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Travis Scott McDonald’s action figure sells for $ 55,000


Travis Scott is undoubtedly the king of hip hop collaborations: he has released products with Dior, Nerf, Reese’s Puffs, Hot Wheels, Fortnite, and countless other brands. But one of the rapper’s most notorious partnerships – aside from his relentless stream of Nike collaborations – was his team with McDonald’s, where people could order a rebranded Quarter Pounder meal (with lettuce, bacon, a side of barbecue sauce. and a Sprite) like the Travis Scott meal.

Fans eager for something more permanent from the collaboration were directed to the rapper’s website, which stocked nearly 100 products co-branded with McDonald’s. Scott’s line of merchandise, perhaps less tasteful than his actual meal, included clothes, a chicken nugget body pillow, and an action figure of Scott eating his exclusive McDonald’s meal – the latter now selling out for $ 55,000 on StockX.

Ill mode – Now, before asking who would spend $ 55,000 on a rapper’s figure – the number of bidders would surprise you – it’s worth mentioning that the Travis figure was the most limited McDonald’s co-branded product, making it the most coveted. The fast food chain only released five of the figures, given to fans via a competition.

After launching so many collaborative products, most of which sold for thousands of dollars more than their retail price, Travis Scott’s name has become synonymous with exclusivity and value. Even those who are not fans of the rapper know that there is money behind items bearing his name, which increases the demand for his partnerships like crazy.

Scott’s recent Fragment x Nike Jordan 1 High sneaker, which sold for $ 200, is now selling for $ 5,000. Its chicken nugget body pillow, made in partnership with McDonald’s, is listed for up to $ 2,500, well above its original price of $ 90 – which, frankly, is still too expensive to spend on bedding. shaped like a chicken nugget. Really, there is a market for only products created by Scott, which dealers, fans and even Travis himself benefit from.


Direct sale – Yet even in comparison to Scott’s other products, $ 55,000 for an action figure is hard to justify. McDonald’s collaborative t-shirts featuring images of the same figure sell for roughly their retail price, and the collectible model can’t be worn – at least it’s not meant to be worn. – but with Travis fans, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Ultimately, someone will spend $ 55,000 on the Travis Scott figure, validating the purchase through its ultra-exclusivity or simply mismanagement of the money. The action figure will then likely be displayed in all its glory (Travis Scott is taller in real life, the packaging specifies).