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Why the adoptive family of missing 6-year-old Waimanalo girl has been missing from tracing groups


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Day five of the search for Isabella Kalua. The Kalua family broke their silence by claiming to have received death threats and to fully cooperate with the authorities.

Police have confirmed they are continuing their search in Bellows – where items of interest were found late Thursday afternoon, September 16 – and said more people were showing up.

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Isabella was last seen sleeping in her room in Waimanalo on Sunday, September 12.

Lt. Deena Thoemmes said it could take up to a week to determine whether the items found at Bellows in Waimanalo are linked to the disappearance of 6-year-old Isabella.

Lawyer William Harrison is a friend of the Kalua family, who adopted Isabella and two of her siblings. Harrison said they wanted to set the record straight.

“My clients have been absolutely cooperative,” said Harrison. “As I said in my statement, they allowed the police to come to their home and spend the day with them. They gave up all electronic equipment, made several statements to the police department on everything they asked of them.

After a police statement said Thursday that some family members and acquaintances did not show up for police questioning, Lt. Thoemmes said the family was working with the police.

“Their family lawyer contacted and made arrangements for some family members to come and meet us and give us a statement,” she explained.

Investigation and research continued with resources focused on an area of ​​the canal in Bellows where a garbage bag containing items of interest was found Thursday evening.

“It is too premature to say if the elements are currently related to this investigation,” said Thoemmes. “The Honolulu Fire Department’s search team are helping us search the channel for any other possible evidence or evidence that we believe may be related.”

Thoemmes also confirmed additional items collected earlier this week.

“A photo album has been found, but we will not release information on who is in the photos at this time.”

According to a witness, the album was found in a dumpster at the Waimanalo Refuse Center a week before Isabella disappeared and turned into police on Monday, September 13.

Hundreds of people came to help with the search, but some said the Kalua family had not been there. Harrison said it wasn’t true.

“The reason the Kalua, personally, are not there is because they have received death threats,” said Harrison. “We even informed the police of this situation. So I said to them, ‘Don’t go out and identify yourself in public. You are a target. Don’t do that. ‘ So other family members, many of them, came out and helped and also participated in giving food and water to those who are there looking. “

Harrison also confirmed that Child Protective Services (CPS) took custody of Isabella’s siblings, who were also adopted by the Kaluas.

“CPS is always going to take the siblings out if there is this kind of high publicity case,” Harrison explained. “It doesn’t at all suggest that my clients did anything wrong. This is the procedure (CPS) they must undertake in such cases.

Leaflets of missing six-year-old Isabella Kalua are in a truck on Tuesday hoping to find her somewhere in Waimanalo.

Harrison said there had been a lot of misinformation surrounding the matter, including previous media reports that Isabella had recently been taken out of school to be homeschooled. According to Harrison, she has been homeschooled for two years now.

Thursday, a state Education Ministry spokesperson told KHON2 that Isabella attended kindergarten at Waimanalo Elementary via distance education last year. In June, the DOE said her adoptive parents had filed documents to remove her from her homeschooling.

With each passing day, Isabella’s biological family say it’s getting harder and harder to stay positive.

“I don’t mean that everyone is losing hope, but at the same time being realistic about the five days,” said Isabella’s biological aunt, Alena Kaeo. “I mean, I don’t know what possible outcome we could get out of it. It’s a little girl. I don’t know if she’s there all alone, could she have survived those five days on her own.

Lt. Thoemmes said police were not ruling out foul play because there were still so many unanswered questions.

Hundreds have joined in the search for a missing 6-year-old girl who was last seen sleeping in her bedroom on Sunday night. (KHON2)

Police describe Isabella, also known as Ariel Sellers, as being Caucasian and mixed race with brown eyes and hair. She was last seen wearing a black hoodie and leggings, colorful socks and pink-soled Nike slides. Volunteers and authorities have been searching for Isabella since Monday.

Police have asked neighbors to check their yards and properties for places where a young child might be hiding. Homeowners with a safety video were also asked to check their footage to see if there was anything that could help with the investigation.

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Anyone with information should call Police or Crime Stoppers at (808) 955-8300.

The search is scheduled to resume on Saturday, September 18, with volunteers meeting again at Waimanalo District Park at 10 a.m.