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Virgil Abloh shares his take on summer style with the Off-White x Nike Blazer Low


Summer continues and it is with pleasure that we present you all the novelties available at the moment. It not only promotes excursions, backyard barbecues, and even international travel, but also presents the appropriate fashion for the season. To improve your sneaker game, our pick would be the Off-White x Nike Blazer Low. Nothing like a good pair of sneakers to warm up your wardrobe.

Virgil Abloh’s luxury fashion brand works closely with many major global brands. His collaborations with Nike have been solid for a few years and will not end anytime soon. As always, the Nike Blazer Low receives iconic design cues from Off-White. For example, the zip tie and the label that you can see on other versions.

Sandals aside, these ankle boots are ideal if you prefer a collar that sits just below your ankle. While some of us prefer high and mid-rise shoes, there are some casual outfits that just look better with low shoes. Style-wise, the Off-White x Nike Blazer Low retains most of the silhouette of the original.

Of course, the allure here are the embellishments it receives from Off-White. Almost instantly your attention will be focused on the midsole where the rear tapers to a point that extends past the heel. This addition features gold dots and a shiny blue with aquamarine elements.

As for the upper, it is in black leather with cutouts in several parts. A bold choice over traditional mesh fabric for breathability. The exposed foam tongue features Nike and Off-White co-branding. In addition to the black laces, this exclusive Low Blazer features another neon green cord. Both have text that reads “LACETS” in white and black block letters respectively.

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Images courtesy of Off-White