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Seth Meyers brutally mocks Rudy Giuliani over Fox News ban


In light of the Dominion and Smartmatic lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani and Fox News, Giuliani and his son, Andrew, have reportedly been suspended from all Fox News programming for three months.

“They banned Rudy from Fox News?” It’s like banishing a turtle from its shell, or like banishing the Turtle [of Entourage fame] of the Nike store ”, cracked Late Night Host Seth Meyers Monday evening.

Fox News has disputed that the Giulianis were “banned” from the airwaves of the network, sources tell Deadline that they just haven’t found the Giulianis “relevant” in recent months.

“I mean, damn, it’s one thing to ban him because you’re scared of the Dominion lawsuit, but tell him you don’t want him anymore?” It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend and saying, ‘No, it’s not because my mom doesn’t love you! You are ugly and bad at sex.

Meyers, who called Giuliani the “fictional goblin with which Italian grandmothers threaten children if they don’t brush their teeth,” said “perhaps the biggest scam of them all” was the way Giuliani discovered the ban. Yes, he apparently only learned about it the day before he appeared on Fox and his friends—On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of September 11th.

This may, Meyers joked, explain why Giuliani appeared so messy at a 9/11 memorial dinner that day, where he gave a rambling speech about how he “never went out” with the prince. Andrew, associate of Jeffrey Epstein, except for the time he “met him in my office” and “the time we had a party”.

Maybe he’s banned for going on Fox regularly and showing incriminating texts, emails and phone calls from other people, and absurdly waving random pieces of paper like a guy in Times Square trying to convert you to a weird religion you’ve never heard of, ”Meyers suggested.

Or maybe it’s a “simple financial and legal calculation,” given that Dominion is suing Giuliani for $ 1.3 billion and Fox News for $ 1.6 billion for spreading fraudulent lies, while Smartmatic is suing Giuliani, Fox News and a host of others for $ 2.7. billion.

“Rudy played a big role in spreading these lies,” Meyers said, before showing clips of Giuliani pushing the election fraud lies on Fox News, adding, “If you were on a robbery next to someone. ‘one that talks like that, you would ask the attendant for a parachute.