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Rent A Rack: Opening of a new type of consignment shop in Atwater Village | News from Village Atwater


Atwater Village – A saleswoman explains to a customer that, unfortunately, no, she cannot negotiate the price of the clothes. It does not belong to the store.

Instead, every reDress rack on Glendale Boulevard is rented out by individuals. The clothes they sell are theirs – dresses, tops, pants, sweaters, shoes and accessories. Rack tenants write descriptions and set prices.

On a rack hangs a sleeveless black dress designed by Valerie Bertinelli (remember her?) Sold for $ 25. Near the locker room, a pair of gold metallic Jimmy Choo peep-toe heels are priced at $ 75, alongside purple Nike Mamba Mentality lace-up teal sneakers, little or no use. Price: $ 200.

Renting clothes racks may be a new idea for America. But it’s a long-standing practice in Finland, where the owners of reDress come from. Kati Kanerva, co-owner of the store, said similar stores also exist in other parts of Europe.

“We are encouraging people to recycle their good quality second-hand clothes and help the world be a little more sustainable,” Kanerva said, “by providing a place where people can easily sell their clothes. “

She took a moment to point out that the black boots she was wearing had been purchased from one of the tenants. Hey, Kanerva is working on it. She gets the first choice.

Kanerva said the store’s 50 racks were quickly booked after it opened its grand opening last month. Renters pay $ 99 per week and 15% commission on sales. Some tenants say they got their money back quickly.

“By day three, I think I’ve already won over $ 500,” said Gwen Nable. She first rented for a week, then extended the lease, bringing more clothes to restock as the items were sold. Many of them were already vintage when she bought it, or came from local designers like Cultura en tu Ropa or Patchouli Nomad.

And then, of course, while she was in the store anyway, she bought a dress from one of the other racks.

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