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“Spike Lee still regrets making that choke sign!”: NBA fans react to Reggie Miller getting an incredible birthday cake for his 56th birthday from Ryker Miller, 8


Reggie Miller recently turned 56. His 8-year-old son commemorated this with an amazing custom Nike shoe depicting an iconic Reggie moment.

There are few Reggie Miller moments as iconic as his performance at Madison Square Garden in Game 5 of the Pacers’ 1994 playoff battle against the Knicks.

Miller had a well-known animosity with Knicks superfan Spike Lee – or so it seemed, judging by their antics. Spike may have had the last laugh in this war, but he probably still regrets goading the 28-year-old.

Miller gave Miller time from Indianapolis to Manhattan for this particular game. He led the Pacers from a 12-point deficit at the start of the 4th to a 7-point victory (93-86) with a 4th quarter of 25 points.

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This moment was etched in Knicks history, especially because it sparked such a big response. The Ewing Knicks were able to win the next 2 games and advance to the NBA Finals.

Reggie Miller receives amazing gift from her 8-year-old son for his 56th birthday

It was a defining moment for Miller’s legacy and one that sports commentators love to return to. This is also something his son Ryker is very proud of, as evidenced by his gift to his father.

Ryker went a bit retro – like in 27 Years Retro – for his cake decor. Miller’s famous choke sign made its debut in the Pacers’ historic playoff game against the Knicks on June 1, 1994.

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The Millers made sure Ryker’s cake was as authentic as possible. The cake shoebox was detailed with a UPC code at the end and the size “USA 8” with the words “Happy Birthday All Star Player Ryker”.

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