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“Shaquille O’Neal, how’s my taste **?”: When Kobe Bryant hit back at former Lakers teammate with his 5th ring, one more than Shaq


Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal are still considered the most dominant duo in the NBA history, but they could have won so much more.

If the couple stuck together for as long as Jordan and Pippen, they could have turned out to be the best.

But when they were together, they couldn’t tolerate each other. They won 3 championships during their 8-year partnership but despite everything, the rivalry between them was famous, throughout their time at Staples Center.

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Kobe and Shaq started having problems when coach Phil Jackson joined the Lakers. Although he was one of the main antagonists of their 3-Peat, his arrival may have triggered a swerve. Or was it Shaq’s physical form?

Shaq and Kobe fought for most of their time together in Los Angeles until Shaq left.

The MVP of the 2000 final, reportedly declared, after their 1st championship,

“When it was clear everything was going through me, the result was (a record) 67-15, playing with gusto, the city was jumping up and down and a parade. And now we’re 23-11. You get it… I don’t know why anyone else would want to change, other than selfish reasons. said Shaq

Getting into a totally out of form season when Kobe was in the best shape of his life didn’t help him either.

Kobe said, “Things change, things change and you just have to grow with that change. “

Even after that, Shaq ranked the better of the two and won 2 more MVPs of the final en route to two Lakers championships.

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal got into a fight, which led Shaq to quit the Lakers for the Miami Heat in 04

Shaq, after his fairly dominant first season in South Beach, had agreed to play second violin for Dwayne Wade, which he never agreed to do with Kobe.

The great Diesel and Dwayne Wade surpassed Kobe by winning the 2006 NBA Championship. Mamba took his time catching up with Shaq. Boy!!! Shaq wouldn’t he regret denouncing Mamba!

Bryant caught up, he won two more championships in 2009 and 10 and the two MVPs of the finals in purple and gold. After winning his 5e ringing the first thing Mamba said was, he now had one more championship than Shaq. And Shaq recognized in his own way.

A few years later when they sat down together they talked about it,

Shaq: “Do you think I was pissed off when you got number 5?”

Kobe: “Of course you were.”

Shaq: “No, I tore up my house. I became crazy. Because when I have four and you have four, it’s all right. When you had that fifth, you said, ‘I just wanted to have one more than Shaq.’ “

Kobe: “Absolutely. I said ‘you know what? There is nothing he can do about it either.

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Everything was fine between The Mamba and The Diesel when they hung up their shoes.