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The most influential Jordan of all time; LeBron, Iverson, Kobe behind


Dirk Nowitzki (5 percent of the maximum possible amount), Earl Lloyd (4.23), Wilt Chamberlain (3.85), Julius Erving (3.46), oscar robertson (2.69), Steve Nash (2.69), Kevin Garnett (1.92), spencer haywood (1.92), Drazen Petrovic (1.54), Moses Malone (1.54), Manu Ginobili (1.54), Yao Ming (1.15), Jeremy Lin (0.77), Damien Lillard (0.38), jerry west (0.38), Tracy McGrady (0.38) and Eddie Jones (0.38).

* Dirk Nowitzki helped European players open more doors in the NBA by becoming arguably the greatest foreigner to play in the league and the prototype of a great shooter.

* county Lloydwho finished with a first place in the poll, opened the doors to black NBA players.

“Earl Lloyd is not as notarized as Jackie Robinson because basketball wasn’t as popular back then, but he still led the way,” a former player told HoopsHype. “He’s a pioneer, that’s for sure.”

* Wilt Chamberlainwho finished with a first place in the poll, averaged 30 points and 23 rebounds in his career, played for the Harlem Globetrotters, and was the reason for several rule changes.

* Julius Erving was the player many voters wanted to emulate by diving.

“Dr. J gave the league the swagger,” a 10-year former NBA veteran told HoopsHype.

* oscar robertson started the triple-double craze.

* Steve Nashwho was the last player to win first place in the poll, helped usher in the beginning of Canadian basketball talent at a high level.

“Nash was influential because he was the first MVP to win it through skill and not a gift from God,” a former NBA player and current G League assistant coach told HoopsHype. . “He’s not athletic, he’s not necessarily fast and he’s not necessarily tall. He’s just extremely talented and intelligent. It’s something that can be replicated by a lot more people, and that’s why he was so influential.

* Yao Ming led the NBA in All-Star fan votes in 2005 and 2006 and helped the NBA game grow internationally.

“Yao is a huge reason why the NBA brand has been able to expand to one of the most populated places in the world,” a former NBA player told HoopsHype. “He also helped build the bridge between the United States and China.”

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