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Zach LaVine: Agent without sneakers and new shoe




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It looks like the Chicago Bulls’ Zach LaVine isn’t just thinking about a potential free agent situation as a player. He also has a decision to make when it comes to his choice of sneaker brand.

Lavine entered into an agreement with adidas in 2017, but according to BR Kicks, the deal is done and the Bulls All-Star may be between the companies.

As you can see from the BR Kicks tweet, LaVine wore Kobe 9s in the Bulls’ second preseason game. Sunday night, LaVine rocked the sweet Jordan 36s in the win over the Cavs

If we give marks for his shoe choices, we have to give the Sunday choice the advantage. We love Kobe Bryant, but these Jordan 36s are crazy.

Should we expect LaVine to join Nike?

It is possible that LaVine will switch to Nike. After all, he has worn shoes under the umbrella of the organization for the last two games.

LaVine wearing Kobe could be seen as a tribute more than a test. LaVine grew up imitating Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Bryant was LaVine’s inspiration to wear the No.8. LaVine was a guest on the All the smoke podcast and he spoke of his love for Bryant.

LaVine said:

I was the biggest Kobe fan. So that was my guy. My dad was my biggest idol and one I admired, but Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were the guys I wanted to be. Kobe was my biggest inspiration wearing number eight, that’s one of the main reasons I wear it.

Here’s a look at the entire interview:

Zach LaVine | Episode 74 | ALL THE SMOKE Full episode | SHOWTIME basketballNewly announced, Zach LaVine, first NBA All-Star player, joins the boys in episode 74 to talk about his year of career. Matt and Stak chat with LaVine to finally get the All-Star nod, recent Bulls wave, and trade rumors about him. Plus, he talks about his idol Kobe and shares some stories about MJ and…04/03 / 2021T16: 59: 37Z

Seeing LaVine get his own Nike shoe would be pretty cool, and just another recognition of his rise to the elite level of NBA players.

That kind of deal doesn’t necessarily have to come with Nike, but it looks like it’s at least leaning in that direction.

Is LaVine intended to wear the Jordan brand?

If LaVine chose to join Jordan Brand, he wouldn’t be the first post-MJ Bulls star to sign with His Airness. Jimmy Butler, who is now with the Miami Heat, signed with Jordan Brand in 2016 before end the agreement in 2020.

If I had to guess, Jordan Brand seems like the likely choice. Without Butler, the Midwestern region of the United States is without representing Jordan Brand in the hoops. Chicago will forever be a city of choice for Jordan Brand because of MJ’s legendary career with the Bulls.

It looks like LaVine, the current squad’s best and most marketable player, would be a major target for Jordan Brand. If LaVine chooses Jordan Brand, he would join an impressive roster of current stars like new Olympic buddy Jayson Tatum as well as rising stars like Zion Williamson, which he just made a Mountain Dew ad with and Luka Doncic.

If we’re making predictions for LaVine’s next shoe deal, tag me for Jordan Brand.

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