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“PJ Tucker never hooked me up with Jordans”: Devin Booker called out the “Sneaker God” while revealing the only two Jordans he wears



Devin Booker called PJ Tucker for never hooking him up with exclusive sneakers while he was together on the Suns and revealed his choice for Jordans.

Devin Booker is perhaps one of the best dressed athletes in the NBA today and anyone who knows the style knows that shoes play a big part in that. Booker, given his love and admiration for Kobe Bryant, has always preferred to rock Kobes on NBA hardwood and off the court as well.

PJ Tucker, meanwhile, wore an unfathomable variety of sneakers on and off the court. Known in the league as the definitive ‘god of sneakers’, Tucker has collected over 5,000 pairs of shoes over the years. Among those pairs are the elusive Nike Air Mags that cost around $ 50,000 on any resale site.

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Although Devin Booker has some sort of loyalty to Kobes, he has also worn Jordans many times. It is extremely hard to go wrong with classics like the Jordan 1, 4s, 5s, 11s, etc.

Devin Booker lashed out at PJ Tucker for not hooking him up with sneakers.

Devin Booker and PJ Tucker bonded with each other during the rookie season of the premier where Tucker was a veteran who showed him the ropes while on the Suns. Even though they face each other in the 2021 NBA Finals, the two remain close friends.

While on Instagram live for Footlocker last year, PJ asked Book what his favorite Jordans were. He responded by saying he only wore Air Jordan 1 and 4, arguably the most popular for casual wear. ASAP Rocky is another celebrity who has publicly stated that he only wore 1s and 4s the longest growing up in Harlem.

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During the IG live, Devin Booker hilariously yelled at Tucker for never hooking him up with sneakers while they were together on the Phoenix Suns during Booker’s rookie season. Of course, the Heat forward denied that, shouting “Stop capping” as he dismissed the accusation.

Safe to say the Suns superstar goalie can more than afford to buy any pair of shoes he would like given the nature of his contract.