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“We decentralize fashion – more tips that decide for you what’s the new trend


“E-commerce is old school and sales were difficult. Gaming has been around forever and social gaming has grown during Covid. There are three billion players and many more avatars. People invest a lot of time in dressing up their avatars,” said Rinat Homossany Perry, CEO and co-founder of StyleCluless, explaining why her company decided to turn to gaming. want your avatar to look beautiful. It’s more than a version of who you are, it’s a version of who you want to be.

Founded in 2018, StyleClueless is an AI-powered outfit recommendation platform aimed at decentralizing shopping exploration. “We guide players because there are many designers and there are legacy brands such as Nike and Gucci, so there are many clothes. There are more than 50 million options per game, so you can easily get lost It’s confusing and gamers (especially Gen Z) have no patience, so StyleClueless is basically telling them ‘let us inspire and guide you,’” says Homossany Perry.

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Rinat Homossany Perry, StyleCluless

Rinat Homossany Perry, StyleCluless

(Photo: Rinat Homossany Perry)

Homossany Perry began her career as a fashion designer and stylist. She then moved to Singapore for six years where she was introduced to AI and ML. “In Singapore I joined an amazing data scientist and together we created a rule-based algorithm that knows how to take an item and match it to other options. This way we can create different looks according to different colors and styles. Then we did a POC with a company based in Singapore. We gave them iPads and every time someone came into the store and chose a garment, we offered them more combinations and added a promotion like buy two get one free We A/B tested it and saw that in the store with our product everyone else was taking advantage of the offer and in the other stores, the promo was barely successful.Then Covid hit and we had to pivot.

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“We have many companies that want to work with us, starting with names like Paris Hilton and Roblux. We can take 2,000 items and then provide a more personalized shopping experience that includes retention. When a new item is launched, we can offer it to players,” said Homossany Perry.

Asked about the future, Homossany Perry spoke enthusiastically about Web3. “Who decides the trends? Until now, it was a fashion tip from legacy brands. However, with StyleClueless, we can show players the relationship between elements, we can show them trends. We decentralize fashion – more advice that decides for you what the new trends are.

When asked what advice she had for her fellow founders, Homossany Perry didn’t jump for a moment and immediately replied, “When we got our POC, we got a call from a big potential client who wanted to really our solution. We had the ability to match 100 items at the time and they asked for 10,000 items so I said no. I should have said yes, anyway it would have taken time to close the deal. My advice is always to say yes, then settle the rest later with the right people. I would have been somewhere else today. The world waits for no one.