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“What it means”: when Kobe Bryant left Kanye West at a loss for words


Kobe Bryant is no more, but his words are here to live for centuries to come. A great storyteller, KB didn’t win an Oscar for nothing. He was good with words, whether in writing, in his interviews, or in a monologue.


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Today millions of people view old Kobe videos for motivation in business, sports, writing, parenting, investing, career coaching, and more. But earlier, it was also a Kanye West celebrity who had headed to “Kobe System” for clarification.


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When Kobe Bryant funnily channeled his inner Tony Robbins

Years ago Nike teamed up with Kobe to develop an inspiring campaign to promote its “Kobe System” line of shoes. Under the Strong attack umbrella, Kobe played the role of a motivational speaker who would help established names get a clearer vision.

So, in one of the episodes, a confused Kanye West reached out to the Black Mamba for his enlightenment. He asked what is the next step after being successful and breaking records. To that, a wise but leg-pulling Kobe advised stretching for more success and more records.

Now, as funny as it is to see Kanye West shake his head, it was Kobe’s latest remark that shattered the rapper. Something like this happened –

Kobe: “Are you a different animal and the same beast?”

Kanye: “what the fuck does that mean kobe bryant”

Kobe: “You’re welcome”


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4 months ago

What did the Black Mamba mean?

This line became so popular that Richard Sherman of the 49ers used in one of his interviews too. So what did that imply? Well, since Kobe didn’t elaborate, one can only infer a meaning out of context. Maybe he meant that one can wear a Mamba mentality and stay the same beast while trying to conquer new heights. In this way, one can appear as a different animal with the same beast sitting underneath.


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LOS ANGELES, CA ?? JANUARY 16, 2012: Lakers goaltender Kobe Bryant during the Lakers vs Mavericks at Staples Center. (Photo by Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Understand it with an example from the life of Kobe Bryant. KB never apologized and always showed up, even if that meant scoring crucial free throws with a torn Achilles or going to the gym at 4am just so he could train everyone. It meant he was a beast in his art and the result was his championship rings.

But, Kobe channeled that same mindset and expanded his greatness by crafting a great retirement plan. He applied the same mentality in the very different field of cinema and won an Oscar. It can be argued that if he were alive he would even become an equally great business owner and the most successful coach of his Mamba team.


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Do you have another way to describe this iconic line? Please help us learn in the comments section below.

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