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Princess Diana gets first look at ‘the Crown’, ‘Bridgerton’ fashion products are coming, and more


The crown offers a first glimpse of his latest Princess Diana.

While Emma Corrin portrayed a truly remarkable ’80s Princess Diana in season four of The crown, the mantle was passed on to Elizabeth Debicki. As with all the other characters in the series, the cast have been replaced every two seasons to show the physical growth and changes with each experience over the decades. And Debicki’s version of Princess Diana looks incredibly promising, with that iconic haircut and ’90s fashion to boot.

Bridgerton receives a drop in merchandise.

If you are a fan of all the drama and fashion (and sex) which was the first season of Shondaland Bridgerton, maybe an upcoming delivery of merchandise will excite you. Netflix and Shondaland have announced a partnership with luxury shoe brand Malone Souliers on a 15-piece collection of Bridgerton-inspired shoes and accessories. The drop is expected to coincide with the release of the second season in 2022. And most importantly, a sign that there will be more to come.

Chanel is organizing a parade in Dubai.

As the world begins to open up more and vaccination rates rise, we are starting to see a return to more in-person parades. Chanel is hosting their Cruise 2022 show in Dubai on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. This will be their second show in Dubai since the 2015 Cruise Collection was unveiled in May 2014. The collection, however, will not be an entirely new collection – the collection has already been unveiled as a digital film in May of this year.

Frame is about to launch biodegradable jeans.

Next October, the denim brand Frame will launch its first line of biodegradable jeans. Made in collaboration with the family-owned and Milan-based denim factory Candiani, Frame’s biodegradable jeans will feature three styles that will each degrade and leave behind no harmful substances. The jeans are sewn together using Tencel threads, no metal rivets, and topped with buttons made from recycled materials (which come off easily so the jeans degrade naturally).

Serena Williams has started an incubation program with Nike.

The Serena Williams Design Crew was formed two years ago to enable designers from communities of color to gain mentorship opportunities at Nike. For six months, 10 talented designers were chosen to apprentice at the brand and worked closely with Nike designers to help create Williams’ latest collection due out in September. Not only does the Serena Williams Design Crew give these designers a boost, it also allows them to help shape the brand’s aesthetic with a more diverse perspective.

Uniqlo U’s latest collection is slated for release on September 17th.

Uniqlo U’s Fall / Winter 2021 edition – arguably the brand’s most consistent and forward-thinking offshoot – is coming soon. Designed by Christophe Lemaire, the collection is fast becoming the usual fare of the reliable and high fashion we all love from Uniqlo U. But at the same time, peppered with more sustainability-focused design influences, such as A recycled down jacket made with approximately 40 percent recycled nylon.

The old and the new are now equal with Vestiaire Collection and Ganni.

Danish brand Ganni has partnered with Vestiaire Collective on a series of videos to promote a more sustainable approach to fashion. The four parts OLD + NEW = NOW The series will each see a starring Ganni girl – Danish models Caroline Bille Brahe and Chili Dia, musician Flame Faire and model, interior stylist and creative director Christine Sofie – share their tips on how to style Ganni pieces from seasons spent with pre-loved items from Vestiaire Collectif.

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