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The best inexpensive clothing for men that will stand the test of time



It is not necessary to clean your bank account in the name of the sartorial size. The best cheap clothes for men will keep your fashion crown safe on your head while keeping your wallet full. As the wise Swedish rapper Yung Lean once said, “It’s important to learn how to dress before you have money, because if someone gives you money, you’re going to get it. ‘look like an idiot’. But where are you going to cop such a wardrobe? We’ve rounded up a handful of men’s essentials to add to your wardrobe, each as stylish and durable as they are affordable. From classic blue jeans and high-end underwear to moccasins that go with everything, here are all of the best inexpensive men’s clothing you need.

Long-sleeved shirt in extra fine fabric Uniqlo

Uniqlo is the obvious choice for high basics at affordable prices. From polo shirts and down jackets to blazers, the Japanese mega-retailer does it all with skillful design and a solid price. Their range of button down shirts and dress shirts will allow you to pass a job interview or treat yourself to a * second * date.

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Men’s Kirkland Signature Crew T-Shirts (Six Pack)

There is a mountain of plain white t-shirts that we like, many of which are really affordable. You can’t go wrong with the Uniqlo, Hanes or Gildan versions, but the Kirkalnd Signature Six Pack is our favorite. The fabric is not soft, the fit is neither too tight nor too loose. And in fact, you don’t need to have a Costco membership to get them (phew). If this was something you only buy one, we might suggest another option. But a plain white t-shirt is an essential that you should have several, so you might as well fill your drawer with these.

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Regular Fit Six Pocket Dickies Jeans

Make no mistake, Levi’s 501 jeans are the best jeans ever, and a steal. But if you want to save a few extra bucks, Dickies’ regular fit six pocket jeans are the pull-on jeans.

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Adidas Samba sneakers

Sambas has made a comeback, with a bigger wave of football-soaked menswear, and we all agree.

Sportswear, loungewear, streetwear — Adidas does it all. But right now, they’ve made their Samba sneakers totally must-have sneakers. It might be a while, but the Samba has stamina thanks to its classic design. And you can still find it for around $ 50, depending on where you look.

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Levi’s trucker jacket

All of your favorite style icons had one thing in common: this jacket.

There are a lot of choices for outerwear. Whether it’s a lightweight golf jacket, chore coat, or bomber jacket, you’re not making a bad choice. The Levi’s Trucker Jacket is just as classic and still an amazing deal, considering everything you get. Namely, durable denim, a perfect fit and a handful of compliments.

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LLBean Double L Wrinkle-Resistant Chino

There’s probably a pair in your dad’s closet right now, but don’t expect him to give them up. They’re crafted from crisp, wrinkle-free khaki twill in a loose, old-fashioned fit that will pair well with your favorite hoodie or oversized shirt.

Everyone needs a good chinos in their wardrobe. They’re next in line when your blue jeans take a break, but that doesn’t mean they’re less versatile. While J.Crew may come to mind first, these LL Bean joints are almost as good, but are almost a third of the price.

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GH Bass & Co. “Larson” Weejuns Moccasins

Bass Weejuns has been an icon since the 1930s, and when it comes to loafers – or any shoe for that matter – you’d be hard pressed to find better value for the money.

Think of moccasins as the magical midsize shoe. It’s more dressy than a sneaker, but not as stuffy as a real dress shoe. It’s the Swiss army knife of shoes, it does it all and you absolutely need a pair. More precisely, the Weejun moccasin. This is the best penny for your dollar and will solve any sartorial issue you come across.

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Champion LIFE Reverse Weave Pants

Most people these days wear sweatpants for lying down, not for training. And you could do a lot worse than Champion’s Reverse Weave Sweatpants. They are strong but soft. Plus, they’re cut in the perfect relaxed fit that’s neither sloppy nor far from that tacky skinny jogger cut.

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Dr martens 1461 oxford

Gifting someone a pair of shoes not only proves that you recognize their taste, but also that you care enough about them. remember their foot size.

It’s hard to get good shoes without affordable sneakers that won’t crumble on you, canceling out the money you saved in the first place. Dr Martens is the solution.

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Gold Toe 656s Cotton Sports Socks (6 pairs)

Those white tubular socks your dad wore with sandals when he ran the grill every weekend? They are now the most fashionable accessory on the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week and on stage at every music festival. Fortunately, this sudden jump in status didn’t affect its affordability at all.

If you’ve ever set foot at Target, Walmart, or any big box store, you’ve probably seen Gold Toe. The brand has kept your little pigs dressed for decades and they do what they do right. We’ve included them in our Best Stuff Box for a reason. Go for the classic white sock for everyday wear or go for black if you need to pair them with dress shoes.

Calvin Klein Megapack boxer brief in stretch cotton

Calvin Klein’s revolutionary boxers have reigned supreme for years. The fit is sexy for all men, and the fabric has just the right amount of stretch and softness. While there are cheaper options that we love, we can’t deny how good CKs are. So since you’ll be buying wholesale underwear anyway, you might as well get the mega-pack and increase the value you get per pair.

Russell Athletic Dri-Power Fleece Hoodie

For just a hair over twenty dollars, Russell Athletic makes a better hoodie than most. It makes sense. They invented the hoodie, after all.

Are you looking for sportswear? Nike is the place to go. Their woven shorts are everywhere, causing frenzies on Twitter and inducing PR squats on a daily basis. Plus, they look good on everyone.