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Shop the Marni spray painted mohair cardigans here


Labels can’t go any further until they find their USP; a signature in a way that sets their offer apart from others. Take Virgil Abloh, who cracked the code for viral popularity – he gets a new signature every season, and some of his products carry multiple versions of it. Less obvious, but just as effective, Marni mohair.

Each season, the Italian luxury brand returns with a renewed selection of mohair cardigans. These bold, often patterned pieces are eye-catching to the max, but backed by the high craftsmanship and premium materials we’ve come to expect from Marni. In that sense, they act like a quick distillation of Marni as a whole: playful when it can be, but serious about the important things.

FW21 saw a new shipment of Marni mohair sweaters and they could be the best yet. Instead of multi-colored threads, Marni opts instead for a top coat of paint. That’s right, spray painted mohair is one thing. The woven trellises provide a subtle texture that forms the canvas of the spray painted sections and the contrast is perfect. Soft, pastel mohair cardigans get a makeover.

Shop the new season Marni mohair cardigans below.

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