Home Kobe shoes Shaquille O’Neal leaves fans in awe after being trolled by his son for his disgusting feet on social media

Shaquille O’Neal leaves fans in awe after being trolled by his son for his disgusting feet on social media


From the world of the NBA to business, Shaquille O’Neal has been a mighty giant. The Big Diesel is the most dominant force to enter the league. Unsurprisingly, he arrived as the number one pick and the havoc began right away. His size and superhuman athleticism proved too much for even the best of the time. However, carrying such a huge frame takes its toll on the body. And Shaq’s feet suffered the most. With quite a buzz around his feet, his eldest son, Myles, grabbed Shaq without shoes. And it was a nightmare.

While the Lakers legend is one of the greatest players of all time, he began to lose his work ethic with success. In the third title race with purple and gold, Shaq weighed nearly 400 pounds. His feet are the base for carrying the 7’1″ giant. Likewise, they have suffered greatly. He first gave a glimpse of his feet on TNT which made fans sick. Even the pedicure couldn’t repair the damage done to Big Aristotle’s 22-foot size.


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Also, the time off the pitch didn’t do much either. His son, Myles, once again exposed the Hall of Fame for his disgusting feet. And the fans were once again in shock.

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Shaquille O’Neal has his feet out again

The Big Diesel has made a name for themselves with their unstoppable and ruthless basketball. However, her feet have a trend of their own. Ever since her damaged feet surfaced on the internet, fans couldn’t believe their eyes. The wear seemed to be too much. However, that didn’t stop the Big Diesel from showing its toes. This time it was Myles’ turn to show the world how the Big Diesel takes care of them.

He caught his father barefoot during their jet flight, and Myles couldn’t stand it alone. He took it to social media to expose Shaq rubbing lotion on his feet. However, what is the reason his feet have become such a mess?


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From an early age, O’Neal was a freak of nature. The Lakers legend was fast and nimble carrying a heavy 7-foot frame. Likewise, the toll was most on its feet. With her feet under constant heat and pressure, they slowly got worse. The Big Diesel has suffered multiple toe injuries over the years. He even had to get bone spurs deleted at one point.


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While his body is the essential reason for his feet, basketball shoes also affect the toes of players. Even LeBron James, who is one of the most in-form players of all time, is taking damage to his toes because of the shoes. Therefore, not all blame falls on Shaq. However, he needs to do a better job of keeping those babies covered.