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Port of Philadelphia container backlog could mean limited items in stores


Lots of containers right at the Port of Philadelphia full of things needed to fill store shelves and maybe things you will want to buy for the next holiday season.

SkyFOX also did a tour over Wilmington Harbor and you see the same situation. Stacks of shipping containers.

“I shop,” said Michael McEmma, ​​who had gone out to shop tonight at Acme on East Passyunk in South Philly. He’s worried that this may cause products to run out or that more stores will limit the number of items you can buy.

“We just went through this with the pandemic already and it was crazy,” he said. The Port of Philadelphia says there are several things at stake at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal. It’s a shortage of workers, once closed factories are coming back online, and demand for products is increasing.

“I’ve noticed it with other places. Not just with the food and everything, but also the clothes,” McEmma said.

Credible.com personal finance expert Dan Roccato calls it a perfect storm of events.

“The problem is, we can’t get the product quickly enough, wherever it goes on the shelf,” Roccato said. He says we can absolutely expect shortages.

Especially in popular items for the holiday season.

“For example, the Nike factories were closed for ten weeks. It’s going to take a while to put Nike shoes under your Christmas tree,” Roccato said. He has a few suggestions.

“First of all, shop early and plan early. It’s never too early to start and second, try to buy some things in bulk,” Roccato said.

Chaanrath Heng picking up a birthday cake with his 11-year-old son Eli says his family cannot afford a shortage of products.

“I am worried because I have six children,” Heng said.


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