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What is Vanessa Bryant’s net worth?


VANESSA Bryant has been the subject of much speculation after the tragic deaths of her husband Kobe and daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

He included a legal battle with his own mother concerning the fortune of the late NBA star, who she has previously described as “shameful” and “hurtful”.


Vanessa has been married in Kobe for almost 20 yearsCredit: Getty

What is Vanessa Bryant’s net worth?

Vanessa Bryant is worth around $ 600 million, according to the International business time.

The sum is the same estimated net worth of her late husband Kobe at the time of his death.

Vanessa had traded her dancing and modeling career to build a life with the then NBA star, who she married in 2001.

But the couple chose not to get a pre-nup – much to the disapproval of Kobe’s parents.

What was Kobe Bryant’s fortune?

Kobe’s enormous fortune was amassed mainly through his career in the NBA, having spent 20 gigantic years in professional gaming.

He also had many of his business ventures and sponsorship deals as he represented brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and Hublot.

After his retirement, he turned the millions he earned during his years with the Los Angeles Lakers into over $ 1 billion.

He did this through sponsorship deals, various media projects and most importantly by founding a venture capital firm that at one point had assets of over $ 2 billion.

Kobe died as one of seven billion dollar athletes.

Vanessa faced legal battles over her husband Kobe's fortunes


Vanessa faced legal battles over her husband Kobe’s fortunesCredit: Getty

Who inherited the fortune from Kobe Bryant?

His entire fortune was reportedly inherited by his wife Vanessa and their three surviving children.

But it quickly left its mark as Vanessa found herself embroiled in a legal battle with her mother over financial matters.

Laine reportedly sued her daughter in December 2020 for $ 5 million, alleging that she had worked as an unpaid ‘longtime personal assistant and nanny’ for Vanessa and her daughter for years.

Laine accused Vanessa of telling him to “get out” of the house months after Kobe’s death in January 2020.

In September 2020, Laine also claimed that his daughter ordered him to return a vehicle.

“She said to me: ‘I need you to get out of this house'” Laine said on Univision’s ‘El Gorda y La Flaca’ show in September.

“She also told me that she wanted her car, and she wants it now.”

The lawsuit did not end until August 6, 2021 when the Los Angeles Times reported that Vanessa had settled a lawsuit brought against her by her mother.

According to the outlet, Laine filed a notice of unconditional settlement on Aug. 4 in Orange County Superior Court, stating that a termination application would be filed within 45 days.

However, the terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

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