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Top gift ideas for American expats


Do you have a friend or family member who recently left America and want to send them a little piece of home? Do you have an American expat friend who is a bit homesick and wants to know how to cheer them up?

Expat life can be fun and exciting, but it can also get a bit lonely. Americans have an affinity for shopping, and the United States responds to that affinity with many different choices and options.

Some things can be hard to find in the country where American expats are staying, and this is where online shopping comes in handy. Shipping services like MyUs make shopping online easier because they ship from US stores to UK and other parts of the world, so it is very convenient to use and you can get many US products that your American expat friends would love it.

Here is a list of items any American expat would love to get.

Easy to cook items

First on our list of gifts for American expats are easy-to-cook items. When living abroad, expats often find themselves in hotels or hostels that have small kitchens or even nothing at all.

For those who don’t want to eat every restaurant meal, a great substitute or replacement is something that is quick and easy to cook, or that can even be cooked in the microwave.

America has made a lot of these types of meals, the most popular being Kraft Mac & cheese. Having a few boxes of this orange cheesy candy is something your friends and family will crave after awhile.

It is a simple but very thoughtful gift for those who live abroad.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and something that almost every American has used at least once, if not relied on, every month. This online store has everything and everything you could possibly want to buy.

As an expat, receiving amazon gift cards is a blessing in disguise. Not only does this allow them to buy what they want, but it’s also a great way for them to get a little corner of the house.

A gift card can be any amount you want which means it can be something very affordable or something you can spoil your friends or family with.


Next on our list we have clothes. America has taken the clothing game to the next level. With all the top brands like Nike and Levi available online, ordering clothes for an American expat is a dream.

These stores can often be very expensive when it comes to those outside of America. You can even find outlets in other countries, but these are also expensive. As a gift, it would be greatly appreciated.

Another thing to note is that America caters for larger sizes as needed, while other countries usually have smaller sizes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find clothes that are well-fitting or comfortable. Buying them something that you know they will like is the best bet.

Sport stuff

Finally, we have some sporting goods for those who are a little more sporty. As Americans, there are all kinds of sporting goods that sports enthusiasts or athletes would appreciate receiving as a gift.

If you know someone who loves hockey, you can send them a hockey stick and puck. Hockey isn’t that big in most places around the world, which means it can be hard for them to find it anywhere.

For those who like to throw in a pigskin, you could send in some good ol ‘American football. For those who are not athletic but love sports, you can send them sports shirts, a banner or even a hat.

Many of these sports are not popular outside of the United States and it can be difficult to find these items abroad. So why not treat your overseas friend to some of their favorite sporting goods, or even some of their favorite home tastes, just to curb homesickness a bit and make them feel like home isn’t home. not too far.

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