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TikToker Says Sneaker Dealer StockX Checked Fake Yeezys


With popular sneakers selling out in seconds, many people rely on dealers for their own enjoyment. But buyers are wary: A TikToker says the shoes his father bought on a sneaker resale website turned out to be fake.

TikToker Adrian (@ .adrian._) says his dad bought a pair of Yeezy Wave Runners from StockX, a well-known sneaker resale platform. They took the shoes to the mall, where employees at several sneaker stores said the shoes were fake. Adrian’s first video of the situation has surpassed 6 million views since December 3.

Adrian’s father’s shoes sell for $ 300. On StockX, the average selling price was $ 453 last year. Replicas can cost anywhere from $ 60 to almost $ 200, depending on the quality.

StockX reached out to Adrian in the comments. In a follow-up video, Adrian showed screenshots of his TikTok DMs to the StockX team, in which he says the shoes were purchased by his mother as a gift for his father. In another follow-up, he told a StockX rep to contact his father and the rep offered to re-authenticate or refund the shoes. It is not known if they have already fixed the problem.

According to their website, StockX has “expert authenticators” who verify every item before it ships. The company claims that its authentication process has a success rate of 99.95%.

“We went out and we got fake pairs, we got real pairs, we tore them,” Josh Luber, co-founder of StockX, told Complex. “We’ve documented every variation, we’ve created training material, we’ve created training courses, there’s mentorship and a hierarchy and all kinds of rules based on a sneaker’s worth.”

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between a replica and a genuine pair with factory defects. Earlier this year, a TikToker claimed that StockX sold him a fake pair of Nike Dunks. But most commentators said they were probably real and his complaints were likely about Nike quality control issues.

Still, many commentators on Adrian’s video agreed that StockX was unreliable.

“I never trusted them because I was selling fakes there,” one commentator said.

“Most of StockX is a representative,” said another commenter. “I thought it was common knowledge.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Adrian via a TikTok and StockX email comment.

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* First published: December 26, 2021, 3:30 p.m. CST

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