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The Sabers bring back the black and red jerseys next season?


The Buffalo Sabers will likely miss the playoffs for the 11th straight year, but the good news is the team is playing better than last season, and it’s certainly more fun to watch than when former head coach Ralph Krueger was behind the bench.

The Sabers found a real young gun who had a breakout season in forward Tage Thompson, defenseman Rasmus Dahlin had a rebound season, and don’t look now, but the prospects they drafted s’ are accumulating for what looks like a bright future.

Defenseman Owen Power and Ryan Johnson look like hits; Forwards Jack Quinn, Peyton Krebs and JJ Peterka look great, and they have college hockey’s hottest goalie prospect, Devon Levi, who’s put up jaw-dropping numbers at Northeastern. They also have goaltender Erik Portillo, who is the starter for the University of Michigan.

The Sabers officially brought back the royal blue and gold jerseys this season, and fans were thrilled. They are so much better than the navy blue they once wore.

But Sabers fans in their 20s and 30s also loved the black and red jerseys the team wore from 1996-2006. Eastern Conference and a Stanley Cup final in the “goat heads,” as many in Buffalo call them.

But could they return to them as an alternate jersey? The signs on Twitter today indicate yes.

According to Viktor Maudr, head of the Czech and Slovak Sabers fan club, he was told the black and red jersey is on the official offer list at NHL fan stores for next season.

It’s far from official, but exploded on Twitter this afternoon.

The discussion about the return of the black and red jerseys as substitutes has been a hot topic for at least several years. Once upon a time, the royal blue talk was a long-running topic, but it finally came back. The retro NHL alternate jerseys were a huge hit, and the Sabers brought back the butter knife logo with blue and gold.

The signs indicate that black and red are being brought back to some degree. Hopefully this leak is true and it does in fact come back, potentially as an alternative for next season or beyond.

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