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Simple eBay trick can land you huge bargains – including £30 off Nike


Searching online for a bargain on second-hand designer items has become increasingly popular. But did you know that making an unfortunate typo on eBay could net you a good deal? While you’re more than likely to correct a spelling quickly, Wholesale Clearance UK’s data analysts have conducted research to find out which brands sellers misspell most often and which of their typos can lead to the biggest savings.

According to the results, Fred Perry and Lacoste have the most misspelled listings, accounting for 8.17 and 8.05 percent of brand listings. Yet, while these brand names are often misspelled, the huge savings are rare.

On average, in listings where Lacoste is misspelled, shoppers can save around £6. However, on rare occasions, products listed as ‘Lacose’ or ‘Lacosse’ have sold for £3 and £5 respectively, saving shoppers up to £21. Listings where Fred Perry is misspelled only save shoppers an average of £3. Products listed as “Fed Perry” and “Fred Pery” may give you the best savings on the brand, but such listings are rare.

Other frequently misspelled brands in the lists include New Balance (5.27%), Puma (4.54%) and Harvey Nichols (2.86%). So which brand of typos can get you the best deal on your used shopping?

It might not be the most misspelled brand, but buying a Nike product, listed as ‘Nie’, saved 156 people an average of £30 per purchase. Typically, Nike products sell for an average of £46, but products with misspelled brand names in the listing sell for an average of £16. Second, eagle-eyed shoppers looking for a new pair of Rayban sunglasses can also find a great deal by looking for a misspelling of the brand name. On average, Rayban sunglasses sell for £45 on eBay, while a pair with a typo in the listing cost £19, meaning savvy shoppers could save £26. Common typos include “Rayan” and “Rayyan”. These misspellings are more common than most, accounting for 3% of signups.

As inflation continues to rise, Dr. Martens announced that shoe prices will also rise to match inflation. Buying a second-hand pair of shoes is a good way to avoid this price hike. Dr. Martens sells for an average of £60 on eBay, while listings that misspell the brand sell for an average of £36, saving £24. Although boot listings spelled “doc matens” or “dc martens” offer the best value, they are rare, with only 150 listings.

If you’re looking to stock up on North Face products, it might be worth looking on eBay, where you could save an average of £13 by looking for misspellings of the brand name. “Nort face” and “North Fac” are the most common typos. However, in one case someone saved £43 on their purchase as an item listed as ‘North Gace’.

Timberland is the top five brands where shoppers have seen the most savings from a misspelled name. These items typically sell for an average of £33, while ads that misspell the name sell products for an average of £21, saving shoppers £13. These typos are infrequent, as only 0.15% of Timberland items sold on eBay are listed with the misspelled name.

A lucky buyer got the best deal on a Harvey Nichols product. The item was listed as ‘Harvy Nichols’ and the buyer saved £45 when they bought it for just £17.