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These $23 Lululemon Dupe Leggings Have Over 28,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews


You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what recent reviewers have said about these buttery soft leggings.

“Before I start, please know that I am a HUGE leggings snob. decent amount of affordable clothing.brands online like 90 degrees, Tesla, Fabletics, queenie ke, etc. These… Oh my God… They’re amazing. They’re slim but mostly squat resistant, and they have that finish mate which looks like the Lululemon aligners. And ladies, the SEAMS. They have a nice gusset that prevents camel toes and lays flat so I don’t feel any chafing from the seams on my inner thighs.

“I’ve bought six pairs of these now. They’ve become my GO TO leggings (here from Hopescope). The biggest plus is that they’re damn close to Lululemon quality for an amazingly good price.”

“Love these leggings! Amazing quality (would compare to gymshark/Nike etc) and they wash well – still look great after being worn for months.”

“I could go on and on about how much I love these leggings.”

“Update: I still love these leggings! They have stood up to washing and hot yoga. I love them.”

“I love these leggings! I’ve literally been legging hunting forever! I’ve bought and returned countless pairs of leggings looking for an affordable replacement for my Fabletics leggings and Lululemon aligned leggings. These- these are the closest to the lululemon lined leggings and i have used them in my photo comparisons my biggest pet peeve in high waisted leggings is when they have a dang seam on the waistband that cuts my skin No matter how fit I am after having 4 kids, my abdomen is permanently in a looser state of skin squish and I’d rather my leggings didn’t remind me of that lol!They’re seamless at the top, hit right in the middle of my navel, offer medium compression (very similar to align leggings but less compressive than Fabletique).”

“I could tell right away that these leggings are good quality. They are buttery soft, squat resistant and feel like a second skin! Not to mention they are SUPER cute.
Unfortunately, the only issue I have with these leggings is that they are too loose at the waist. I’m still keeping them, but I’ll make sure to downsize next time.”

“I’ve tried on so many leggings and never found one like these. I saw a girl at Target wearing them and I approached her about them and bought some and let me tell you: IN LOVE. going to unload some old leggings and just buy these when I get the chance from now on. They are so comfortable and high quality. SOFTESSSSSSST leggings never seen before. And very flattering. They remain in place.