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Winter is coming: Trae Young is a new player


Lately, my Twitter feed has mostly consisted of two topics – the new Spiderman movie and the wave of COVID-19 cases in the NBA. Both got me thinking about the situation the Atlanta Hawks find themselves in, specifically their point guard. We’re seeing Trae Young’s metamorphosis or, in lamens terms, his villain origin story.

In his first three professional seasons, Young has come a long way. Of course, taunts and detractors come with superstar territory. I’m not talking about that, but rather more structural, even institutional, goalkeepers seeking to diminish their league status. Coaches and members of the media appear determined to make the 23-year-old go above and beyond to prove himself. As if it had happened by chance.

United States team

While Young would never say it, I guess the start of 2021 must have been a disappointment for him. After debuting in the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, he did not make the cut the following year. As the players dropped out, he never got the call to be a substitute, even though the game was played in Atlanta. Even more disconcerting, he received just two votes for the All-NBA third team. You could count the number of votes he received from the media for the All-Star Game and All-NBA on two hands.

Last summer, most of the star players refused to represent the country at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Their choices were more than understandable. The NBA has just crammed two seasons in one year with a third season on the bridge.

As the list of available players dwindled, one player seemed perfectly suited to carry the torch for Team USA. Although he has a history with the organization and the roster has only one point guard, the powers that be have chosen San Antonio Spurs goalie Keldon Johnson over Young.

It wasn’t embarrassing for Young. It was mortifying for Team USA. The lead prodigy exclusion contained levels of squeal that surpass any worst Facebook posts and TikTok videos imaginable.

Whether it was retribution from the coaches or pressure from Nike (Damian Lillard was the only player not affiliated with the Swoosh or the Jumpman), Young was left out. Like Isaiah Thomas or Shaquille O’Neal who left the Dream Team in 1992, this choice has already aged like bananas.

Rule changes

“It’s not basketball.” Steve Nash’s words carry a lot more weight than any other first-year head coach. The two-time former NBA MVP has always been the coolest, most competitive kid in the class. When Nash blamed Young’s style of play, it sparked a chain of events that resulted in the league’s rules changing over the course of the year.

At 6’1 and 170 pounds dipped, Young needs to get creative to excel in a game designed for big men. Kobe Bryant‘s student used the rulebook to reach the foul line. The size of the young defender armed against them. In the 2020-21 NBA season, only James Harden attempted more free throws than Young.

Rather than asking opposing defenses to do better, the NBA has instead simplified the rulebook, further reinforcing the inherent advantages of great players in the game. But don’t take it from me. Gilbert Arenas makes the point better than I ever could.

Health and safety protocols

Young tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, December 19. Thanks to his vaccine against the disease, he was asymptomatic during his quarantine. Sadly, the Hawks had to go without their point guard for three games, including their nationally televised Christmas Day game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

While Young isolated at his home in Atlanta, he was forced to watch obnoxious Knicks fans sing “**** Trae Young” as the Hawks were trampled in front of the world. The consumed competitor’s fingers were even more itchy as he tossed out several tweets over the holiday weekend, expressing his frustrations with the situation.

It may anger players and fans alike, but I think the NBA should always be as careful as possible in the face of the pandemic. The game is safe until science is finally settled on the issues of asymptomatic spread and contagiousness.

But that being said, treat each team the same. For example, the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and, as of yesterday, the Miami Heat, have all seen games postponed due to their inability to field the eight players required to compete. Meanwhile, the Hawks currently have the biggest roster in NBA history thanks to the multitude of players signed with 10-day hardship contracts.

After last night’s humiliating loss to the Bulls, Young continued to voice his displeasure at the league’s unfair decisions. Hear it for yourself in the video below.


Young was setting up video game stats before missing three games. While he doesn’t have any chemistry for continuity, the ground general has averaged 27.5 points and 10 assists in his first two games back in action.

But like returning to a relationship after an acrimonious breakup, sometimes things feel different. Unresolved. Its floats are very devastating and its crossovers seem petty. Like 21 Savage in Drake’s “Knife Talk,” Young seems determined to make his presence felt for you.

Yes, my thesis is that 2021 will be a turning point in Young’s career. No, I don’t think he’s going to start kicking cameramen in the crotch or spitting at fans (although some may deserve it). Instead, all rose-colored glasses have been replaced with whatever Morpheous is wearing. The matrix.

Do not worry; we can always count on him to do the right thing on social and political issues. For each James lebron Where Kyle kuzma who use their platform for selfish issues, Young will be there to take over. His character, paired with his larger-than-life character, is what built his legion of young fans who flock to see him across the country.

But for now, Young appears to be a changed player. He has resisted the hatred, coaching changes and arbitrary obstacles placed before him by the league’s oldest statesmen. Young is a lock on the 2022 NBA All-Star Game and the All-NBA First Team. Don’t make mistakes; Winter is coming.

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