverse. In partnership with Spotify and Uber Eats, users could buy goods, listen to music, and get real food delivered, all from inside the experience. Hosting a virtual convention exponentially increases the size of the potential audience compared to a physical event limited by location and available space.

The metaverse has opened up new opportunities for virtual collectibles, which have proven successful in the past through various online video games that allow players to purchase collectibles; direct-to-avatar sales of virtual goods represent a $54 billion market. Nike used this in the metaverse by creating a purpose-built metaverse space named Nikeland, using the Roblox platform. Users can purchase exclusive Nike digital products, which can be worn by their avatar and displayed in their own personal section of Nikeland. Since launching in November 2021, Nike has over 7 million users on the platform.

Via https://hypebeast.com/2021/11/nike-nikeland-roblox-3d-space-info

Native advertising is transferable to the metaverse, with billboards available to advertise on virtual roads, as well as product placement on the platform. There are also various sponsorship opportunities for sporting and musical events held in the metaverse.

Big brands like Coca-Cola and Samsung have already used advertising on this new platform. Coca-Cola launched a limited-edition drink inside the metaverse, and Samsung created a scavenger hunt on the platform where users played to win a Galaxy S22.

Via https://www.gamespot.com/articles/coke-rolls-out-new-pixel-flavored-flavor-inside-fortnite-first-real-life-in-may/1100-6502146/
Via https://news.samsung.com/my/build-your-dream-home-in-the-metaverse-with-the-samsung-galaxy-s22-treasure-hunt-campaign

Virtual reality and augmented reality both open up a world of marketing opportunities for a variety of brands. By hosting products in the metaverse, users can see a virtual 3D model of the product before purchasing it. Hyundai has used this feature by creating a virtual Motorstudio on the platform, where users can experience different vehicle models, watch informative videos and purchase goods.

Via https://www.hyundaimotorgroup.com/news/CONT0000000000033539

Augmented reality can benefit a host of brands selling products such as homewares and furniture as well as apparel companies. Augmented reality allows customers to “place” the piece of furniture in their home before buying it to ensure they like the style and that the product is sized appropriately. This also translates to clothing brands, where customers can use augmented reality to see themselves wearing the clothes before buying them.

The challenges of marketing within the metaverse

Accessibility is a huge challenge for brands looking to market within the metaverse. Currently, to access the Metaverse, a high spec computer with fast internet speeds is required, along with a VR headset for many virtual aspects. Not everyone has access to these expensive technologies, so not everyone will be able to access the metaverse immediately. Some consumers may be desperate to get their hands on the technology required to be able to immerse themselves in this new world, but others who may be more skeptical of the metaverse won’t be rushing to spend big bucks to make it happen – if your target consumer is most likely to adapt to the latter, the metaverse may not be the best direction to take your brand right now.

Many people remain skeptical of the Metaverse. Despite countless tech pros explaining why the concept is so much more than just a kids’ video game, many people can’t figure out how or why it could be more than that. It’s still very early days for the metaverse, it could be years before the general populace accepts this new market for what it really is. At least for now, mass marketing is definitely hampered in the metaverse due to the widespread mixed opinions.

The metaverse is free for everyone to access (with the right technology), and there is currently no regulatory authority for the platform. This is a huge concern for brands looking to promote within the metaverse, as you have no control over other user-generated content that appears alongside your brand, and you run the risk of virtual vandalism.

There are privacy and data security issues related to the deployment of the metaverse. New privacy and protection methods are being developed to adapt to this new environment, but the confidence we can place in this newly developed technology is currently unknown. It’s too early to tell if the Metaverse will have a set of security and privacy rules on each platform or if different countries will require their own regulations, although the latter seems the most likely. Depending on the outcome, marketers could be hit hard when trying to expand their reach internationally through the metaverse.

Another marketing challenge in the Metaverse is determining how to track performance, as traditional metrics cannot be directly translated as the Metaverse provides new marketing methods. It’s not a breach of contract, it’s just too early for marketers to know exactly how to approach this. Through calculated trial and error, it won’t take long for proper analytics to be mastered on this platform.

Is this the future of digital marketing?

Investors continue to pour money into the development of the platform at an incredible rate; by the first half of 2022, more than $120 billion had been invested in the development of metaverse technology and infrastructure. Popularity is growing and big brands are quickly becoming the first to use the platform for promotional purposes.

Not everyone agrees with the Metaverse, with many people totally opposed. While opinions of this nature will most likely change as the platform grows in popularity and popularity, I don’t see a world where everyone is using the metaverse to its fullest potential (except maybe 100 years from now) .

The Metaverse provides a new kind of platform, but it won’t replace traditional marketing methods, at least not for the foreseeable future. Not all businesses will benefit from what the metaverse has to offer, but others will. I think we’re going to start hearing an increasing number of brands spread across the metaverse, however, we’re not going to completely wipe out reality for a virtual release.

There is no clear answer as to whether this is the future – who knows? I would like to have a window on the future to see how far this can really go!

Release schedule: Nike, New Balance and more


Fall hues take center stage in this week’s footwear lineup. Olive green lands on a Nike Dunk Low and a women’s New Balance 990v3, while tan hues cover an AF1 Mid and the Jacquemus Humara.

Collectors, mark your calendars for the Sept. 10 release of the Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” colorway and the fashion-forward Jordan System.23 clog that drops Sept. 7.

Keep reading for twelve of our favorite releases happening this week.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid LX “Izakaya”

Release date: September 7
Price: $140
SKU: DX2938-200
Or buy: SNKRS

Jordan System.23 Clog “Cement Grey”

Release date: September 7
Price: $110
SKU: DN4890-101
Or buy: SNKRS

Air Jordan 1 Mid Women’s “Chutney/Black”

Release date: September 7
Price: $125
SKU: BQ6472-700
Or buy: Nike

Nike Air Force 1 Low “Metallic Silver/Coconut Milk”

Release date: September 8
Price: $150
SKU: DX3945-100
Or buy: SNKRS

Nike Air Max Penny “Photon Dust”

Release date: September 8
Price: $170
SKU: DX5801-001
Or buy: SNKRS

Nike Dunk High “Certified Fresh”

Release date: September 9
Price: $135
SKU: DQ8800-200
Or buy: SNKRS

Nike Dunk Low Femme “Medium Olive”

Release date: September 9
Price: $110
SKU: DD1503-120
Or buy: SNKRS

New Balance 990v3 Made in USA “Olive Leaf”

Release date: September 9
Price: $200
SKU: M990TC3
Or buy: New balance

Air Jordan 36 “Jayson Tatum Mustang PE”

Release date: September 9
Price: $200
SKU: DV5265-001
Or buy: Nike

Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red”

Release date: September 10
Price: $210
SKU: DN3707-160
Or buy: SNKRS

Jacquemus x Nike Air Humara “Light Bone/Gold”

Release date: September 10
Price: $170
SKU: DR0420-001
Or buy: SNKRS

Jacquemus x Nike Air Humara “Ale Brown/Gold”

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6’6 Did Kobe Bryant go from 8 to 24 to his idol, Michael Jordan?


Kobe Bryant has always spoken of his admiration/rivalry with Michael Jordan – how far would he go to beat him?

Kobe Bryant has always made it a point to show that he is the best player on the field. Even while Michael Jordan was on the court. They had battles that weren’t long, but very intense. In the end, Kobe almost imitated MJ in his professional achievements. While Kobe was deprived of multiple MVPs, he nearly had 2 3-rounds on his own.

One thing he also copied MJ in was changing jersey numbers. While Jordan only made it for a little while and got back to 23, Kobe stuck to his 24 for over 300 games. When asked why the change, he gave a great answer about how he wanted to enjoy 24 hours a day and how hard he was doing on a daily basis. In another interview, he said he made the switch because he wore a 24 in high school.

But deep down, everyone secretly knows he did it to feel like he’s made his idol better, with the top comment on the post below speculating the same. He did the same with the Olympic jersey, where Jordan wore 9 and Kobe wore 10. Mind games right there. Snakes are known to be masters of deception, and Black Mamba is one of the best at it. Well he said he wore 10 to honor Lionel Messibut we know that’s just a cover.

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Kobe Bryant had two Hall of Fame-worthy careers – one with each jersey number

Kobe Bryant played 11 seasons in the number 8 jersey and 9 seasons in the number 24. While number 8 was brash and in your face, number 24 was calm, menacing and cutthroat. While they were pitted, the results remained the same – they both won championships. Several championships too, because he has a ring for each finger on one hand.

The numbers are also almost identical – and the accolades are also split in half. Here are the awards and accolades for issue #8:

As #8:

Second Team All-Rookie (1997)

Slam Dunk Contest Winner (1997)

Scores Champion (2006)

Eight-time NBA All-Star

All-Star Game MVP (2002)

Four-time All-Defensive First Team

Two-time All-Defensive Second Team

And here are the stats for issue 24:

As #24:

Points Champion (2007)

Four-time NBA All-Star

Two-time All-Star Game MVP (2007, 2009)

Four-time All-Defensive First Team

Four-time All-NBA First Team

NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)

Two-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (2009, 2010)

Each could have been a Hall of Fame induction on its own, and the Los Angeles Lakers rewarded it by retiring both numbers. He is the only one to have 2 numbers retired by a team. If you had the choice, which version of the Mamba would you choose?

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Where to buy Nike Blue Ribbon SB Grinch sneakers? Everything we know so far


Oregon-based sportswear giant Nike and its iconic skateboarding division, Nike SB, introduced the Blue Ribbon SB silhouette in 2022 to celebrate the history of the skateboarding division. The Blue Ribbon SB design is inspired by the classic Nike Cortez silhouette of the brand and origin Nike Blue Ribbon Sports.

The Nike Blue Ribbon SB silhouette is full of heritage. The latest iteration of the silhouette comes dressed in Nike’s famous ‘Grinch’ colorway. The silhouette’s color scheme is similar to the unorthodox Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Dunk Low silhouette previously teased.

A confirmed release date for the sneaker has yet to be revealed, however, it can be expected to launch during this holiday season on the official Nike SNKRS e-commerce site for a retail price. expected $100. None of the information has yet been confirmed by Nike.

Read more about the upcoming Nike Blue Ribbon SB Grinch sneakers influenced by the Christmas season

Nike Blue Ribbon SB Grinch trainers influenced by the upcoming Christmas season (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nike Blue Ribbon SB Grinch trainers influenced by the upcoming Christmas season (Image via Sportskeeda)

With Christmas still four months away, Nike is already in the festive mood, and the festive season has been fueling Nike SB silhouettes lately.

The label first teased the Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Dunk SB Low Grinch furry sneakers, and now the label is back with a Grinch-themed play with the Nike Blue Ribbon SB.

Announced in the spring of 2022, the BRSB is designed for skating and is rebuilt via multiple padded additions. The uppers are crafted from shaggy suede, coated in a lime green hue. The lime green hue is accented on the forefoot and ribbed quarter overlay.

The toes of the sneakers additionally feature mini swooshes, which come in a slightly lighter shade. The silhouette’s upper adds another material to its construction with a padded nylon tongue and cupsole alongside the integrated cushion system, which is added to the rear of the silhouette.

The shoes feature a synthetic material construction and stitching throughout the second half of the model, also coated in the titular green hue. The Grinch hue continues on the interior lining, exposed airbag and cracked leather rear tongue.

Moving away from the monochromatic look, the red tones of Grinch’s Santa suit are accented on the side panel swooshes set to the lateral and medial sides.

A more neutral hue, dubbed Off-White, is added underfoot with the herringbone outsole, which sits below the matching midsole. The white hue continues further on the white laces. The sole features visible React foam in the insoles, which are also coated in matching green.

The famous Grinch color scheme was first seen in the iconic and famous Kobe 6 Proto sneakers. The release date for the upcoming Nike Blue Ribbon SB Grinch has yet to be officially announced by the swoosh label, but it can be expected to be available in the coming months through SNKRS and select retailers.

A confirmed retail price for the silhouette has not been announced by the label, however, judging by previous releases, the pair can be expected to drop by $100.

In other news, Nike is set to release an iteration of the Air Jordan 3 in the Fire Red colorway on September 10, 2022, for $210.

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Analysts Forecast NIKE, Inc. Earnings in Q1 2023 (NYSE:NKE)


Is Nike stock still cheap despite being oversold? In a study made available to customers and investors on August 30, Zacks Research released its earnings estimates for Nike for the first quarter of 2023. These forecasts can be viewed here. The survey focused on Nike, Inc. R. Lohia of Zacks Research expects the shoemaker to generate $0.90 in earnings per share in the third quarter of this year. These forecasts are based on the company’s historical performance. The general view of financial analysts puts Nike’s earnings forecast at $3.80 per share for the full year. Additionally, according to projections made by Zacks Research, Nike will earn $0.79 per share in Q2 2023, $1.02 per share in Q3 2023, $0.98 per share in Q4 2023, $3.70 per share in fiscal year 2023. , $1.26 per share in the first quarter of 2024, $1.09 per share in the second quarter of 2024, $1.27 per share in the third quarter of 2024 and $1.18 per share in the fourth quarter Recent reports on the company’s performance have been compiled and distributed by several different stock analysts. In a report on the company’s financial performance released Tuesday, June 28, analysts lowered their “overweight” rating and price target on Nike from $1590.00 to $149.00.

The research focused on the company’s recent performance. KGI Securities’ recommendation for Nike was changed from “outperform” to “neutral” in a research note dated May 23. Barclays analysts said they were lowering their price target for Nike from $140.00 to $125.00 and calling the company “overweight.” “This information was included in a research report made public by Barclays on June 29. In a research note released June 28, BMO Capital Markets lowered its “outperform” rating and target price on Nike shares, which had previously been set at $149.00. The note was produced in response to Nike’s quarterly earnings report. The new price we are targeting is $128.00. On Wednesday, August 3, Piper Sandler began offering Nike stock coverage in a research note. This cover was the first included in the note. The meeting will end on this particular topic. They gave the company a “neutral rating” and they decided that the price target should be $115.00. Twenty investment professionals favor buying the stock, while eleven think it should be held stable as an investment. Nike’s current average rating is “Moderate Buy” and the widely agreed price target is $137.46, according to research by Bloomberg.

Should you keep your Nike (NYSE:NKE) position through the second half of 2022? On Friday, the opening price of a Nike share was set at $106.49. During NIKE’s trading year, the company’s stock price ranged from a high of $179.10 to a low of $99.53 over the 52 weeks. The company’s stock price moving average for the last 50 days is $109.52, while its stock price moving average for the last 200 days is $119.38. There is a ratio of 0.58 between the amount of debt and that of equity. The current ratio is 2.63, while the quick ratio is 1.84 and the current ratio is 2.63. Based on the following criteria, the value of the company was calculated at $167.04 billion: the price/earnings ratio is 28.32, the price/earnings growth ratio is 2.28 and the beta value is of 1.02. Nike’s (NYSE:NKE) latest earnings report was due June 27, when the company released its results. The shoemaker reported earnings per share for the quarter of $0.90, $0.09 higher than the earnings-per-share projection of $0.81 that market pundits had made. Nike had a return on equity of 40.74%, significantly higher than its net margin of 12.94%. Overall revenue for the quarter was $12.20 billion, which was above the consensus estimate of $12.10 billion for the amount of money that would be generated. Compared to the same period a year earlier, the company generated earnings of $0.93 for each share. Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, the turnover for this quarter is down. eight percentage points.

Should you buy, sell or own shares of Starbucks, Nike or Nio? As a direct result of these changes, the total number of shares that hedge funds and many other types of institutional investors hold in the company has changed. CWM LLC increased the amount of Nike shares held by 12.5% ​​during the first quarter of the year. After purchasing an additional 1,986 shares throughout the transaction, CWM LLC now owns 17,836 shares of the shoe company, which have a combined value of $2,400,000. The transaction resulted in the acquisition of these shares. In the first three months of 2018, WealthPLAN Partners LLC increased the total number of Nike shares it held by 4.8%. Currently, WealthPLAN Partners LLC owns a total of 2,747 shares of the shoe company, which are worth a combined total of $343,000. This shows an increase of 126 shares in the last quarter of the company’s fiscal year (from 2,680 previously). Nike stock holdings, managed by Executive Wealth Management LLC, rose 4.2% in the first three months of the year. Following the acquisition of 476 additional shares in the last quarter, Executive Wealth Management LLC now owns 11,937 shares of the shoemaker. This brings the total number of shares held by the company to 11,937. A value of $1,606,000 is attached to these shares. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Lake Street Advisors Group LLC purchased an additional 1.2% of Nike shares, bringing the company’s total holdings of Nike shares to 14.4%.

After purchasing an additional 155 shares of the shoemaker’s stock last fiscal quarter, Lake Street Advisors Group LLC now owns 12,815 shares of the company’s stock, worth $2,136,000. Finally, Castle Rock Wealth Management LLC made a new investment in Nike of $313,000 during the first quarter of this year. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 64.19% of the company’s shares. The other shareholders hold the remaining 35.21%. Additionally, on August 3, Nike COO Andrew Campion sold 5,922 shares of the company. This Nike-related information is included in the news. It was discovered that each share was sold at an average price of $113.42, which led to a total sale volume of $671,673.24. The price at which each share was sold was determined to be $113.42. After the sale was completed, the COO was able to buy a working interest in the company that was equivalent to 75,295 shares and had a total value of $8,539,958.90. By following the link provided in the previous row, you will be able to review the filing made with the Securities and Exchange Commission that made the transaction public. According to reports from other sources, CFO Matthew Friend sold 9,032 shares of the company on Monday, June 13. This information was obtained from reports from other sources.

The price of each share was determined at $110.52, resulting in a total trading volume of $998,216.64 collected from buyers. Following the successful completion of the transaction, the company’s CFO now owns 51,581 shares with a total value of $5,700,732.12. You will have access to the SEC filing if you use this website, which is also where the transaction was publicly notified. Additionally, 5,922 shares of the company were sold on August 3 by Andrew Campion, the company’s chief operating officer. It was discovered that each share was sold at an average price of $113.42, which led to a total sale volume of $671,673.24. The price at which each share was sold was determined to be $113.42. Following the closing of the transaction, the CEO will hold a total of 75,295 shares of the company. Each of these shares has a current market value of $8,539,958.90. Disclosures related to the sale can be found in this section of the website. Business insiders were responsible for selling 68,593 shares of the company in the most recent fiscal year, resulting in a total value of $7,372,310. Currently, insider ownership of the Company’s stock is 0.40%. Nike announced on Monday, June 27 that the company’s board of directors has authorized an $8.00 billion share buyback program for the company’s existing stock. The initiative would be used to buy back existing Nike shares by the company. As a direct consequence of this authorization, the shoe manufacturer can now buy back up to 11% of its shares on the open market.

It is common practice for management to announce stock buyback plans to convey its judgment that the company’s stock is currently trading at a price lower than its true value. Additionally, the company recently announced that it will begin paying a quarterly dividend to shareholders beginning Monday, October 3. On September 6, registered shareholders will be eligible to receive a dividend payment of $0.305 per share. This payment will be made available to shareholders. As a direct result, the dividend yield is calculated at 1.15% and the total annual payout is calculated at $1.22. On the ex-dividend date, this Friday September 2, the dividend in question will be paid, but not before. The present value of the company’s dividend payout ratio is 32.45%. Details about Nike, including the company itself Nike, Inc. and its subsidiaries are responsible for the design, development, marketing and distribution of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for men, women and children in all parts of the world. These products are sold in all countries of the world. Under the Jumpman brand, the company sells a variety of products, including footwear, apparel (sports and casual), and accessories. Casual clothing and accessories are also marketed and sold under brands such as Converse, Chuck Taylor, All-Star, One Star, Star Chevron and Jack Purcell.

Top 5 Best Payday Loans No Credit Check Guaranteed Same Day Approval 2022


For Americans with less than stellar credit ratings, finding a loan online in the midst of a financial setback can seem impossible. You can find a seemingly “easy” solution by researching payday loans without credit checks online. These loans are the unicorn of the financial world; everyone has heard of them, but they don’t really exist.

We investigated several alternatives to payday loans without an online credit check – our findings are below!

Payday Loans No Credit Check Online – Quick Overview

  1. Viva Payday Loans – Best Overall for Payday Loans No Credit Check Online Alternative
  2. Low credit financing – Ideal for small online payday loans No credit check alternative for borrowers with bad credit
  3. Big Buck Loans – Best For Online Payday Loans No Credit Check Instant Approval Alternative For Unemployed
  4. Heart Paydays – Ideal for same day online payday loan alternatives with no credit check
  5. Green dollar loans – Ideal for alternatives to online payday loans Instant approval without credit check

Best Loans No Credit Check Guaranteed Approval 2022

  • Viva Payday Loans – Best Overall for Payday Loans Online Alternatives No Credit Check

Viva Payday Loans claims the top spot in our editor’s pick for online payday loans with no credit check alternatives. Their application process for online alternatives for payday loans no credit check is quick and easy. It is also impressive that the platform offers loans ranging from $100 to $5,000 with 3 to 24 months of repayment. Interest, which can be a real pet peeve for borrowers, starts at 5.99% at Viva Payday Loans.

Eligibility Criteria for Payday Loan Alternatives No Online Credit Checks

  • Earn $1000 per month
  • Take an affordability assessment
  • 18 years + to apply

Benefits of Online Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check

  • Low FICO borrowers welcome
  • 100% online application
  • Flexible loan amounts

Disadvantages of Online Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check

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  • Low Credit Financing – Best for Small Online Payday Loans No Credit Check Alternative for Borrowers with Bad Credit

Low Credit Finance is a provider of legit online payday loans no credit check alternative for bad credit. Although they do not offer payday loans without online credit checks due to regulatory compliance, they do have several alternative options up to $5,000 with interest ranging from 5.99% to 35.99% .

Eligibility Criteria For Payday Loans No Credit Check Online Alternatives

  • Income of $1,000 per month
  • Affordability assessment applies
  • Over 18 only

Benefits of Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check Online

  • Options for borrowers with bad credit
  • Flexible loan amounts
  • Flexible Terms

Disadvantages of Payday Loan Alternatives No Online Credit Checks

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  • Big Buck Loans – Best For Online Payday Loans No Credit Check Instant Approval Alternative For Unemployed

Big Buck Loans offers same-day online payday loan alternatives with no credit check for the self-employed, self-employed, and those with innovative ways to earn an income. Online Payday Loans No Credit Check Alternatives from $100 to $5,000 are available for those without a formal job.

Eligibility Requirements for Online Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check

  • Over 18 only
  • US bank account
  • Earn $250 per week

Benefits of Same Day Online Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check

  • Quick Approvals
  • Bad Credit Options
  • A minimum of administrative formalities

Disadvantages of Online Alternatives to Payday Loans No Credit Check

  • Expensive interest up to 35.99%.

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Heart Paydays – Ideal for same day online payday loan alternatives with no credit check

For those who want quick cash, Heart Paydays stands out. Their online payday loan alternatives with no credit check range from $100 to $5,000 with up to 2 years to pay off. Interest starts at 5.99% and goes up to 35.99%. You’ll receive feedback in about two minutes (yes, that’s that fast!).

Eligibility Requirements For Legit Online Payday Loans No Credit Check Alternative

  • Income of $1,000 per month
  • at least 18 years old
  • US bank account

Benefits of Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check Online

  • Payments in 60 minutes
  • Bad borrowers are welcome
  • Flexible Terms

Disadvantages of Payday Loan Alternatives No Online Credit Checks

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  • Green Dollar Loans – Best for Online Payday Loan Alternatives Instant Approval with No Credit Checks

There’s no pace or nail-biting when applying for small online payday loan alternatives without credit checks with Green Dollar Loans. Application takes minutes and approval (or rejection) takes 2 minutes! Payments are processed within the hour. Loans range up to $5,000 with up to 2 years to pay off.

Eligibility Requirements for Online Payday Loan Alternatives Instant Approval No Credit Check

  • 18+ to apply
  • Earn $1,000 per month
  • Legal resident or citizens of the United States

Benefits of Online Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check

  • Payments in 60 minutes
  • Bad Credit Options
  • Simple app

Disadvantages of Online Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check

  • Interest can reach 35.99%.

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What are payday loans without online credit checks and how do they work?

Payday loans without a credit check online are short-term loans given to borrowers without a credit check. Although this is the concept of a payday loan no credit check, they do not exist due to US lending regulations. Alternatives to payday loans without an online credit check follow a simple loan model where the borrower applies online, the loan is repaid plus interest.

How to Apply for Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check Online

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose your loan amount

Select loan amount from $100 to $5,000 and loan term from 3 to 24 months.

Step 2: Complete the application form

Follow the prompts to enter your data on the online form.

Step 3: Get a decision in less than two minutes

You’ll know if a lender can help you within two minutes of submitting your application.

Step 4: Get your loan

The lender will present a loan agreement which will need to be signed before the money can be repaid.

Features and Factors to Consider When Applying for Payday Loan Alternatives No Credit Check Online

Payday Loans No Credit Check Online Alternative Interest

Interest ranges from 5.99% to 35.99% – this amount is added to the total you borrow.

Amounts and Conditions Associated with Alternatives to Payday Loans No Online Credit Checks

Loan amounts start at $100 and go up to $5,000, with terms ranging from 3 to 24 months.

Reputable Lenders Offering Alternatives to Small Payday Loans No Online Credit Checks

Lending search organizations only match borrowers with reputable and transparent lenders.

How We Picked the Best Alternatives to Payday Loans No Credit Check Online

We searched for lenders offering:

  • 100% online application
  • Same day payments
  • Flexible Terms
  • Interest not exceeding 35.99%


We rank Viva Payday Loans as our top pick for payday loan alternatives without online credit checks. Their service is free for borrowers and by using them you save time and money.


What supporting documents do unemployed people have to provide?

You must present your identity document, proof of address and your bank statements.

Can borrowers with low FICO scores get same day payday loans online?

Yes, loan research panel lenders offer payday loans to borrowers with bad credit, and they can repay the same day of approval.

Where can I get $255 payday loans online same day without credit check?

Viva Payday Loans offers great alternatives to $255 online same day payday loans with no credit check.

Disclaimer: The lending websites reviewed are correspondent lending services, not direct lenders. Therefore, they are not directly involved in the acceptance of your loan application. Applying for a loan with the websites does not guarantee acceptance of a loan. This article does not provide financial advice. Please seek the assistance of a financial advisor if you need financial assistance. Loans available only to US residents.

15 Great Deals From Nike’s Labor Day Weekend Clearance Sale 2022


Nike is holding an exclusive sale for Labor Day 2022. What makes it even better is that there is also a clearance sale going on on the brand’s website.

Labor Day falls on September 5 this year, but brands such as Nike are getting a head start on the celebrations by announcing massive deals on their products ahead of the weekend.

The iconic American holiday, which dates back to the late 19th century, is marked by picnics, parades, barbecues and fireworks. Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September each year and is meant to celebrate the many accomplishments of America’s working class.

The three-day weekend in September also marks the end of summer and the start of the school year.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

15 Great Deals From Nike’s Labor Day Weekend Clearance Sale

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, most shoppers will be on revenge, looking for great discounts and sales. Nike is currently running a clearance sale on its website, in addition to its exclusive Labor Day sale.

Here are 15 amazing deals to grab during Nike’s clearance sale:

Air Max Pre-Day (women’s shoes): $88.97 (was $130)
Air Force 1 ’07 LX (women’s shoes): $89.97 (was $130)
Women’s Sportswear Color Clash long dress: $60.97 (instead of $75)
Men’s yoga pants: $45.97 (was $90)
Air Max 97 SE Big Kids Shoes: $125.97 (was $170)
Yoga Big Kids Above-the-Knee Shorts: $22.97 (was $45)
Sportswear Big Kids T-shirt: $16.97 (was $20)
Dri-FIT One mid-rise camo leggings for women: $43.97 (was $52.97)
Infant/Toddler Flex Runner 2 Lil Shoes: $36.97 (was $45)
Men’s Dri-FIT Full-Zip Running Top: $80.97 (was $100)
Benassi JDI men’s slides: $19.97 (was $25)
Alpha LT Men’s Complete Lacrosse Stick: $44.97 (was $50)
Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 LV8 1 Shoes: $104.97 (was $130)
Shorty Pro Big Kids (girls): $12.97 (was $25)
Women’s Sportswear Oversized Fleece Joggers: $31.97 (was $65)

Nike is also offering an exclusive Labor Day sale.

In addition to the ongoing clearance sale, Nike’s Labor Day sale is also underway. Customers can avail discounts through the brand’s exclusive app.

Click the “Download App” option on the official Nike website to access the app and all of their Labor Day offers.

Early access to Labor Day deals and discounts ends Saturday, September 3.

You can also get an additional 20% off by using code SUMMER20 at checkout.

Nike also has sales for students and military personnel.

Nike’s ongoing clearance sale is also offering military discounts.

The shoemaker is offering women and men in the service a 10% discount online and in-store. The discount is applicable to all reservists, veterans and even retired military personnel. It also applies to their spouses and dependents.

First responders and medical personnel, as well as students, will also receive a 10% discount.

In other news, Where to buy Dolly’s Doggy Parton line inspired by her style and music

Sneaker Press Release Updates August 27, 2022


With August closing, it’s starting to look a lot like fall. To commemorate falling temperatures and changing leaves, some of the sneaker space’s top players have started teasing shoes for the final quarter of the year, while others have been tied to collections geared up for summer 2023.

Twitter and Instagram went wild when news spread across social media that the Nike Air Foamposite One “Metallic Red” was set to return next year. The sneaker, which has been linked to Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway since 1997, has been relatively quiet for the past two years, but looks set to regain some of its mainstream popularity throughout 2023. Travis Scott or a could another high-level collaborator revitalize the silhouette? Only time will tell.

Other news from the NIKE, Inc. family include more than a dozen Air Jordan retros slated for release in April and June next year; a Nike Kobe 6 “Prelude” Protro; and a glimpse of another Nike LeBron 20. Away from any Swoosh and Jumpman logos, Joe Freshgoods took to Instagram to tease his New Balance Fall/Winter 2022 collection. The West Side of Chicago native has some tracksuits ready for the cold, but also appears to have prepared at least two pairs under the New Balance 990 series banner for its upcoming collaboration with the Boston-based brand. adidas Yeezy has also unofficially teased more styles, including what’s sure to be the last batch of Yeezy Slides for the year given the impending cold season.

For a preview of all this and more, check out our top headlines from August 27 through September 2 ahead.

Preview of the Air Jordan Retro 2023
Much heat.
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READ MORE: Jordan 13 Playoffs
READ MORE: Jaysum Tatum Jordan 36 Mustang
READ MORE: Jordan 37 Light Bone

This week in the Air Jordan 1
For the modern era.
READ MORE: Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT Khaki Maroon
READ MORE: Jordan 1 Mid Green Blue
READ MORE: Jordan 1 Mid Gray Sail
READ MORE: Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT Black Gray
READ MORE: Jordan 1 High Elevate Panda

Joe Freshgoods teases upcoming collaborations with New Balance
The fall tones are here.
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READ MORE: New Balance 990v3 Olive Leaf
READ MORE: Nee Balance 550

This Week in the News Nike Dunk
Dominated from below.
READ MORE: CPFM Grinch Nike Dunk
READ MORE: Nike Dunk High Bordeaux
READ MORE: Nike Dunk Low TSU

First Look at the Nike LeBron 20 “Violet Frost”
READ MORE: LeBron 20 Violet Frost

This Week in adidas Yeezy News
YZY SZN continues.
READ MORE: Yeezy 350 v2 CMPCT Black White
READ MORE: Resin Yeezy Slides Restock
READ MORE: Yeezy 450 Stone Lin

UNDERCOVER and Premium Goods reveal their collaborations with Air Force 1
40th anniversary special.
READ MORE: Air Force 1 Low Premium Products

Air Foamposite Ones back in 2023
Oh man.
READ MORE: White Black Air Foamposite PE
READ MORE: Metallic Red Foams

Supreme x Nike SB Blazer Revealed In Blue Denim
Not like the original race, but cool.
READ MORE: Supreme Nike SB Blazer Mid Denim

The Nike Kobe 6 “Prelude” is rumored to return in Protro style
The Black Mamba lives.
READ MORE: Nike Kobe 6 Prelude Protro

JJJJound Teases China-Exclusive Puma Suede Collaboration

Tyler Beede converts his basketball shoes to spikes


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In the words of Mars Blackmon, it must be the shoes.

For the past half-decade or so, Tyler Beede has eschewed traditional baseball cleat designs, opting instead to rock sneakers-turned-spikes. The trend is relatively new in baseball, and Beede is one of many riding the wave.

“I like the comfort of a basketball shoe more than a baseball shoe,” Beede said. “I just feel like I have more room in the shoe, and it’s a bit more comfortable.”

The transition happened in 2016, when Beede pitched for the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Double-A affiliate of the Giants. Beede started by modifying two pairs of Kobes — an all-black pair and a black-and-red pair, the latter matching Richmond’s color scheme. When Kobes’ value skyrocketed following the passing of namesake NBA legend Kobe Bryant, Beede converted to Kyries (NBA star Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe).

The process is quite simple. Beede starts, shockingly, by buying a pair of kicks. These days, he uses Wil Crowe’s Nike account to customize the shoes to his liking. Beede then sends them to Custom Cleats, and a week later the company sends the shoes back with the spikes installed. By his estimation, Beede currently has around six or seven pairs in his rotation.

The sneaker-turned-spike trend has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but sneakers aren’t the only types of footwear that ballplayers have converted to spikes. Michael Lorenzen gained popularity wearing Vans converted into spikes. Beede recalled a friend who put studs on wrestling shoes. Tyler Matzek went so far as to convert a pair of Christian Louboutins – yes, red stockings – into cleats. Would Beede go that far?

“I don’t think I would,” Beede said. “I’ve never been a designer shoe guy, so I don’t know how comfortable they are. But man, hey, if it’s comfortable for you and you want to throw some [spikes] on them, go ahead.

The Better Business Bureau’s attack on payday loans does a disservice to consumers


The unfair and inaccurate attacks on the payday loan industry are now reaching new heights. On September 1, 2022, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​released an investigative report grouping all payday loan operations as scam artists who break the law to take advantage of people and make money. While consumers should be wary of bad actors in every industry and learn to tell them apart from legitimate companies, the BBB report does a disservice by not providing this information. The comments made certainly do not agree with the BBB’s mission to call and address “substandard market behavior” as a “leader in promoting market confidence”.

Payday loans tend to be small, short-term loans that help Americans pay bills, some of which are needed for emergency purposes, that are due between their paychecks. These loans are usually small sums of money, have a short-term repayment plan, and have a higher interest rate than conventional loans. According to Thomas Miller, Jr., professor of finance at Mississippi State University, who testified before the Senate Banking Committee on July 29, 2021, “Americans who depend on small non-bank dollar loans are not wealthy. , and many live on uncertain paycheck to uncertain paycheck. Small payday loans help these consumers make ends meet and improve their credit rating.

Despite the benefits that small payday loans offer consumers, lawmakers and regulators have been hostile to the industry. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has long been hostile to payday lenders and has suggested the “problem” could be solved by allowing the U.S. Postal Service to get into banking. For this idea, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named her Porker of the Month for February 2014. In the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022, which was signed into law on April 6, 2022, Congress wisely barred the USPS from get into postal banking, which Senator Warren continues to promote.

In 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finalized a rule that the agency said would end “payday debt traps” by removing the ability of payday lenders to force repayment by cutting repeated debit attempts. In May 2019, Citizens Against Government Waste sent a letter to CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger urging the agency to rescind this rule, which would consider offering a payday loan without determining a loan’s ability to repay. borrower as an “unfair” and “abusive” practice.

Among other recommendations, the BBB report suggests imposing a 36% interest rate cap, as has already been done in several states (and opposed by CAGW), and passing legislation that would allow to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to recover damages. in federal court. If Congress follows the BBB’s recommendations, it would allow FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan to continue her mission to wield power over every possible industry.

The payday loan industry allows consumers to make ends meet and build credit, especially low-income Americans. Despite the benefits they provide, several Democrats in Congress, federal agencies, and now the BBB are attacking an entire industry by implying that legitimate payday loan companies are tantamount to scammers who take advantage of low-income individuals and households by illegally obtaining information about these Americans and defrauding them. Rather than attacking legitimate payday lenders, states and Congress should ignore the BBB report and focus on identifying and prosecuting the crooks.

CRIME REPORTS: Arrest made for July 4 shooting, minor found with stolen handgun, robberies reported – The Vicksburg Post


CRIME REPORTS: Arrest made for July 4 shooting, minor found with stolen handgun, robberies reported

Posted at 3:22 p.m. on Thursday, September 1, 2022

The Vicksburg Police Department made one arrest for a July 4 shooting, a minor was found in possession of a stolen firearm, and reports were collected of stolen property between Tuesday and Thursday.

An order in connection with the shooting of July 4

Quinderion Mixon, 24, of Vicksburg, was arrested Monday in connection with a residential burglary and shooting that occurred at Beechwood Park Apartments at 201 Berryman Road on July 4. Charged with burglary of a home and aggravated assault, Mixon first appeared in Vicksburg Municipal Court before JudgeAngela Carpenter on Wednesday. He was related to Warren County Grand Jury on $40,000 bail.

Minor found in possession of stolen firearm

Officers responded to the Speed ​​Mart at 2320 Washington Street in reference to a person holding a weapon through a vehicle window at 5:55 p.m. Tuesday. The vehicle was located and the rear passenger, a minor, s was found in possession of two handguns: a Smith and Wesson 9mm, which had been reported stolen, and a Glock .40 caliber. The minor was taken to the detention center.

Fridge, freezer and grill stolen from residence

Officers responded to an address in the 4400 block of Halls Ferry Road in reference to a burglary which occurred at 11.32am on Tuesday. The victim said someone broke into a mobile phone home and stole a fridge, freezer and charcoal grill. This matter is under investigation.

Handgun stolen from an unlocked Infiniti QX80

Officers responded to the Courtyard Marriot, 1 Underwood Drive, in reference to a car burglary at 6:18 a.m. Wednesday. The victim said someone took a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol from a 2020 Infiniti QX80. The vehicle was left unlocked. The case is currently under investigation.

Ex-girlfriend suspected of burglary

Officers responded to a residence in the 700 block of Morgan Lane for a possible burglary at 8:48 a.m. Wednesday. The resident reported that his ex-girlfriend broke into the residence earlier that morning while away and still inside when he returned. She ran through the back door when he entered the house. He said she took a gold chain, two rings and a Look. The total value of the missing property is approximately $900. The case is currently under investigation.

Gun and other items stolen from an unlocked Chevrolet Avalance

Officers were dispatched to the Ameristar casino in 4146 Washington Street in reference to a car burglary at 1:09 a.m. Thursday. The victim reported that someone had got into a 2008 Chevy Avalanche and took $1,700 cash, a Coach bag containing credit and debit cards, keys and IDs. Also missing a Smith and Wesson .357 magnum revolver and an Apple iPhone 12. The total value of the items stolen is approximately $3,580. The vehicle remained unlocked. The case is currently under investigation.

Prescription drugs and other items stolen from Lincoln MKS

Agents responded to Ameristar Casino at 4146 Washington Street in reference to a car burglary at 1:59 a.m. Thursday. The victim said someone entered a 2010 Lincoln MKS and stole two Nike duffel bags, a backpack, two pairs of shoes and some prescription drugs. The total cost of the missing items is approximately $500. The owner said they thought they had locked the vehicle. The case is currently under investigation.

Kings News: Could De’Aaron Fox quit Nike?


Change is not always something people are prepared for. However, it is inevitable for everyone and everything. So far, 2022 has been a year of big change for Sacramento Kings star De’Aaron Fox. He has a new head coach and coaching staff, an almost entirely new roster than the one he started with last season, and he even got married.

Even with so many changes, Fox may not be done yet. When Fox was just a rookie in 2017, he signed a 5-year endorsement deal with Nike to be one of the brand’s newest basketball athletes. Those five years are now up.

In some recent workout photos, Fox was spotted working out in a few different pairs of Converse basketball shoes.

Converse is a brand with a very rich history with the NBA.

It was the shoe worn by legends such as Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving and Earvin Johnson. Once Michael Jordan made Nike the face of basketball, Converse fell a bit and became a skateboarding shoe. However, after being acquired by Nike in 2003, Converse started to gain a foothold again. They currently have deals with athletes such as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Draymond Green and Kelly Oubre Jr.

The addition of De’Aaron Fox would not only bring another top talent, but one potentially on the verge of stepping out and becoming an All-Star. Adding Fox would be a low risk, high reward scenario. He’s a good player who will probably always be good enough. But it has a high cap which, if reached, could bring them a lot of income.

It is not yet certain whether or not Fox will sign with Converse. However, the partnership has a lot of potential and could be very intriguing for both parties.

Michael Jordan gave Isiah Thomas 49 reasons to never ‘freeze’ him from an All-Star Game


After Isiah Thomas and the big stars decided to freeze Jordan in the 1985 All-Star Game, the rookie got revenge the following game by scoring 49 points over Isiah Thomas.

During his rookie season, Michael Jordan established himself as one of the best players in the NBA, showing incredible maturity and dominance on both sides of the court.

His phenomenal rookie season earned him his first All-Star appearance in the 1984/85 season. This occasion was meant to promote his new partnership with Nike and Air Jordan shoes.

According to Dr. Charles Tucker, the other NBA stars wanted to “freeze” Jordan in the main event. Tucker, who advised against Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas, said they wanted to teach him a lesson.

“The guys weren’t happy with his behavior here. They made the decision to teach him a lesson. In defense, Magic and George were tough on him, and in attack, they just didn’t give him the ball. That’s why they laugh. said Charles Tucker.

Jordan, on the other hand, never wanted to impose his popularity. He didn’t want to overshadow the other players. Michael looked up to many of them as a child, especially Julius Erving.

“When I went there I was very calm. I didn’t want to go there acting like a top rookie, and you have to respect me. Jordan said later.

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Michael Jordan dropped 49 points to Isiah Thomas and the Pistons after the 1985 All-Star Game freeze

The rivalry between Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas has long been attributed to a well-documented theory. This is the Detroit Pistons point guard who allegedly froze Jordan in the 1985 NBA All-Star Game. Players kept the ball from reaching his hands.

Going into the All-Star Game, Jordan was very popular. But several stars, including Johnson, Thomas and George Gervin, decided to give him his money’s worth. Magic and Gervin brilliantly defended MJ, while Thomas refused to pass the ball to Jordan.

All the actors involved refused to recognize a deadlock.

Jordan was furious and resolved to exact his revenge. He had 49 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals against Thomas’ Detroit Pistons just two days after the All-Star Game. Larry Jordan, his father, was not surprised and said he knew his son was mentally strong.

“A few other things happened in his career that I was aware of,” Larry said. “Like after the NBA All-Star Game in 1985, when Isaiah and Michael were eliminated. Guess who will face him in the next match? He had 49 points against the Thomas Pistons in the Bulls’ first game after the All-Star Break, which the Bulls won in overtime. He has an unfathomable killer instinct and a will to win like I’ve never seen before.

Jordan may have taken this personally, as he often does, and it may have played a role in his storied career.

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Caesars, MGM and DraftKings should be wary of this NFL season


Gambling is a complicated problem in America.

The practice is legal at the federal level in the United States, but heavy state-level restrictions limit the reach of the gambling industry in the states.

Only two states, Nevada and Louisiana, allow casino-style gambling statewide. Other states like Maryland and New York allow casinos in certain jurisdictions, and other states like North Carolina and Connecticut offer them on tribal land.

But states that don’t allow casinos aren’t opposed to all forms of betting, as 45 states (plus Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) have state-sanctioned lotteries.

Online sports betting has exploded in popularity since the United States Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) four years ago and we are only just beginning to learn more about the demographics of people. who participate in this new form of play.

Richer and more worried

Mobile sports bettors tend to be wealthier than the general population, with 54% earning $100,000 or more a year, according to a new survey from credit reporting agency TransUnion.

But while the majority of online sports bettors appear to have a solid financial footing based on their income and savings, a higher percentage of the nearly 3,000 gamblers surveyed also said they struggled to pay their bills and use short-term credit services like payday loans, compared to the general population.

“On the face of it, most consumers who engage in mobile sports betting can probably afford to do so,” said Declan Raines, head of US gaming at TransUnion.

“At the same time, our results demonstrate how important it is, especially in times of economic uncertainty, that carriers use comprehensive data to identify both resilient and struggling consumers.”

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Nearly 70% of mobile sports bettors saw their income increase in the previous three months, compared to 32% of the total population.

On the other hand, 79% of mobile sports bettors worry about their ability to pay their current bills and loans in full, compared to only 52% of the population.

This uncertainty translates into more timidity when it comes to placing bets.

“You certainly see the intention to change their spending habits in line with inflation. The ability to pay loans and bills. Consumers are likely to move away from discretionary activities in the current environment,” said Raines at TheStreet.

This could be bad news for online gaming platforms like Drafkings (DKNG) BeMGM (MGM) Caesars (CZR) and Stool (PENN) .

Disadvantage of the game

Online sports betting has some pitfalls that bettors should be aware of.

“Many mobile sports betting websites and apps allow credit card deposits, a form of high-interest revolving credit, so it’s imperative that sports bettors understand how to gamble responsibly,” TransUnion said. .

The fundamental rule of any game of chance is that the house always wins and the truism can bring out the worst in people with addictive personalities.

“People with gambling problems often have many of the same risk factors that predispose individuals to other addictive behaviors,” says the National Center for Responsible Gaming.

Overall, men tend to spend more money on gambling than women. And while people in higher socioeconomic groups tend to spend more money on gambling, low-income people spend a higher percentage of their income on gambling, according to recent studies.

retail technology offerings and deployments at a glance — Retail Technology Innovation Hub


Pinterest has launched Waitrose’s latest campaign on its platform, showcasing its “colourful variety of food choices for this year’s summer dishes”.

Raising awareness of its “high-quality products and range of everyday foods”, the retailer seeks to inspire Pinners to cook tasty meals, using Pinterest’s immersive advertising format for the first time, the extension Pine.

Waitrose’s campaign includes an interactive lookbook allowing Pinners to choose from one of four different summer dining options, including ‘World Eating’ dishes, ‘Made for Sharing’ dishes, ‘Perfect Picnics’ and ‘ Brilliant BBQs”.

They will then be shown a selection of dishes and recipes, including tips and tricks for perfecting each, with a shopping list specifically for that recipe that the user may have to hand in before their next grocery store.

Amazon One palm scanner payment technology is set to launch at more than 65 Whole Foods stores in California.

This is the largest rollout to date, with stores in Malibu, Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz included in the initiative.

Amazon One was initially available at Amazon Go stores, with an eventual expansion to Whole Foods stores in Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

Customers can also try the tech at the Amazon Style fashion store in Glendale, Calif., as well as select Fresh and Go stores.

Japan’s Cainz Corporation, a home improvement chain with 230 stores, has announced a new standalone location, called Cainz Mobile Store, on the first floor of its headquarters in Honjo City, Saitama.

Computer vision technology implemented in the store, powered by US-based AiFi, will allow customers to purchase Cainz-branded household products and snacks without having to go through a cash register or checkout. -service.

This will open in the near future and may expand to other locations in the future.

Nike’s ‘World Champ’ Shoe Colorway Looks Like ‘Panda’ Dunks


Mark: Nike

Model: dip low

Release date: September 2

To buy: Nike website and select retailers

Editor’s notes: It’s official: Nike’s Panda Dunks are the winners. However, crazy sneakers have long been the champions of the people.

In particular, the Nike Dunk Low “World Champ” sees the ultra-popular Panda colorway receive its championship rings. No, seriously, the Last Dunk comes with golden dubraes reminiscent of a winner’s ring or a tiny WWE Championship belt.

The lace accessory also naturally features Nike branding, including an encrusted Swoosh down the center like the championship belts of the pro wrestling league.

Nike’s “World Champ” Dunks incorporate Nike’s beloved monochromatic color scheme across patent and crinkled leather that dresses the Swoosh, surrounding panels, insole and outsole.

Interestingly, the latest rendition of Panda Dunk also features a vibrant lavender insole with a zebra print version of Nike’s Futura imprint.

Gold branding on the tongue and heel also break up the black and white vibe in favor of the new WWE-worthy aesthetic.

Otherwise, though, the “World Champ” shoes are your best bet against a legit Panda Dunk dupe straight from the Swoosh. And it couldn’t happen soon enough: the Panda colorway is so popular that StockX is reporting nearly 3,000 pairs of men’s and women’s Panda Dunks trading hands on the marked secondary in the last three days alone.

It’s more the number of actual giant pandas.

In addition to a High counterpart, the Nike Dunk Low “World Champ” is set to arrive on Friday, September 2, aligning perfectly with Smack downthe weekly broadcast date.

If Panda’s latest spinoff lives up to the OG hype, the stone-cold Ls might hit those who step into Nike’s SNKRS ring.

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Kobe Bryant’s immaculate breakdown of $50 million former Lakers GM shows his accumen


Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players to step onto an NBA court. His meticulous nature and love for perfecting the game sets him apart.

Among the greatest players to have graced the NBA, Kobe Bryant ranks extremely high compared to his colleagues. Bryant’s knowledge of the game is unmatched for most but a few.

The five-time NBA champion’s approach to the game resembled how another legendary shooting guard also approached the game. Someone, who Bryant modeled his game on.

His understanding of player profiles and what each star had in their arsenal was unparalleled. “Bean” was able to read every NBA player, before and during his time.x

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Kobe Bryant breaks down Jerry West’s game. A class on its own.

Here, Kobe Bryant can be seen breaking down the play of famed Los Angeles Laker goaltender Jerry West. Kobe’s attention to detail was second to none.

Notice how complex and precise he is in his assessment. Bryant’s passion, love, and focus for the game led him to learn the finer details of the game, missed by an everyday spectator.

The Lakers legend’s breakdown of West’s jump shot highlighted the drive, quickness and poise that made West great. Apart from his on-field attributes, West’s off-field activities have also been successful.

Jerry West has amassed a considerable sum through his managerial tenures with several NBA franchises, with his net worth estimated at around $50 million.

One of those stints was during his tenure in Los Angeles in 1996. West transformed the Lakers and had a good relationship with Bryant since West traded Divac for the rights project to Kobe Bryant in 1996.

Following this, Jerry West would go on to sign free agent ‘Center’, Shaquille O’Neal that same summer. These franchise-changing moves essentially laid the groundwork for the Los Angeles Lakers to turn the tide in their favor.

The final piece of the puzzle was West’s acquisition of Phil Jackson as head coach in 1999. In light of this, the LA Lakers, with ‘Shaq’ and Kobe at the helm, would continue to rule the NBA for the next three years.

Who do you think has the highest IQ in NBA history?

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Michael Jordan lost credibility among players due to his actions as $281 million owner of the Hornets in 2011


Michael Jordan’s legacy was nearly ruined after he flip-flopped with players during the controversial 2011 NBA Lockout.

The 2011 NBA lockout was the fourth and most recent in National Basketball Association (NBA) history. When the 2005 collective bargaining agreement expired, team owners began the work stoppage (CTA). The lockout lasted 161 days, beginning July 1, 2011 and ending December 8, 2011.

He moved the start of the 2011-12 regular season from November to December and reduced the number of games from 82 to 66. Negotiations between owners, led by league commissioner David Stern, and players, led by the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher, began in early 2011 and lasted until November.

Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the greatest NBA player of all time, won six championships with the Chicago Bulls. During his career, he earned $90 million in salary, but he earned $1.8 billion (pre-tax) from business partners such as Nike, Hanes, and Gatorade.

Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player in history by many NBA players, general managers, and fans. However, his stance on the 2011 NBA lockout infuriated many of his supporters.

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Michael Jordan’s role and position during the 2011 NBA lockout did not sit well with NBA players

Barring an error in judgment that proved costly for him, Michael Jordan has remained largely silent during the current NBA labor war, but perhaps MJ should have stepped in and helped end it. , as he did in 1998-99.

“The awkwardness of Jordan’s position may have contributed to his withdrawal from the talks,” according to Yahoo! Sports.

If there’s anyone in the league who could bring the two teams together, it’s Jordan. Simply put, the NBA needed its best player to once again deliver in critical time. Jordan’s experience in the league is as varied as anyone’s: from superstar to general manager to owner.

Stephon Marbury was no longer in the NBA, but he ripped the six-time champion on Twitter, according to CBS.

“Michael ‘Fake’ Jordan is an accomplice. Period. He couldn’t remember what hole he came out of. ‘Stephon X Marbury’ I said… MJ went from MJ the black cat to a guy who forgot that he was a player. If you can’t make a profit, sell your team. Now you’re just an ordinary guy!

Everyone knew Jordan as one of the most arrogant athletes of his NBA era, but that arrogance was what made him great, and you couldn’t hate him for it.

The same attitude manifested itself during negotiations between players and owners. Jordan had cornered the microphone, leading the charge of owners who oppose the proposed BRI split.

Jordan’s killer instinct made him famous on the court, but it made him infamous at the negotiating table.

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