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Tom Brady launches new clothing line


It is certainly a look.

It is certainly a look.
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Tom Brady embarks on a path of delusional trust shared with Pinky’s Brain and The Brain. For years, we thought Brady was just Belichick’s best student robot, and then he wrote the TB12 method. In this book, he presents himself as the one who believes that he is the savior that the world of sport has been waiting for and that he has the responses for eternal optimal body performance. With the world’s least fun diet and “flex”, Brady believes he can avoid injuries and the fate of the quarterbacks that came before him, the ones who have to retire because their bodies let them down.

A man selling this health and lifestyle message to people would, of course, think he could take over any industry he wanted. His last ? The world of sports fashion.

Brady announced this morning that its Brady brand will launch on January 12. He has a team of varsity and recently drafted athletes who will endorse what at this point appears to be a clothing line of all-black sweatpants, hoodies, and quarters. zips. Nothing screams youth like an all-black quarter-zip zip up to the neck.

Of course, one of the athletes signed with the Brady brand is Michigan quarterback Cade McNamara. Maybe no one is more fortunate to be in the Nile Age than McNamara. He was Michigan’s starting quarterback in the year the school first appeared in the varsity football playoffs and that was the same year Brady launched a clothing line. McNamara likely won’t be the same surprise success in the NFL as Brady, who had 200 total assists in his junior season in 12 games – 1998 – while McNamara completed 199 in 13 games – 2021. Although he has the opportunity to try and turn pro every time the Michigan race ends, he’ll likely come back for his final year with approval money in his pocket.

It’s good for McNamara and other marque varsity athletes like Jackson State quarterback Sheduer Sanders to have some cash in their pocket. However, in a Wall Street Journal Photo documentary Brady CEO and Co-Founder Jens Grede, who helped Kim Kardashian create her SKIMS clothing line, said his vision for the Brady brand is for it to be one of the world’s most successful sportswear brands. influential people in the world, at This Jordan brand.

Brady does what he does every night, trying to take over the world.

One of the reasons that will never happen is that Brady already has a brand of clothing associated with him. Its TB12 health store also sells merchandise that he has been wearing for many years. There are probably some Brady fans out there who don’t read Seth Wickersham job about him who thinks TB12 is his clothing line, and didn’t know sessions were available for purchase with the TB12 body coaches. Will there be a big unveiling at Paris Fashion Week with Gisèle on the catwalk, rocking the Brady brand?

Brady not only has his old line of sportswear competing with his new one, and not only does his old one beat the new one in the market, but the old one actually has a logo. How does Brady expect this new line to work without a logo. Converse, Adidas, Jordan, LeBron James, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, even Big Baller Brand, their clothes and shoes have unique logos. If Brady’s clothes have a logo on it at some point, it’ll likely just be his name on the front dripping with narcissism.

There are many places in this world to buy an all black quarter zip or wear an all black tracksuit. Nothing in these photos shows anything that makes this brand unique, other than Brady’s face through the neckline of a shirt that somehow looks younger than in 2000.

These photos look like an old Diddy video. All that’s missing is Brady clinking glasses together yelling “Bad Boy, come out and play together”, or one of his kids in the background doing the Harlem Shake.

Full disclosure, it’s not like I would buy something Tom Brady is selling. I appreciate that he showed some personality later in his career and all the respect he has for him for playing professional football at 44. I hurt my knee walking for breakfast when I was 30 and three years later it still bothers me every now and then. As much as I respect his career, I don’t put on a TB12 logo, a hoodie with Brady on the front, or an all-black tracksuit that doesn’t stand out from any other all-black tracksuit I can buy cheaper elsewhere.

Good luck to you and your attempt to take over the world, Tom. Maybe you will survive us all in the end and you can scream I told you on a barren planet.