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“PJ Tucker to Appear in These Kobes Next Week”: NBA Twitter Responds to DeMar DeRozan flexing a pair of shoes in practice that the NBA’s sneaker king apparently doesn’t


During a practice session, new Bulls star DeMar DeRozan dunks the ball and then flexes his pair of Kobe, which NBA sneaker king PJ Tucker also doesn’t.

The 2021 offseason has been quite busy but exciting for most teams, especially the Chicago Bulls. After a failure last season, the front office managed to surround Zach LaVine with a few skillful players like DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, Derrick Jones Jr. among many others.

With all of these changes in the roster, the team might not be a championship threat to the other powers, but will surely be hoping to make a deep playoff run.

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With about a month remaining for the start of the 2021-2022 NBA season, several athletes have been spending hours in the gym. DeMar DeRozan has also devoted time to his training this summer.

DeMar DeRozan claimed even PJ Tucker didn’t have the new Kobe he was wearing

Recently, the new Bulls star was seen flexing a pair of Kobe shoes in one of his workout videos, which he claimed no one else had … not even the King of Sneakers. PJ Tucker.

Right after dipping the ball, DeMar was asked about his stylish Kobe sneakers. The All-Star said:

“Nobody has that! “

“PJ (Tucker) doesn’t have them?” DeRozan was asked.

“Nah hell Nah!” Exclaimed the hilarious highflyer.

Here, watch the clip.

As soon as this video went viral, NBA Twitter went completely crazy.

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