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‘You always have to be a kid’: Giannis Antetokounmpo shares his experience training with the late Kobe Bryant


Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo shares details of a training session he had with the late Kobe Bryant.

There’s no denying that Kobe Bryant has served as a mentor/idol to a host of current NBA talent. Considered the closest thing to Michael Jordan, the Black Mamba was the GOAT for many. The Lakers superstar’s excessive competitive zeal to succeed and his work ethic remain unmatched.

A basketball institution, Kobe emphasized the fundamentals of the game. Whether it was the timeless stories of him being the first in the gym or practicing thousands of off-season shots, the Mamba thought that no one could surpass him.

Kobe’s greatness has made him an inspiration to athletes from all sporting backgrounds and not just basketball. The five-time champion’s Mamba Mentality philosophy is a guide for any ambitious individual, whether athletic or not.

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The Lakers legend’s influence has been passed knowingly or unknowingly to most of the league’s current superstars, one of them Giannis Antetokounmpo.

‘You have to work on your craft again and again…’: Giannis Antetokounmpo shares details of a training session with Kobe Bryant.

In what many believe, Giannis could be the next face of the NBA, given his accomplishments and worldwide popularity. The Greek Freak is the brand ambassador of the hustle culture, leaving it all on the hardwood. The Bucks forward ticks all the boxes to be the ideal superstar.

At just 27 years old, Giannis is already a champion, Finals MVP, two-time league MVP and DPOY, among his many other accomplishments. Nonetheless, the six-time All-Star is just getting started and in no mood to slow down, showing glimpses of the Mamba mentality.

Winning the 2021 Finals over the Suns would reveal an unknown side to the relationship Giannis shared with Kobe. The Bucks superstar has delivered on his promise to the Lakers legend.

Although it might not be very public, the Mamba gave the Greek Freak some life lessons, which he revealed in an old clip.

“You always have to be a kid,” quoted Giannis Kobe. “I said being a child? what do you mean by being a child? You gotta mature, you gotta be a man, the Bucks forward said.

Giannis would get his clarification, saying the same thing.

“He (Kobe) said no, what I mean by being a kid is that kids use their fantasy. You can see a kid being creative and playing with two rocks, and he said, ‘As that as a child you always want to learn you ask questions why am I doing this?” Why am I sitting in the passenger seat? Why am I going to school today? like you always ask questions so he told me to always be a kid.

Well, if Kobe had been with us today, he sure would have been proud of the Greek Freak, given his hard work and dedication to being the best version of himself.

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