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Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals Undying Love For Kobe Bryant By Buying $190 Sneakers


Pro wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin recently appeared on an episode of Sneaker Shopping. He took his time to tell countless stories and choose a selection of Air Jordans, however, he also specifically talked about Kobe Bryant and asked for his shoes.

It is the ultimate sign of respect. When you go out of your way to honor a legendary athlete. Steve Austin, in his own right, has cemented a place in American sports folklore. He is a legend.

The episode itself gave us a wonderful insight into Austin. But it was his gesture towards the end that warmed our hearts and is the basis of this story.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin showed Kobe Bryant his love

At checkout, Steve is asked if he got it all and he replies, “Yeah, but they were going to show me something from Kobe.” The cashier hands out a pair of Kobe Undefeated Protro 5s and Steve’s immediate response is, “See, that’s cool.”

He talks about how Kobe was an inspiration to so many and without hesitation he picked up a pair.

He also praised him and said that Bryant was his favorite player of all time.

This reaction on Twitter sums up our emotions right now.

And in case you want a pair for yourself, you can get the Kobe Undefeated 5 Protro right here.

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The connection between Bryant and the world

The two, while being from different backgrounds, knew each other. Kobe’s influence has transcended sports. And when he died, Stone Cold had this to say,

“It’s a tragic event, which I still have a hard time dealing with, and I still think about it, and it completely changed my world with my wife and everyone because of respect, love, and everyone revered Kobe Bryant. And, man, he transcended the sport of basketball, he transcended sport and he was larger than life.

We love the heartfelt gesture Steve Austin made to Kobe Bryant. And it’s as if his memory would echo through eternity.

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