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‘Rap God’ Eminem insulted Michael Jordan in the face but the ‘NBA GOAT’ wasn’t a Machine Gun Kelly


When it comes to the rap game, Eminem is one of the greatest artists of all time. The ‘Rap God’ revolutionized the rap world with his fast flow and bars. However, over the years he has made enemies. He notably dismantled Machine Gun Kelly after the rapper made a diss track. But that wasn’t going to be the case when he tried to prank Michael Jordan.

During his time in the NBA, Jordan made a name for himself as the most ruthless competitor. His spooky aura scared the teams even before the match started. His will to win is what put him on top of the mountain among NBA greats.


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But what happened when the NBA GOAT and the Rap GOAT almost got into a competition?

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Eminem has opened up about when he got scared when he tried to prank MJ.

Eminem said he would dunk on Michael Jordan

Speaking to Jordan on the phone, Eminem was close to closing his deal for the sneaker collaboration. However, he nearly ruined his chances in the end. The Detroit native then told MJ he could dunk him. And His Airness’ reaction put the rap god on ice.

He said, “Everything was cool as he is super cool. Everything was fine until we got to the end of the phone call when I said ‘Yo man, when are you comin’ to Detroit so I can dunk you.’ And it was crickets. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he just felt like laughing. And I remember hanging up the phone and going, “Oh my god, I think maybe I messed it up.”


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But Jordan took the whole incident as a joke. Eminem came out with a successful collaboration with Nike’s Jordan brand. He launched two very exclusive shoes with the brand that are selling well on the resale market.


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Moreover, he even released a special sneaker for the half time show during the Super Bowl this year. These pairs were called the ‘Air Shady’ which is a tribute to Eminem’s album.

With the two potential GOATS in their industry coming together, it got a lot of hype. Are you expecting a commercial shoe from Eminem with many pairs? Let us know in the comments below.