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“They Called LeBron James’ Inner Circle ‘The Enablers'”: How Lakers Superstar Risks Not Playing With Kobe Bryant At 2008 Beijing Olympics


Everyone knows LeBron James as arguably the best basketball to ever play, few know him for his temper tantrums.

LeBron James wouldn’t trade anything to be a basketball player, but he still struggled with the expectations he has of his teammates, whether in the NBA or Team USA.

The Lakers superstar was all but ruled out of the United States squad ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Yes, one of the biggest names in basketball in the United States was about to be banned from. the Summer Olympics team.

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Everyone in Team USA at the time, including coach Mike Krzyzewski and general manager Jerry Colangelo, were all fed up with James’s immaturity and disrespect. They wondered whether he should be taken to Beijing or not, whether his talents were so good that they would have to take care of him regularly.

How LeBron James could’ve cut a ditch never to win an Olympic gold

There were rumors that no one could tolerate King James at the 2004 Athens Olympics or the 2006 World Championships. The situation was so bad that the inner circle of the team headed by James was called ” The Enablers ”.

Management believed she would win the gold medals with or without LeBron in the presence of the late great Kobe Bryant. And the NBA complied, after the 2007 All-Star weekend, the NBA commissioner’s office informed the US team that there would be no pressure on them to keep LeBron James for the championships. FIBA Americas 2007 in Las Vegas.

At the time, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst reported,

“What I do know is that in Phoenix in January I had a really good conversation with Colangelo, who I think generally did a great job of putting USA Basketball back on the night he played. was announced that LeBron would be on the squad. He made it clear at the time, but not for the record, that LeBron’s place on the squad, as well as that of Kobe and a few other selected players, was not no doubt, although all the players were going to “try.” Plus, LeBron told me if he was cut he probably wouldn’t play the next two summers (Beijing and London).

I also know that in general LeBron has always been a good teammate and he has been praised for being a good teammate during the world championships by the coaches and players I have spoken to. But I also know for eight years that I’ve known him, that on occasion LeBron can be in a bad mood and pout, maybe he had an episode for a little while in Vegas.

So, before the team got together for the FIBA ​​tournament in Vegas, LeBron received a special message via Nike, “Unless you change, we’re serious about leaving you at home.”

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The King had to bow to the need of the time as the team looked frictionless winning this FIBA ​​tournament and 2 other gold medals in the next two Summer Olympics, with LeBron starring in each of them.